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Art History: Art of World Civilizations I

by: AllyCat

Art History: Art of World Civilizations I ARTH 200IA-001

Marketplace > Montana State University > Art > ARTH 200IA-001 > Art History Art of World Civilizations I
Art of World Civilization I
Emberlin, Barbara

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About this Document

This is the 3rd week of notes for Art History: Art of World Civilizations. This is the last set of notes before the exam that you will have enough time to study. You WILL be getting a study guide f...
Art of World Civilization I
Emberlin, Barbara
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by AllyCat on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ARTH 200IA-001 at Montana State University taught by Emberlin, Barbara in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 62 views. For similar materials see Art of World Civilization I in Art at Montana State University.


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Date Created: 09/12/15
ARTH 200lAOOl Art History Art of World Civilization Week 3 Lecture 1 Terms Canon of proportion Grid system Rock cut tomb Mortuary temple Colonnade Axial plan Colossal statue Block statue Hypostyle hall Clerestory Sunken relief Fresco secco The Amarna Revolution Theme Old Kingdom traditions of representation continue into the more imperialistic and less isolated New Kingdom Priests were becoming more powerful and held hereditary power A revolutionary interlude Armana in art and society punctuated 3 thousand years of artistic continuity Old Kingdom Egypt 0 2575 to 2134 BCE Great Pyramids Menkaure Khafre Khufu All found Gizeh Egypt Built between 2550 240 BCE 4th Dynasty 3 big main pyramids represent the 3 Kingdoms Old Middle New 00000 Lower Egypt is NORTH V Burials on the west side of the Nile where sun sets Everyone live on the east side where the sun rises V Pharaohs were thought to be the incarnation of the sun god on earth They were buried with animals goods and relatives V V Osiris God of afterlife often painted green Good guy Has a brother who likes to trick him and got him killed and cut up Iris is his wife and sister She put him back together and they created Horus Ashlar masonry o 2 million limestone blocks weighing 1 to 5 tons each Pyramids O 0000 Each have about 2 million blocks Used ramps pulleys etc to build Small Menkaure Medium Khafre great sphinx below hill Large Khufu oldest quotGreat Sphinx 0 000000 Gizeh Egypt 2550 BCE Sandstone Approx 65 high 240 long Composite pharaoh Image of Khafre of Khufu since Khufu was made first but Sphinx located below Khafre quotOld Kingdom sculpture OOOOOOOOOOOOO Khafre Gizeh Egypt 2500 BCE Diorite Approx 5 6 high Horus falcon god located in back of head Very important and expensive Durable and hard Material harder to sculpt and from a different land Rigid Stiff perfect posture Very frontal can understand from just looking at one point don t have to walk around Pharaoh doesn t look like this in real life Know you are looking at image of Pharaoh with head dress and fake beard quotMenkaure and Khamerernby O 0000 VV Gizeh Egypt 2490 Graywacke Approx 4 6 high No space between limbs to keep sculpture stronger Egypt DID have a middle class not just royal and slaves lowercase Most of Egypt illiterate scribes middle class so they can read and write and had a fairly good life quotSeated scribe O 0000 Saqqura Egypt 2450 Painted limestone Approx 1 9 high Not very accurate quotTi watching a hippopotamus hunt 0 000000000 Ti was a noble NOT a pharaoh Relief the mastabe of Ti Saqqura Egypt Hippo good life in afterlife 2400 BCE Ti not hunting watching his servants hunt Painted limestone Approx 4 high Hierarchy of scale New Kingdom 0 O 1550 1070 Lenters of power moved up the Nile went south Reorganized after the Hykes invasion Expansive trade Foreign contact and conquest Growth for powerful priests middle class and slavery Reinforce and continue traditions Has first female king Hatshput quotHatsheput with offering jars 0 0000000 Upper court of mortuary temple Took over rule Dier el Bahri Egypt 1470 BCE Red granite Approx 8 6 high Offering Maat to Amun King after her her son tried to erase her existence quotMortuary temple of Hatsheput o Dier el Bahri Egypt 0 1470 BCE o From building mountains to taking over mountains 0 Rock cut tomb o Grandiose Mortuary temple Wanted to legitimize her power and rule Promoted power from art of her victories 0 Son defiled her names and anything to do with her Recitation Terms Art theft Looting Provenance Repatriation Stewardship quotBemiyan Buddhas O 0 3rd to 6th centuries Destroyed by Taliban in 2001 quotNoble priest 0 000000 Basalt stone Relief Stele Mayan Gulf of Mexico 600 200 AD Stolen and later acquired by Lowe Museum Lecture 2 Terms Earthenware Bronze casting Nephrite Jade Theme A survey in the art of the first settled civilizations in Asia concurrent with Mesopotamian and Egyptian periods we find a variety of materials and forms and the roots of late artistic traditions plus some relationships to the Ancient Near East quotTemple of Ramses II o Abu Simbel Egypt 1290 BCE Sandstone Colossi Approx 65 high 4 colossal statues of Ramses II at entrance Inside Colossal statues o Ramses II as Osiris Apporx 32 high 0 Temple is WITHIN mountain 0 Temple moved 700 ft to keep from being flooded Taken apart and put back together quotPlan of Temple of Amun Re 0 Karnak Egypt 0 Axial approach 0 Sacred grounds 0 Dedicated to many gods but primarily Amun Re 000000 quotModel of Hypostyle 0 First time columns bearing weight IMPORTANT Temple of Amun Re Karnak Egypt Natural light is important 1290 BCE 66 ft high 22 ft in girth Very close together Reliefs of various areas of Egyptian life on them OOOOOOO quotNew Kingdom sculpture 0 Block sculpture Senmut with the Princess 0 Nefrura o Thebes Egypt 0 1470 1460 0 Granite o 3 high 0 Easy to carve o More room for hieroglyphics quotAkhentonquot 0 Temple of Aton o Karnak Egypt 0 Worships different god named Aton Aton not an animal man 0 Flat disk 0 Not male or female sexless o 1350 BCE o Sandstone o Amarna Period 1353 1335 o Polytheism to Monotheism From worshipping multiple gods to just one god 0 Capital moved to Akhenton o Pharaoh has very feminine qualities To possibly encourage sexless Be like the god he worhsips quotAkhenton and Nefertiti and three daughters 0 00000 Amarna Egypt 18th Dynasty 1353 1335 Sunken limestone relief Casual interaction between family King and Queen equal scale Viewed as equals rather than the King higher quotThutmose Nefertiti O O 0 Tell el Amarna 1350 BCE Elongated style Spiritual beauty Trying to match husband Not finished quotlnnermost coffin of Tutankhamen 0 00000 Extremely minor king One of very few tombs not looted Thebes Egypt 1320 6 long Gold with inlay of enamel and semiprecious stones quotDeath mask of Tutankhamen O O O Vastly different from pas death masks Gold Pharaoh headdress with face for mask


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