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Intro: Respiratory System

by: Leah Burkett

Intro: Respiratory System bsc 1005

Leah Burkett
General Biology
Carolyn Schultz

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About this Document

Review of Blood Circulation from the last set of notes and an introduction to the respiratory system.
General Biology
Carolyn Schultz
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Leah Burkett on Sunday September 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to bsc 1005 at Florida State University taught by Carolyn Schultz in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see General Biology in Biological Sciences at Florida State University.

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Date Created: 09/13/15
Blood Circulation through the cardiovascular system Vasculature tubes of the cardiovascular system Arteries capillaries and veins 3 structural components Connective tissue Smooth muscle Endothelium Elasticity of major arteries quot for pressure during systole Heart muscles Heart muscles Contract Relax Veins have valves Keep blood owing back to ward the heard 0 Allow the blood the ow in one direction and keep the blood from owing backwards Circular ow Valves keep blood from cooling with owing down to your limbs 0 When your muscles contract it squeezes the veins which causes an increase in blood ow Hardening of the Arteries a build up of calcium contributes to the Angiogenesis Growth of new blood vessels Cardiovascular Diseases know someone with o and reason for hospitalization in the cardiovascmar disease US and the developed world A True 71 o Atherosclerosis B False 39 At least 3A Will know someone With a cardiovascular disease Myocardial infarction Inadequate blood ow 02 et t part of the Brain 0 Heart Failure Reduced ability of heart to ump blood 02 etc Lymphatic System Relationship to the cardiovascular system Returns uid lymph to the cardiovascular system Helps protect against infections WBs in lymph nodes RESPIRATORY PHYSIOLOGY Gas 02 and C02 Exchange in the lungs Airways and Lung and branches of the airways and lungs Trachea Bronchi and bronchioles End in alveoli Alveoli Functional units of the lungs There are many types of cardiovascular disease A Common problem in many cardiovascular diseases is A Blood ows backward through the cardiovascular system C Cholesterol level increase in the blood All of the following are components of the airways in the respiratory system except A Oral and nasal cavities B Trachea C Bronchi D Alveoli are where the respiratory system meets the CV system Alveoli are led with air Gas exchange i 02 and co2 exchange l between air and blood occurs by i 39 diffu5on f l Tracheal l carries inhaled l airte the lungs by goblet cells in the trachea helps sf r Cilia transport 3 r mucus and particles i if 395 trapped in mucus Lung V 5 ll out of the lungs EHFani sucking air in JE all I Diaphragm and MM 1 l I quot quotEquot quotA quotElm Rib Muscles 39 ll i w E fall If Hi 39539 l t l if u if 39 ll ti Name the three structural l 5 gr I components of Blood l a ti i ESE Vessels r Wit W a ear 1quot Rf FEE E31 RV learim W39IJ39I39IETIH39I39 A are the smallest functional unit of the lungs Alveoli gt a Measuring Lung Volumes breathing fest Tidal Volume normal measure of breathing Vidal Capacity when you breath deeply inhaling and exhaling as much as you possibly can Residual Volume the amount left when you exhale as The main pump much as you can dead space of the respiratory system is Pulmonary Surfactant The more you exhale and inhale the more water you A lose muscles 0 NOT movement driven by a pump as in 3 Trachea cardiovascular circulation or respiration C Alveoli D Heart Diffusion is random movement of molecules form regions of high concentration to regions of low concentration 0 Effective for transport of small molecules over short distances 02 and C02 are small molecules 23 atoms Typical cell dimensions are short distances Note that I Air within Alveoli in the lungs DifquIon of gasses 02 and C02 across alveoli A IS the same as air in the atmosphere Note concentration gradients for 02 anol C02 between air and blood Aso note that gas concentration in Alveoli C Has more 02 and ess are NOT the same as in the atmosphere CO2 than in the Recall quotresidual volume some air atmosphere remains in lungs after exhalation D Has more 2 and more Carbonic anhydrase enzyme in RBCs m most carbon dioxide converts carbonic acid H2CO3 back to gt CO2 is transported in blood C02 n the lungs converted to carbonic acid H2CO3 and bicarbonate HCO3 Pied ll alnquotltell 39 a i tum liraw Gas molecules form the air 39 v are distributed throughout the body A In special air tubes C By diffusion D Even though they are not necessary for normal physiological function and homeostasis Eiratjiiitliitille Alwulua


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