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Week 2: 20th Century Writers and Sundown

by: Heather Adams

Week 2: 20th Century Writers and Sundown E 438

Marketplace > Colorado State University > Foreign Language > E 438 > Week 2 20th Century Writers and Sundown
Heather Adams
GPA 3.6
Native American Lit
Leif Sorensen

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About this Document

Notes about 20th Century Native writers and the start of Sundown notes. Connections between history and whats happening with Chal the main character of Sundown.
Native American Lit
Leif Sorensen
Class Notes
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This 1 page Class Notes was uploaded by Heather Adams on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to E 438 at Colorado State University taught by Leif Sorensen in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 76 views. For similar materials see Native American Lit in Foreign Language at Colorado State University.


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Date Created: 09/12/15
9915 Native Lit and Culture Early 20th Century 1910 s interest in Native poetry Poetry A magazine of verse published Indian Issue translations and interpretations of Native poetry so nothing like real native poets Republished in Path of the Rainbow 1923 Mary Austin published American Rhythm seek out native poets for true root of American poetry Therapeutic lndian modern society screwed up find alternative source to fix society after World War 2 Rhetorically quartered off both reservation land and pastness of culture Implication modern America must borrow from Native culture Vanishing American story of Native doomed to die became popular Mesa Verde became national park 1906 Boom in Native lands as Tourist attractions Art flourished from Native inspiration 91115 Link Deloria and Mathewsdon t classify as novelists Deloria wrote ethnography s recorded culture values Deloria didn t originally want Waterlily published at all Mathews considered himself a historian founded Osage museum which was founded when Sundown was published Elected to tribal council Like his character Chal Mathews went to University of Oklahoma After Blackhawk War Osage power waned Oklahoma first taken away from from the Cherokees and when they were forced off the Osage took it When Osage targeted for removal Eastern forced West and Western forced East they suffered dramatically their population dropped form 12 thousand to 35 hundred When moved they sold their land in Kansas and bought the reservation in Oklahoma thus why they owned their mineral rights for the land Dawes Act force natives to be Americanized stop group ownership of land collective land was marked as primitive must be individual land owner Process of allotment break up communal land into lots of approximately 160 acres dramatically less then original claims Osage owning their land allowed for a delay in allotment and better terms of 5 times the standard allotment separate deal on the mineral rights remained collective rights considered the Underground Reservation Osage land is a contact zone life between white culture and native culture defined space Land rights redefined by another law any Osage with more then 50 native blood assigned a guardian to maintain their money and rights unless they could prove that they were competent Guardians began to kill off their wards to inherit their money Bildungsroman coming of age in relation to family and finding characters place in the world Create Americanized natives that are only native in name only Boarding schools where they Killed the Indian to save the man Carlisle Chal from Sundown assimilated and became disconnected from his native friends Question of rational activity stems back to the Dawes act Chal has the fear of acting outside the economic rationality strange to ride horse without reason but reasonable if he is checking the fences and cows for his father


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