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Composition And Rhetoric

by: Toni Feil

Composition And Rhetoric ENGL 101

Toni Feil
GPA 3.64

Rebecca Schwab

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About this Document

Rebecca Schwab
Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Toni Feil on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGL 101 at West Virginia University taught by Rebecca Schwab in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 34 views. For similar materials see /class/202867/engl-101-west-virginia-university in Foreign Language at West Virginia University.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
Potter 1 Jonathan Potter Professor Schwab English lOlSection 8 14 November 2010 Let s Bring Healthier food to the Mountainlair Anyone who has ever been the West Virginia University has most likely been in or heard of the Mountainlair Located on the downtown campus of the school it is a very busy and popular place to go to It is a place for students to meet up hang out and get food The food choices offered in the Mountainlair are very limited and not the best for one s health My thoughts are the need for the opportunity for students to have the option of food that is healthier instead of hamburgers and fries There needs to be a change to the choices offered so something healthier for students is an offered What I am asking you to do is that if you agree with the need to change and bring in a healthier food place to the Mountainlair write a letter to head of the Michael Ellington Michael Ellington is the current vice president of personnel administration at West Virginia In your letter please address why you want there to be a change in the food at the Mountainlair Include some ideas for a new place that you would find beneficial for health purposes and give reasons to support your ideas Then hopefully Michael Ellington would be able to use these ideas to come up with something that would be useful for all students According to Addison Schader s article Dining at WVU the current food places to eat are Burger King Quiznos Sbarro Taziki s and the Side Pocket Pub located downstairs Addison 2 Those choices are not known for their amazingly healthy food selections Last school year the issue of putting a new food place into the empty spot left by D s Express was Potter 2 brought up Addison 3Last fall the assistant vice president of personnel administration at WVU held a meeting to come up with ideas to ll in the empty spot Addison 3 From the meeting they concluded that maybe they should give out a survey to the students to hear their opinions on this topic Addison 5 Some students said that they would like another Chinese food place to replace the one that was lost Addison 10 Many freshmen responded on the survey that they would like to be able to use their meal plan to get food Addison 8 It is great that the Mountainlair contains all of these options but I myself feel that they are not the best choices for a studentand are not the best for one s health As a current student at West Virginia I personally have a huge interest in my health such as what I eat and my physical exercise With the amount of time I have sometimes I do not have a lot of time to be picky with what I eat so I get something as quick as possible I spend a majority of my day downtown and the easy option for food is going to the Mountainlair I am most certain that I am not the only student at West Virginia who also thinks in this manner Another issue dealing with the food places is students being able to use their meal planat the Mountainlair As of right now only some of the places offer to accept the meal plan For the ones that do accept the meal plans they only accept it at limited times For example Burger King accepts meal plans from 730 am to 1000 am and 400 pm to 700 pm but at any other time you would have to use Mountie Bounty Addison 23 The logical thing would be for food places to accept meal plans all throughout the day or at least during the middle of the day when most people are downtown For the amount of money people pay for meal plans they should be able to use them at any time Depending on what meal plan the student has he or she could be paying anywhere from 1474 to 2025 dollars a semester Addison 1720 Some students may have limited times when they can eat and having these restricted times can make it harder on Potter 3 them If students were able to use their meal plans at any time and at any University dining area such as the Mountainlair it would encourage more students to have healthier eating habits but only if there are healthy options there Ifthere was a way to keep students healthier by having more of an impact on what they could eat would you do itIn Erin Beck s article How to get Better Food in the Lair shebrings up many valid points and arguments for new ideas for the Mountainlair by bringing in new and healthier food After all the money the students and families spend on going to WVU one thing the school could do is try in uencing better eating habitsIf the ideas mentioned in Beck s article were to work the food selection would be more of a variety as well as having healthier options for people The first part of the ripple effect would be to bring in a Papa John s since there is only one in Morgantown and the thought is that it would give competition to Sbarro and the outcome would be that Sbarro closes down Beck 4 The article compares two similar things one from Sbarro and another from Papa John s and discusses the nutritional facts about the two and shows that Papa Johns is healthier Beck 610 With Sbarro gone that would leave another spot open and Beck thinks that Five Guys Burgers and Fries would be an ideal replacement Becks 11 With Five Guys there would be competition with Burger King and the list of health nutrition facts heavily lean towards Five Guys Becks 12 Then if by chance Burger King closed as well that would once again leave another spot free for a new place to open Becks 12 In this spot a suggestion for Chipotle is brought up or even a Panera Bread Becks 20 Either of these choices would provide more variety and healthier selections for students Newly opened Taziki s offers Greek food in Lair written by David Ryan discusses the opening of the new Taziki s in the Mountainlair Taziki s is a national food chain offering Mediterranean food Ryan 2 Taziki s was just recently opened in the Mountainlair this fall Potter 4 semester Ryan 2 Taziki s took the spot where D s Express used to be located in the Moutainlair Ryan 3 Keith Richards President of Taziki s says that it is perfect for West Virginia by saying it can ful ll anyone s ambitions whether trying to stay healthy or satisfy their hunger Ryan 5 The restaurant serves Greek salads with many options to choose from as well as having daily specials Ryan 79 All the food is made ready to go so for the students its gives them a healthier option for the go each meal takes about two to three minutes to prepare Ryan 10 Richards calls Taziki s food fastcasual Ryan 17 The West Virginia campus is the first oncampus location for the Taziki Restaurant food chain Ryan 16 In a recent article released in early August by Nick Ashley ChickfilA to be in Lair by Spring 2011 discusses that ChickfilA will be opening in the unused spot in the spring time ChickfilA will be replacing McCoys Ashley 1 McCoys will be closing during the 2010 fall semester The University has been trying to secure a contract for the past ten months in an attempt to solidify ChickfilA bringing their business to the Mountainlair Ashley 6 Workers from McCoys as well as other students will be able to work at the new ChickfilA Ashley 10 Continuing on the note with working opportunities ChickfilA will be offering two managerial positions Ashley 10 It will be open Monday through Saturday and students will be able to use their meal plan during breakfast and dinner or Mountie Bounty at any time Ashley 8 During week days it will be open from 715 am to 900 pm and then on Saturdays it will open at 1200 pm to 9 pm Ashley 11 The reason for ChickfilA apparently is that it is known nationally and is said to bring a new aspect to the Mountainlair Ashley 9Michael Ellington assistant vice president for Student Affairs said This is a very positive thing for students I am happy to see them wanting new things added into the Mountainlair This will be a positive thing not only for students but for the University as well Ashley 14 ChickfilA will be just one of the newest Potter 5 changes in the Mountainlair joining Taziki s Mediterranean Cafe The construction for the new Chick la was supposed to start in late September Ashley 15 What I am asking you to do is to take the survey How to improve the Mountainlair which can be found on the West Virginia main website On this survey there will be multiple questions asking you your personal opinion of the Mountainlair At the end of the survey there will be a spot for extra comments and personal notes that one can add if they feel as though it was not covered by the questions What could be the outcome from students participating in this survey can only be good Potter 6 Dear Editor Hi my name is Stanley Yelnats I am a current employee of the Burger King located in the Mountainlair I am writing this letter to you saying I am fully against trying to change the food places in the Mountainlair I have been an employee for the two years I have been at West Virginia University and I enjoy working at Burger King I have college loans that I need to pay off and Burger King provided me with a job and if Burger King were to close down I would have to nd another job The likely hood of me nding another just in such an easy place to get to would be nearly impossible Burger King has been really helpful with getting me enough hours as well as being understandable with my school work If people want to eat healthier foods then they can go someplace else or simply just go to one of the dining halls located on campus Ifyou really think about it having all the current places inthe Mountainlair help students out because of how quickly and easily food is prepared and ready to go Although it may not be the best selection for health reasons it is better to eat something than nothing at all If people are worried about their health and gaining weight then they can simply go workout I believe that West Virginia University has provided more than enough places for one to eat how the like and to be able to exercise to stay healthy If there was to be a change in the Mountainlair the type of food is not the only perspective you can look at There are many things at stake here such as my own circumstance where some students need these jobs to help pay for college or just to be able to have some money to spend Sincerely Sally Reef Potter 7 Dear Editor Hi my name is Beth Cooper I am a mother of a current freshman student at West Virginia University I completely agree with you in what you have to say about bring changes to the Mountainlair by bringing healthier foods I worry about my son and his health My son does not pay much attention to his own personal health when it comes to what he is eating or how much he is eating I feel that if the only choices he has are between fast food and the dining halls I am most certain he will choose the fast food over the dining hall any day and every day I am glad to see that current student is worried about the same things as I am Even though my son is grown up now and is more than capable of making his own decision he still needs some guidance to lead him to the correct and right decision When my son decided to go to West Virginia University I could not have been more pleased When I found that he was going to be living on the Downtown campus I became a little nervous inside The first reason why was because he was so far away for the Rec center and would not be getting the exercise he should and the second reason was for the amount of poor food selections they have at the Mountainlair currently I am most certain that I am not the only parent concerned about my child s health while he is away at school Ifeel that the school itself should have brought this up a long time ago After all why would they not want to take care of the student s health by providing healthier choices and eliminating the bad ones Sincerely Beth Cooper Potter 8 Dear Editor Hi my name is Doug Funny I am currently a senior at West Virginia University I have been a student all four years at West Virginia I have been to the Mountainlair many times and have eaten there on countless occasions I am right in the middle of this debate because I do not really care that much about what food places are in the Mountainlair I do not think that there is a desperate need for healthier foods in the Lair For the people who are not overweight or obese they should not be limited to the types of food they are and are not allowed to eat After all a majority of the students when they get here are eighteen years old and by that age students should be starting to make their own decisions dealing with their life It would not bother me if some type of healthier food place were to come to the Mountainlair Ithjnk it would be good not for the reason of getting students to eat healthier but to just bring some different options and variety Even if they did not bring something new in to the Mountainlair it would not be that big of a deal the university has so many different choices and options with all of the dining halls that it has all over campus This should not be that big of a deal with the students at West Virginia because if they want to eat healthy then they will do so and if a student wants to eat all junk food they can do that Sincerely Doug Funny Potter 9 Works Cited Ashley Nick Chick lA to be in the Lair by the Spring 2011 DailyAthenaeum 4 Aug 2010 1 Web 19 Nov 2010 lthttpwwwtheda0nlinecomnewschick la tobein lairby spring201111502174gt Beck Erin How to get better food in the Lair Daily Athenaeum 16 Feb 2009 1 Web 19 NOV 2010 lthttpwwwtheda0n1inecomhowto getbetterfoodinthelair1705239gt Ryan David Newly opened Taziki s offers Greek food in Lair Daily Athenaeum 16 Feb 2009 1 Web 20 Aug 2010 lthttpwwwthead0nlinec01naenew1yopenedtazikisoffers greekfoodinlairl1536831gt Schader Addison quotDining at WVUquotDailyAthenaeum 4 Feb 2009 1 Web 19 NOV 2010 lthttpWWWthedaonlinecomdiningatWvu 1704762gt


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