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Notes 02

by: Marcos Pedro Ferreira Leal Silva

Notes 02 CIT 365

Marcos Pedro Ferreira Leal Silva
GPA 7.6
Mobile Device Forensics
Darren Hayes

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About this Document

Those are my notes from GSM/CDMA and Cellular Networks class.
Mobile Device Forensics
Darren Hayes
Class Notes
forensics, mobile devices, cellular networks, gsm, cdma
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Marcos Pedro Ferreira Leal Silva on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CIT 365 at Pace University taught by Darren Hayes in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see Mobile Device Forensics in Information technology at Pace University.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
Mobile Device Forensics Dr Darren Hayes Class 02 Recap from last class Different skill set is necessary to work with mobile As professor named in class most of security is directed to computers as can be seen if you search for professionals specialized in mobile malwares which let a big vunerable field to be attacked Discussion about news in the securityforensics field New iPhone with new iOS brings new functionalities and new breaches to be explored iWatch controls iPhone filesapps without unlocking screen Apple segregates their payment process if comparing with Google Wallet to avoid hacHng MacOS iPad iPhone all on latest iOS version can be used as one seamlessly This leads to mobile traces in desktop computers iPhone brute force password tool messes with paracycle of the device brute force passwords resets phone when it39s waiting the programmed time Cellular Networks Cell towers are shared by different carries because of theirs costs and to reach a bigger area avoid monopoly Sometimes a carrier leases some of the transmittersreceivers like happens on Roaming Each tower has a bandwidth limit that39s why it39s almost impossible call someone in New Year39s Eve To avoid this some carriers rent temporary transmitters to improve bandwidth in that specific situation but even then is not usually enoughNaturally cellphones work with 39radio39 signal that are a strip on a high frequency of a high frequency electromagnetic wave SIM Cards are used in GDS networks Some handsets are quadband and can be used in different regionscountries Even though a carrier can sell a handheld device that is locked to their network httpwwwantennasearchcom can provide the antenna locations close to a provided address httpwwwbatchdocom can show many points in a map SnoopSnitch is an Android app that analyzes mobile radio signals to warn about unsecure networks Handoffs Soft gt happens when two antennas areas overlap and the network is deciding which antenna it should connect based on the best signal rate Hard gt happens when there39s only one antenna and the phone just connects to it PUK Personal Unblocking Code PIN Personal Identification Number are ways to protect a SIM card They were widely used before smartphones but since than it has become a unique skill to addupdate these codes IMEI for blocking handheld devices gt On some countries the client can provide the phone IMEI to block the phone on all countries networks making it useless Itjust works for a single country so if the phone is stolen to another country it39s useless to use this feature Mobile Switching Center is responsible to switch packets in different networks It has two big databases Home Locator Register HLR Keep register of the phones associated with the network Address Number IMS ICCID etc Visitor Locator Register VLR The same of the above but with roaming phones GSM Global System for Mobile Communications Uses Time Division Multiple Access Can be described as a room where there are many people talking at the same time but each one in turns Data stream divided into frames Frames divided into time slots Each user is allocated one slot I Time slots contain data l l l l l l l l l l 1with a guard period if i needed for syneronisation M 1quot Guard periods optional 1 Source Wikipedia Operates on 900 MHz or 1800 MHz bands can vary in some countries where those frequencies were already been used GSM uses voice codecs to compact voice 31 kHz audio into streams of about 10 kbitss Carriers can sell locked phones that can only be used within their network and with no other SIM card Brazil for example only sells unlocked phones since the begin of 201039s Since uses SIM cards it39s much easier to swap carriers when compared to CDMA The pulsing of the time division signal creates the GSM buzz that can be listened when a GSM phone is near a speaker It39s not quite an important fact just an interesting fact Is the most popular system used in the world around 70 according to SANS Institute The GSM Security Standards were secretly created plus every GSM operator can make small changes in the algorithm what leads to an unknown secure network Some people claimed to have cracked some variation of the cipher algorithm but the impact that this causes on general consumers is unknown since we never really know what algorithm is being used nor which variations were made Souce SANS lnstitute CDMA Code Division Multiple Access Began with military and it was heavily used in WWII Multiplexing Technique gt It mixes some inputs into a single signal that is sent through the network and only with the correct inverse function can retrieve all the signals on the input Can be described as a room where there are many people talking at the same time but each one in different language code division with your respective correlative As only who has the function and its inverse correlative are able to determine the messages it makes CDMA more robust and power consuming than GSM Each user in CDMA networks uses a different code to modulate their signal and this is crucial to guarantee a good performance since a good separation is needed between signals of others users to avoid overlapping and interfering Final Considerations There were no AudioVideo file format regulations specifically for mobile then BGPP came for GSM and BGPZ for CDMA iDEN networks are used mostly on pushtotalk situations like police or building constructions Satellite phones are used on areas without any other kind of antenna close Is the highest level of tracking and naturally the most expensive one Levels of tracking by proximity Satellite gt Cellular Towers gt Bluetooth


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