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Administrative Ethics

by: Leah Burkett

Administrative Ethics PAD 3003-01

Marketplace > Florida State University > PAD 3003-01 > Administrative Ethics
Leah Burkett
Public Administration in American Society
Jiasheng Zhang

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About this Document

Public Administration in American Society
Jiasheng Zhang
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Leah Burkett on Sunday September 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PAD 3003-01 at Florida State University taught by Jiasheng Zhang in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 134 views.

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Date Created: 09/13/15
Administrative Ethics What are Ethics 1995 Normative guideline resolving con icts of interest to enhance societal wellbeingquot 1985 when attracting the wellbeing of other individuals and society The rights ad duties those individuals should respect The conditions that collective practices and policies should satisfy The top Bureaucracy and ethics Why has the o bureaucratic model most Formal rules and regulations J 00Wer Specialized roles V6 few a hierarchy structure 39 Clear chain of command 0 What are the consequences held in the hands Bureaucrats tend to armal rules and Bureaucratic piscretion How 1 Discretion Can pretend they never receive the order Simply delay Hold up a policy change on technical ground 2 Whistleblowing Enhancing our selfrespect Gaining and maintaining the esteem Force responsible actions 3 Resignation quotSearching for virtue in the Ptmlic lifequot o Virtue is better understood in the public life 0 Virtue is to be found I rather than abstraction o Virtue is to be found in the development of organizational rules procedures leadership and culture or vulgar ethicsquot What is Public Life Special districts private utilities charter schools quasi governmental agencies governmental corporations etc I quot traditional governmental operations Political A 0 Today there is a different form of Q Known as thirdparty government the hollow state h 9 shadow bureaucracy the blended public 9 workforces etc 0 Public life today is or degrees of what Searching for Virtue o The traditional public administration ethics canon gt meritbased system standardization ethic rues codes of professionalism etc Did the canon work Yes government was more ethical and professional by the 1970s than in the spoils era 0 But what was the Price Sloweddown in exible government with exercise red tape did little to reduce the worst parts of unethical behavior in government just addressed the smaller matters Finding Virtue in the new Governance Era Look to Citizen participation social equality social capitol cooperation collaboration etc 0 Effective Publics have trust make and enforce rues buid structures practice reciprocity and have cultures of ethical leadershipquot 0 Send the philosophers homequot and embrace vulgar ethicsquot ie common or ordinary ethics Put rules regulations and Conclusion 0 Understand public life in the Publicness sense 0 Understand ethics in the collective sense rather than the individual sense 0 Employ rules regulations and red tape to promote ethical behavior Different Ethical Perspectives on Ptmlic Administration Public Private or Both Public and private organization can be distinguished according t the presence or absence of market structures externalities and ownership transferability The inability to transfer right of ownership in government organization from one person or group of people to another 1987 De ned publicness as a characteristics of an organization which re ects the extent to which the organization is in uenced by political and economic authority 1997 De ned publicness as organizational attachment to public sector values for example due process accountability and welfare provision A Framework for Linking Publicness to Public Service Outcomes Public service outcomes The extent to which outcomes or objective achieve public values Different from organizational performance ublicness studies Measurement 0 Political authority The extent to which the organization is subject to central government control w government contracts or grants and and of equipment and facilities that comes from government 0 Economic authority The extent to which the organization had freedom to make nancial decisions Whether or not it has whether it has and extent to which it for tis employees 0 Core Publicness Indicators In the basis of ownership or legal statues In the Face of Administrative Evil lllnliiasliing Technical rationalityquot with its emphasis on the scientific Mmjii iglu miilig analytic mindset and belief in technological progress has f served to dim our moral imaginations o This mindset includes division of labor extensive role specialization and compartmentalization that are often found in large and complex organization quotq l Emil E Mama and flamm TL Eatiaur Necessary but not suf cient Unmasking Administrative Codes of ethics Method of peer control external EVquot controls laws and regulations By Guy B However Adams and Danny L The personal conscience is always subordinate to the structures of authority The same emphasis on method and procedure also narrowed the conception of ethics with professionalism Technicalrational tradition left little or no room for civil servants to disagree with policies that threaten the societal wellbeing Reconstructing PuinC Ethics Democratic principles were a driving force in the American Revolution but reduced in rank by the founding fathers The value of Liberty is predominantly procedural Core value of individualism stands as a primary roadblock in nding a basis for public service ethics Communitarianism Citizenship and Public Ethics Selfinterest can be balanced by a commitment to the community Communitarian ethics offers a possible alternative to the technicalrational approach because ethics can emerge from the relational context The process of building a community is notjust a political community but also democratic community The exercise of authoritative power using sound judgment and relying on practical knowledge of the situation The exercise of virtue de ned in particular contexts through reasoned discourse The development of personal capacities for governance The Constitution of community through deliberation about issues of public concern


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