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Chapter 2 - Saving Marcus and RP!

by: KUMIKO Notetaker

Chapter 2 - Saving Marcus and RP! G107

Marketplace > Republic Polytechnic > Social Science > G107 > Chapter 2 Saving Marcus and RP
KUMIKO Notetaker
Effective Communication
Walter Lim

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About this Document

Hi guys! Hopefully my detailed note of lesson 2 is helpful for you!
Effective Communication
Walter Lim
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by KUMIKO Notetaker on Sunday September 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to G107 at Republic Polytechnic taught by Walter Lim in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see Effective Communication in Social Science at Republic Polytechnic.


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Date Created: 09/13/15
ghapter 2 Saving Marcus and RP Pattern of Organization 1 Chronological Pattern According to a progression of time 0 Either forward or backward For example rst event gt second event gt third event 0 For example 18951920 gt 19201945 gt 19451970 gt 19701995 Time order sequence or temporal order 0 Transition words such as rst next later and nally 2 Sequential Pattern s similar to a chronological pattern 0 According to a stepbystep sequence 0 For example step one gt step two gt step three gt step four gt step ve 0 Transition words such as rst second third next then and nally 3 Spatial Pattern According to how things t together in physical space 0 Where one thing exists in relation to another 4 CompareContrast Pattern According to how two or more things are similar to or different from one another Transition words such as different in contrast alike same as like unlike similar also too and on the other hand 5 AdvantagesDisadvantages Pattern About a topic by dividing it up into its quotgoodquot and quotbadquot parts or pro39s and con39s 6 CauseEffect Pattern Shows the different causes and effects of various conditions Transition words such as cause effect as a result consequently because therefore reasons why and ifthen 7 ProblemSolution Pattern Divides information into problem and solution two main sections Presents a problem and shows how it can be solved 0 Transition words such as problem solution solve effect hopeful so forth the problem is the dilemma is and puzzle is solved 8 Topical Pattern According to different subtopics within a larger topic or the types of things that fall within a larger category 0 Most commonly used format 9 Descriptive Pattern Transition words such as so forth beside next to on the top of for example and the characteristics are 10 Progressive Pattern From the least important thing to the most important thing OR from the most important thing to the least important thing Structuring a Message Opening The introduction Providing background information De ning the terms and clearly explain the issues you are talking about Presenting your main point or thesis Giving proof reasons and examples U39lIgtLJMJII I 6 Anticipate and answer opposing arguments 7 Conclude recap your point PREP P Point R Reason E Examples P Point Introduction P Body RE Conclusion P Practice Questions 1 Identify the text structure of the following passages a Chemical and Physical Changes All matter all things can be changed in two ways chemically and physically Both chemical and physical changes affect the state of matter Physical changes are those that do not change the makeup or identity of the matter For example clay will bend or atten if squeezed but it will still be clay Changing the shape of clay is a physical change and does not change the matter39s identity Chemical changes turn the matter into a new kind of matter with different properties For example when paper is burnt it becomes ash and will never be paper again The difference between them is that physical changes are temporary or only last for a little while and chemical changes are permanent which means they last forever Physical and chemical changes both affect the state of matter a The Best Peanut Butter amp jam Ever After a long boring day at school go home and snack on peanut butter and jelly sandwich I take out the peanut butter jelly and bread from the refrigerator After taking the lid off of the peanut butter and jelly jars I spread the peanut butter on one side of the bread and the jelly on the other and then I put the two pieces of bread together After that l savour every bite of the peanut butter and jelly sandwich a Gail Denvers Devers experienced the highlight of any sprinter s career as she stood on the huge platform in the giant stadium and received an Olympic gold medal Eighteen months earlier she wasn39t thinking about running She was hoping that she would be able to walk again just four years earlier in the summer of 1988 as Devers was training for the Olympic Games to be held in Seoul South Korea she began to feel very tired all the time and failed to make the Olympic nals a Modern Olympics One problem with the modern Olympics is that it has become very big and expensive to operate The city or country that hosts the games often loses a lot of money A stadium pools and playing elds must be built for the athletic events and housing is needed for the athletes who come from around the world And all of these facilities are used for only 2 weeks In 1984 Los Angeles solved these problems by charging a fee for companies who wanted to be official sponsors of the games Companies like McDonald39s paid a lot of money to be part of the Olympics Many buildings that were already built in the Los Angeles area were also used The Coliseum where the 1932 games were held was used again and many colleges and universities in the area became playing and living sites a City Growth In recent decades cities have grown so large that now about 50 of the Earth39s population lives in urban areas There are several reasons for this occurrence First the increasing industrialization of the nineteenth century resulted in the creation of many factory jobs which tended to be located in cities These jobs with their promise of a better material life attracted many people from rural areas Second there were many schools established to educate the children of the new factory laborers The promise of a better education persuaded many families to leave farming communities and move to the cities Finally as the cities grew people established places of leisure entertainment and culture such as sports stadiums theaters and museums For many people these facilities made city life appear more interesting than life on the farm and therefore drew them away from rural communities a Singapore Singapore is a small island situated at the southern tip of Malaysia Today Singapore is a modern and cosmopolitan society The population of Singapore is almost 5 million The four main ethnic groups are the Chinese Malays Indians and Eurasians Some popular local dishes include Hainanese chicken rice roti prata rojak and laksa Modes of public transport include public buses the MRT underground train system and taxis a As dead as a dodo The dodo bird used to roam in large ocks across America Interestingly the dodo wasn t startled by gun shot Because of this frontiersmen would kill entire ocks in one sitting Unable to sustain these attacks the dodo was hunted to extinction 1 Which of the following best describes a wellstructured message Gove an example rst followed by your reason and then your point Provide a message Offer your opinion The message has a introduction body and conclusion 1000 1 Why is the using of PREP played an important part of structuring of the message Learning Outcomes 1 Identify structure types that can help make a message more effective 2 Structure information in different ways to achieve different objectives 3 Apply the basic concepts of structuring and make critical choice on information selection and organization of information Need answers Feel free to drop me an email 15043445 myrpedusg


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