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PY 372- Week 8 Notes

by: Alexia Acebo

PY 372- Week 8 Notes PY 372

Alexia Acebo
GPA 3.7

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About this Document

A collection of notes from the eighth week of PY 372!
PY 372 William Hart-Social Psychology
William Hart
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alexia Acebo on Sunday March 6, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PY 372 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by William Hart in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see PY 372 William Hart-Social Psychology in Psychlogy at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.


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Date Created: 03/06/16
PY 372 Notes- Week 8 Logical conclusion: -crowds should help you on easy tasks but hurt on complex ones **experst tend to shine in front of crowds, novices do not !!!Why does the presence of others affect arousal/performance? 1. Distraction a. Conflict between paying attention to others & the task b. Overloads our cognitive rsources and leads to arousal i. Distracting things, like light and loud noises also increase arousal and ominant response 2. Mere “presence” of others a. Must be alert, attentive i. Social facilitation cockraches 3. Evaluation Apprehension- concern for how others are evaluating us a. If we cant be evaluated, may not get social facilitation/ inhibition effects **Influence of the Group on Group Performance** Ringelman- tug of war study Social loafing: tendency to take it easy in a group Why do people loaf? -less motivated -you feel less responsible for outcome -you can blame failure on others, others can take credit for success How can we eliminate loafing?  Make individual responsible for specific tasks  Make task challenging and fun  Make individuals feel important *Do groups reach cautious or risky decisions? “Risky-shift” -when in groups risky decisions -other times more cautious Group Polarization:  Group discussion with like-minded others makes each members’ preexisting views more extreme o WHY does this occur?  We learn new supportive arguments  We get validation  Expressing a view publicly works to strengthen t  Diffusion of personal responsibility Groupthink:  When well-intentioned groups make bad decisions  The deterioration of group judgement consesnsus Symptoms of Groupthink:  Illusion of involnuerability o Overconfidence in decision-making abilities o Unquestioned belief in group’s morality  Conformity pressure or pressure for closure o Self censorship o Illusion of unanimity HOW can we prevent this???  Be impartial  Encourage critical evaluation, assign devils advocate  Subdivide the group  Encourage and welcome criticism  Don’t put yourself in a position to feel rushed Deindividuation -when in groups, people often feel less identifiableand less self-aware -Stereotypes and Prejudice- Stereotypes: Beliefs about the attributes of a group of people -The cognitive component of liking/disliking a group THE GOOD a nice shortcut to understanding people Sometimes we over-generalize -can be inaccurate -resistant to change **what if we met someone who disconfirms the stereotype? -subtyping: create a category for exceptions SO stereotypes are bulletproof Prejudice: An unjustifiable negative attitude toward a whole group of people that happens to be negative. The affective or feeling component of prejudice Discrimination: unjustifiable negative behavior toward a group or its members


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