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Week 2 of History Notes

by: William Bartek

Week 2 of History Notes HIST 1500 - 01

William Bartek
Discovering World History
Autumn Dolan

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About this Document

These are the second week of notes from History 1500. They cover the end of the Bronze Age, a little of the Mediterranean influence, and the Hebrew society and culture
Discovering World History
Autumn Dolan
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by William Bartek on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 1500 - 01 at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by Autumn Dolan in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see Discovering World History in History at University of Missouri - Columbia.


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Date Created: 09/12/15
History 1500 Week 2 of Notes End of Bronze Age End of the Bronze Age 0 quotSea peoples what the Egyptians called them 0 Political instability and migration 0 Mediterranean coast falls to the sea peoples Causes 0 Economic uprisings and the Habiru o Habiru People in debt who skipped town and went into the hills to become rebels 0 Climate setbakcs 0 Rebels v Invaders Phoenicians c 1000 BCE 0 Reputation as amazing sailors invented the Bireme mainline Bronze Age ship 0 Wealthiest kingdoms King Solomon relied on the Phoenicians o Culturally take in customs from many areas 0 Their alphabet became the basis for our language Greeks added in vowels later Armenians o Semi nomadic pastoralists and raiders 0 9th Century vernacular language became default for area 0 Damascus became a huge hub for caravan trade Iron Age 0 NeoAssyrian expansion 0 9th c Syria Levant and Phoenicians I Huge amounts of wealth in these client states 0 7th c Babylonia and Egypt I Became largest empire seen up to this point NeoAssyrians o Imperialadministration o Built royal roads and set up complex mail system 0 Military 0 Standing army over 100000 forced conscription for all men 0 Drafted conquered people against their will 0 Created the first cavalry battering rams and siege engines 0 quotCalculated Frightfulness So brutal to enemies that no one messed with them Ashurbanipal s Library 0 Dedicated to collecting any and all Mesopotamian literature 0 Cataloged organized and culturally preserved NeoBabylonian Empire 0 Expansion follows similar to NeoAssyrians o Babylonian rule and economy 0 Treats foreigners nicely o Creates vibrant economic exchange 0 Also preserved ancient Mesopotamian culture Hebrews Our Sources 0 Oral tradition and texts o Archeology and linguistics 0 Still doesn t clarify much in Hebrew history Canaanites 0 Syria amp modern day Palestine 0 Coastal citystates Philistines o Inland Kingdoms Israel and Judah o Canaanite Religion Polytheism Baal United Monarchy o Clash with Philistines 0 David and Goliath story representative of their struggle o Saul and David were the first two kings 0 Jerusalem becomes the capital of power 0 Centralized bureaucracy Solomon 0 Grand temple 0 Solomon had international reputation 0 Question of historicity Divided Monarchy o Rebellion after Solomon s death 0 Northern Kingdom became Israel Rich 0 Southern Kingdom became Judah Poor Assyrian amp Babylonian Rule 0 Northern Kingdom wiped out fairly quickly 0 Judahite Kings 0 Canaanite Phoenician coalition fails miserably king forced to submit to Assyria o Babylonian Exile 586 BCE All natives forced to leave Solomon s temple destroyed 0 Second temple built in replace of the first Hebrew Religion 0 Syncretism The fusing of foreign customs into a single religious identity 0 Yahweh o Canaanite Gods Prophetic Movement 0 Social disparity o Urbanization shakes common values 0 Social justice movement 0 Prophets not priests o Rejection of ritual Sacrifice temple donations etc o Universalism Monotheism 0 North Kingdom collapse gave prophets ammo to scare people with o Reforms clearing out temples Yahweh is only god with altars o Covenant Gives identity to those who follow Yahweh o Babylonian Exile Hebrew outcasts took Yahweh with them leads to omnipresence No longer linked with nature 0 Torah Means for maintaining Hebrew identity Hebrew Society 0 Identity and community begin forming 0 Family becomes more important 0 Status of women 0 Legal status same as earlier in history 0 Some served honored roles as advisors or prophetesses Hebrew Legacy 0 Emphasized the individual not idols or temples


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