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Advanced Image Processing

by: Maudie Quitzon

Advanced Image Processing EE 565

Maudie Quitzon
GPA 3.98

Xin Li

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About this Document

Xin Li
Class Notes
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This 27 page Class Notes was uploaded by Maudie Quitzon on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EE 565 at West Virginia University taught by Xin Li in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see /class/202854/ee-565-west-virginia-university in Electrical Engineering at West Virginia University.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
Matlab Advanced Programming Matt Wyant University of Washington Matlab as a programming Language Strengths as compared to CCFortran Fast to write no type declarations needed Memory allocationdeallocation handled automatically Functions and scripts can be accessed automatically from path VectorMatrix operations in many dimensions built in Polymorphic with respect to matrix dimensions Matlab as a programming Language Strengths Fairly easy to handle strings Easy inputoutput Easy to build a function library Mathematical functions built in Plotting and Visualization built in Additional toolboxes Matlab as a programming Language Weaknesses Expensive Debugging complex code can be tricky Not objectoriented Behavior of built in functions must be learned No type declarations needed example Namespace collisions example Outline Scripts vs Functions Techniques for writing functions Structures CellArrays Examples Not included Matlab graphics Objectoriented programming Interfaces to other languages Not much on handling matrices Matlab Scripts plotsquaredm X 55 y X A2 plotxy Run with plotsquared Advantages of Scripts Easy to write Easy to patch together and nest Can be cut and paste directly into Matlab command line Can use any variables already in the workspace Disadvantages of Scripts Scripts have uncertain variable scope Scripts are hard to modularize Modifications can be cumbersome Script inputs and outputs are not explicit Scripts are hard to loop over safely Scripts can be cumbersome to test Ways to protect against scope problems in scripts clear all include at top of script or type it sometimes not desirable Initialize all variables you use Beware assignment to parts of an un initialized array Suppose y is a 20x20 array Then the following script is run X 55 ylll x 2 plotxy Fixed version zeroslll Y X 55 ylll x quot2 plotxy Matlab Functions Example complexphaseandmagnitudem Arguments are passed by value All variables are internal unless you use GLOBAL variables so your workspace is not altered Can be called with fewer than specified input arguments Can be called with fewer than specified output arguments Functions can have indefinite arguments at the end of the argument list Advantages of Functions Reuseable develop your own libraries or get functions from others Robust rules all in one place debug shared methods once Sharable Selfdocumenting Can be used easily customize builtin matlab func ons Provide variable scope safety Can be called inside of scripts one rule one place Disadvantages of Functions Designing them takes time and practice Debugging can be more involved than for scripts Guidelines for writing functions Write at least minimal documentation required inputs optional inputs outputs units Use a descriptive function name Use descriptive variable names Possibly check the input arguments size number of dimensions type Guidelines for writing functions If you can don t assume the size of input matrices Write functions to apply a process to whole matrices not just scalars avoid looping over matrices If you see repeated similar procedures consider looping over them or making them a function If you can don t assume the size of input matrices Avoid GLOBAL variables Make them arguments instead If you need persistent variables use persistent If you need lots of physical constants pass them in as a structure Small simple functions can be very useful examples Evolve a script into a function Choose a script or piece of a script that has a narrowly defined purpose Choose a script or piece of a script that you are likely going to want to use multiple times Identify the parameters Gather all parameters at the top of the script Decide which parameters are going to be changed often These will be the input arguments Identify the useful outputs of the script These will be the output arguments Choose a good name Matlab Structures Group variables Group data of different sizestypes meta data with variables Sort by name Nest Cellarrays Containers for multiple Matlab objects of different types and sizes Useful for grouping character strings Can be used as commaseparated lists used to get subset of cell array used to get contents of cells Examples Exploiting Matlab matrix handling Passing back complex output using structures Extending existing Matlab functions using varargin Looping over variables with cellarrays Exploiting Matlab matrix handling Many builtin and user made functions can handle arbitrarily sized matrices Matrices typically must all be the same size The functions must use elementbyelement math methods on these matrices A X y X y X Y Example qsatm satvaporpressurem Passing back complex output using structures Example retrievesoundingm Saves all useful information about a procedure or computation Adding new info won t break existing functions or scripts Results can be passed to other functions or grouped in arrays Extending existing Matlab functions varargin allows you to create functions with an unspecified number of arguments Use varargin as last argument in your func on In body of the function the cell array called varargin contains a list of the extra arguments Example fitscatterplotm fitscatterplot2m Looping over variables with cell arrays CeIIarrays provide a convenient way to loop through variable data noloopm oopm References Matlab Help help help topic help function name doc function name wwwmathworkscom Graphics and GUl s with MATLAB Patrick Marchand and 0 Thomas Holland This talk will be placed soon at wwwatmoswashingtonedumwyant Additional Topics Matrix manipulations and higher dimensional matrices Handle Graphics Techniques Matlab Graphics for Publication and Presentation Performance Tips NetCDF Interface Handling Missing Data Interface with CC or Fortran


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