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Week 2

by: Lindsey Huguet

Week 2 SOCI 101S - 02

Lindsey Huguet
GPA 3.35
Introduction to Sociology
Staff Staff (P)

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About this Document

9-7 through 9-11. We did not have school on Monday, so there are only two days of notes this week
Introduction to Sociology
Staff Staff (P)
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lindsey Huguet on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOCI 101S - 02 at University of Montana taught by Staff Staff (P) in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Sociology in Sociology at University of Montana.


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Date Created: 09/12/15
Sociology 101 week 2 Wednesday didn t meet for class on Monday After the birth of a child Temple deems women unfit to enter it for a short amount of time time determined by the gender of the child Son 7 days Daughter 14 days Bible Compilation of many types of literature it s not the scriptures themselves that lead to inequality but the way they are interpreted o Literally the book is the word of god directly 0 Allegorically the book is stories to learn lessons from 0 Historically the book is a re ection of the time it was written in 0 Can be interpreted individually or as a combination of the three 0 Conservative and fundamentalist strains of a religion are the ones that tend towards inequality they tend to interpret readings literally 0 Liberal strains are more likely to interpret readings allegorically or historically Sex segregated religion practice In general men practice religion in public and women are not supposed to Religious leadership is dominantly male 0 In 2000 13 were female Women are kept religiously illiterate 0 can t read the books and scriptures 0 can t attend events 1995 Roman catholic church pope declared ban on ordaining women as infallible o Ordaining appointing a women as the head of a church 1998 South Baptist Convention largest protestant group in USA committed to the belief that woman will submit entirely to their husband Common prayer in synagogue Blessed art thou 0 lord for not making me a woman Political patterns of inequality In NO country do women have the same political power as men After 2012 election only 20 of congress seats were women up 5 from last 2010 18 of seats in worlds 118 parliaments were held by women 2009 24 of seats at the state level were held by women 2003 worldwide only 12 countries had women as their leaders 1920 women earned the right to vote 1924 for Native American women Even in Matrilineal descent men hold more positions of power Women in positions of power tend to vote more liberal and have more concern for families children healthcare and education UN estimates that to effect main policies women need to represent 30 of any voting body Gender wage gap difference in pay between women and men despite no difference in schooling or experience USA 0 House of Representatives pays women 22 less than men 0 Senate Pays women 24 less than men 0 They are able to do this because congress is exempt from Federal Sex Discrimination Laws 1990s women made 7074 cents for every dollar men made 2014 women made 83 cents for every dollar men made Glass ceiling the idea that women can move up in their career to a certain point but despite being able to see the options to move up further they will not be able to o What is stopping them Men at the top 60 of people currently earning masters degrees are women 57 of college undergraduates are women Less than 10 of executives in large firms are women Of the CEOs of the Fortune 500 Companies only 12 are female Only 15 of the board of directors at all of the Fortune 500 Companies are female Studies of these show that companies with women in a position of high power are the most profitable On Friday we will be watching a video about divination seeingpredicting the future He gave examples in class of ways we do this Horoscopes Tarot cards Rune readings Flipping a coin Sociology 101 week 2 Friday 911 We watched a different videos than he had originally been planning The videos are online for free just need to make an account at Top Documentary Films and these were by the company group called Discovering Psychology The two films we watched were titled The Power of the Situation and Constructing Social Reality Together they had four main points 1 Fundamental Attribution errorbias a b Dictators can turn normal rational people into unseeing masses Individuals are given a new identity as part of the group A study was done with school aged boys there were three groups of 3 boys A leader was introduced and the leader had been instructed to be one of three different types of leaders Then the leaders would rotate groups All the groups had all three different types of leadership The leaderships and the resulting actois of the groups were i Autocratic leadership complete control by the leader children worked hardest but only when the leader was around The children showed much more aggression than they would under other leadership types ii Laissezfaire leadership complete freedom given by the leader each group descended into chaos when they were under this type of leader iii Democratic leadership active participation by the leader by not over controlling children showed motivation and originality iv RESULT it is the leadership style that led the children to act the way they did not their individual identities Visual Judgement study The subject was placed in a room with many others believing them to be subjects as well they were not The entire room was asked to compare three different sized lines to a single line on the side and determine which of the three closely matched the single line Everyone besides the subject purposefully chose an incorrect line 70 of the subjects who participated in this study conformed to the majority opinion despite that opinion being obviously incorrect Shows how much a situation can change a perspective 2 Stanley Milgram studying obedience a Milgram preformed an electrocution study The subjects were told to be teachers they would ask a question of the student and punish them when they were wrong A leader would sit in the same room as the teacher while the student was in a different room If the student got the question wrong the teacher was told to shock him and the voltage would go up every time The student was a hired actor so while no shocks were actually being transmitted the teacher thought they were and could hear the student who screamed at the shocks and pleaded to be let out The shocks were labeled with how detrimentally they were all the way up to death in the 300s It was predicted that no one would go above the 130s but 23rds of the teachers went all the way They complained about it and asked the leader if the subject was alright but they did not disobey Not a single person tried to help the student without asking the leader first This shows the extreme obedience a human will give to a leader even as far as torture Comparable to Nazis 3 Phillip Zimbardo did a mock prison study a Volunteers students were randomly determined to be either guards or prisoners They were given uniforms The prisoners were kept in small cells 24 hours a day while the guards worked 8 hour shifts and then returned to their normal lives The results were that everyone became completely immersed in the study The students became either guards or prisoners The guards became cruel being unnecessarily mean to the prisoners The prisoners despite being in good physical condition at the beginning lost weight and developed serious effects of stress such as physical illness The study was supposed to last 2 weeks but had to be called off after only 6 days due to the extreme results b Vision test A group of people studying to be pilots were given standard vison tests Then half of the pilots were brought into a lifelike simulator and brought through some training While still in the simulator they were given another vision test 40 did better on this test The second half of the pilots sat in the simulator but were told it was not working properly They were then given another vision test None of these pilots performed any better 4 Robert Rosenthal and the Pygmalion effect a Situation effects results good or bad b Teachers were told that certain students randomly selected were showing high intelligence levels They were not allowed to tell the students By the end of the year those students actually were doing better in class than a lot of their classmates Teachers treated those students differently whether they realized it or not A teachers expectations directly determine the students progress Teachers teach more information to smart kids Smart kids get more of a teacher s time and attention Feedback from a teacher is different also the smarter students have more expected from them and receive higher praise while teachers will accept a low quality answer from a dumb kid because they don t expect anything else Other notes from the films Social context implies that people are there for us our entire lives whether it be for good or bad usually good There are many benefits to being in constant contact Cults not always religious Power of cognitive control is extreme Brown eyes versus blue eyes an elementary school children were told that the brown eyed people were not as good as the blue eyed people Within the span of a few hours the children turned from well behaved students to little monsters This study shows how easy it really is to gain cognitive control


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