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Composition And Rhetoric

by: Toni Feil

Composition And Rhetoric ENGL 101

Toni Feil
GPA 3.64

Andrew Calis

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About this Document

Andrew Calis
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Toni Feil on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGL 101 at West Virginia University taught by Andrew Calis in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see /class/202869/engl-101-west-virginia-university in Foreign Language at West Virginia University.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
ENGL 101 Andrew Calis Writing a Lede Lead In journalism the lede is the first paragraph of an article If this was a journal article this would be the lede But this isn t a journal article This is an explanation of a lede A good lede is attentiongrabbing In addition a lede should give the reader a heads up about the article It should captivate and contextualize Thus a good lede will foreshadow the content of the article while at the same time capturing the reader s attention A good lede will do 5 things 1 Grab the reader s attention Foreshadow the content of the article Contextualize provide the information a reader needs to understand the rest of the story the background info 4 Set a particular mood humorous witty heartbreaking etc 5 Be concise The lede is an intro to your story not the story Make it quick and to the point WN VV Types of Leads adapted from Jason Kapcala Summary Leads The standard lead It summarizes who what where and when September 3ml is when the local farmers meet in Dixieburg for their monthly pumpkinprotection congregation Single Item Lead Apithy statement that has to do with the whole topic but says it succinctly and edgily The in ux of crows in rural area means much damage to the pumpkin crop It means more than just that but a singleitem lead focuses on just one point then elaborates Cartridge Lead A teaser Tough to pull off well and when it isn t done well it seems pretty cheesy A field of pumpkins and a scarecrow Defending a garden from 76 hungry crows would be no easy task Question Lead Poses a question then proceeds to answer it usually with contextual information As potentially cheesy as the cartridge lead What does a costume a shotgun and a pumpkin have to do with the state of farmers in today s world The crowd wondered the same thing when George began his speech on agriculture Anecdotal Lead An entertaining story George walked into his garden to see the remains of his prize pumpkin embarrassingly scant It took him a second or two to come out of shock Then he saw it the culprit hopping around dressed ominously in black and cawing with imperious pride AVOID THESE Quote Lead A quotation often out of context Hardly will one statement summarize the entire point of your article I say we murder the whole murder of crows a stshaking George said furiously Cosmic Lead A general overarching statement Nothing is harder on farmers than crows That isn t true A death in the family just might be A series of tipped cows might be A crop circle might be V L V VI V l V Trouble Spots and How to Overcome Them Problem Misinterpretation The Great Gatsby is about Slavery It was written in the 1920s after slavery was abolished a Solution Do the research Looking at a biography will inform you that Fitzgerald was writing in the 20s Broad thesis Family Guy is a show that makes people uncomfortable because it is offensive a Look closer Find a few scenes that support this very well then look at what makes those scenes alike Summary instead of analysis The TV show 30 Rock is about workers for NBC and the hilarity that ensues on the job a Any plot should be summarized in a sentence or two Then do analysis like we did with American Ride Any text can be analyzed in the same way Find a thesis look for the pathos ethos and logos find a sphere of in uence to focus on and finally ask yourself What do I still need to know about the authoraudience Then do your research Then support your claim with the Text Bad choice of text Something really obvious or very hard to analyze a By making you do an analysis on two texts for homework I hopefully gave you a backup plan just in case Text too large A movie where plot summary would take way too long or where too much happens that changes the thesis making for a really complicated thesis that will be hard to prove in only 6 pages a Use shorter texts like poems stories speeches ads songs music videos an episode of a tv show commercials short videos etc Unnecessary author bio Mark Twain was born in Missouri and got his license to be a pilot of a boat This has nothing to do with my thesis that he wants a new morality through his wor a Only include important biographical information With enough research you ll be able to find a number of good things to say but make sure not to use everything Finding the author of Ads songs etc a Sometimes enough research will do the trick Other times it might be necessary to scrap an idea if the author cannot be established You might decide to look at what company an ad was for instead of the one person who designed it


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