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SPHU 1010 Week3 Notes and Chapter 5 Reading Notes

by: Dkrefft

SPHU 1010 Week3 Notes and Chapter 5 Reading Notes SPHU 1010

Marketplace > Tulane University > Public Health > SPHU 1010 > SPHU 1010 Week3 Notes and Chapter 5 Reading Notes
GPA 4.0
Intro to public health
Mark Dal Corso

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About this Document

Notes for Dal Corso's SPHU 1010 class week 3 with the chapter five reading notes for the reading reflections due on 9/14.
Intro to public health
Mark Dal Corso
Class Notes
dal corso, intro to public health, Public Health, tulane
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dkrefft on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SPHU 1010 at Tulane University taught by Mark Dal Corso in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 107 views. For similar materials see Intro to public health in Public Health at Tulane University.


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Date Created: 09/12/15
SPHU 1010 Notes Week 3 Individual Rights V Public Safety Police power the right of states to protect health and safety of their citizens 0 A court hearing is not necessary 0 Louisiana makes it a felony to intentionally expose people to the AIDS virus without their consent It s a misdemeanor for other veneral disease 0 Physician s role 0 Notifies the state health department 0 Contacts are found and notified Public Health Data and Communications 0 Avoid being driven by 0 Crises 0 Hot issues 0 Concerns of organized interest groups 0 Politics 0 Decision should be based on data 0 Health communications methods for collecting compiling and presenting health info 0 Where does this data come from 0 Data from surveillance Quantitative sources 0 Single casesmall series 0 Statistics vital and reportable diseases mandated bylaw Reportable diseases designated by the state 0 Surveyssampling 0 Self reporting 0 Sentinel monitoring ex Influenza monitoring to help identify the start of an outbreak and changes in a virus 0 Syndromic surveillance use of symptom patters to raise alert of possible newincreased disease 0 Assessment policies assurance Diseases change over time even when public health does nothing 0 Identifying subpopulations at elevated risks 0 Calculated incidence prevalence or mortality rates by Place Age Race sex Socioeconomic status employment income education Occupation 0 Purpose Provide clues about causes of disease Target prevention programs 0 Identifying risk factors 0 Environmental factors Living near nuclear reactorsleukemia Alcohol availabilitycar crashes o Behaviors High fat dietheart disease 0 Sources of infection Oyster consumption and vibrio infection 0 Surveillance data collections 0 Case reporting 0 Sentinel site reporting 0 Focused surveys o Surveillance of health related behavior 0 Passive reporting reporting by health care professionals 0 Active reporting periodic solicitations 0 Analysis leads to interpretation leads to dissemination of results 0 Population health status measures measurements that summarize the health of a population 0 Use your common sense and intuition to evaluate quality of health information 0 Factors that can influence perceptions of potential harms and benefits 0 Dread effect easily produces fears and consequences 0 Unfamiliarity effect hazards we re unsure of may elicit more fear 0 Uncontrollability effect hazards out of our control 0 Decisions 0 How likely percentage probability 0 How important utility scale unexpected utility o How soon When will the particular outcome happen if it even does Discounting Characteristics of a decision maker 0 Risk taking attitudes How does it affect the decision Inform of decision Informed consent Shared decision making There are pros and cons to all Chapter 5 Reading Notes Bioethics a field which includes elements of both health care and public health and focuses on applying morals or values to potential areas of conflict Is there a right to healthcare How does public health attempt to balance the rights of individuals and the needs of society What bioethical principles are used to address public health issues Components of health law policy and ethics 0 Health care access quality and cost of health care organizational and profession structures for the delivery of care Ex rules governing Medicare and Medicaid as well as laws governing private insurance and professional licensure 0 Public health population health and safety including governmental efforts to provide services to entire populations as well as vulnerable groups Ex food and drug laws and procedures environmental laws and procedures regulations for control of communicable diseases 0 Bioethics application of individual and group values and morals to controversial areas Ex end of life care stem cell research abortion protection of research subjects Police power the use of the authority that allows states to pass legislation and take actions to protect to common goal Negative constitution the US constitution allows but does not require governments to act to protect public health or to provide health care services Substantive due process the grounds for depriving an individual of a right Procedural due process the processes that must be undertaken to deprive an individual of a right Authoritative decision a decision made by an individual or group that has the power to implement the decision A health in all policies approach has been proposed in which private and public entities work toward common goals to achieve improved health for all while reducing health inequities Social justice views the equitable distribution of health as a social responsibility Market justice emphasizes individual rather than collective responsibility for health No duty principle healthcare provides whether individuals or institutions do not have an obligation to provide health services Self imposed risk risk an individual knowingly and willingly takes on through his or her own actions lmposed risk risk to individuals and populations that is out of their direct control Quarantine the compulsory physical separation of those with a disease or at high risk of developing a disease from the rest of the population The Belmont Repot focused on key issues of defining informed consent and the selection of participants Institutional review boards lRBs boards created by the Belmont Report that must now approve most human research 3 basic ethical principles Respect for persons Bene cence Jus ce


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