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HIST 100 week 7 notes

by: Mikaila Arao

HIST 100 week 7 notes HIST 100

Marketplace > Colorado State University > History > HIST 100 > HIST 100 week 7 notes
Mikaila Arao

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About this Document

hist week 7
Western Civilization Pre Mod
Kristin Heineman
Class Notes
Hist 100
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mikaila Arao on Sunday March 6, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 100 at Colorado State University taught by Kristin Heineman in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see Western Civilization Pre Mod in History at Colorado State University.


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Date Created: 03/06/16
03/06/2016 ▯ ▯ Julius Caesar  Conquest of Gaul  Invasion of Britain o Increased power threatened Pomp o Told to lay down arms and return to Rome  Refuse  Crossing of the Rubicon o “the dye is cast o Ignited a Civil War Dictatorship of Caesar  After civil wars the senate granted him 10 year dictatorship o To suppress all armed resistance in the provinces o Create a strong central government in Rome o Knit the entire empire into a single cohesive unit  Thereby increasing his own power  Decreasing the power of the Senate  Mark Antony was his second in command  Reforms to government and calendar o Julian vs. Gregorian ▯ NEED TO KNOW: roman society contributed to western society is the senate, roman law, the calendar, Latin language influences 80% of English Assassination of Julius Caesar  Ides of march o Middle of a month  “liberators” o conspiracy of senate ▯ Cleopatra  Last pharaoh of ancient Egypt o Ptolemaic dynasty of Egypt after Alexander the Great o Greek vs. Egyptian language  Liaison with Caesar o Caesarian  Liaison with Marc Antony o To combat legal heir, Octavian o Battle of Actium Octavian (Augustus Caesar)  Adopted son of Caesar  Second triumvirate o Marc antony o Marcus Lepidus  Breaks down o Caesarian, antony, Cleopatra  Battle of Actium o Decisive victory for Octavian o Last battle of roman republic  Beginning of Roman Empire ▯ Latin Language  Latin alphabet used in most western writings  Influence on English o Through the mediator of middle French o Christianity  English remains a Germanic Language o Not because of vocab, but grammar ▯ Deification of Caesar  Sidus lulium o Comet o Star of Julius  Caesaris astrum o Day-light visible comet ▯ Augustus Caesar (on test!!) ▯ Question: who was the first emperor of Rome?? Augustus or Octavian Caesar  First Roman Emperor  Principate = first period of roman empire o Trying to maintain the illusion that the republic is still in effect o First citizen of Rome  Moderation, man of the people ▯ Things that Romans Built ▯ Might be on Test: list of cool stuff the Romans built  Aqueduct o Leads water from one place to another o Go up and over hills o Span for miles  Thermae o Roman bath houses  Roads o “All roads lead to Rome”  Bridges  Colosseum ▯ Caligula rd  3 emperor of Rome  father was Germanicus o the nephew and adopted son of emperor Tiberius o successful general  inherited throne o scandals  promiscuity  incest  insanity  cruelty  first emperor to be assassinated ▯ Nero  5 emperor or Rome  matricide o mother Agrippina o killed Claudius with poison  great fire of Rome o rumor played lyre and sang o persecution of Christians  suicide o year of the four emperors o ▯ ▯ Pax Romana  “most peaceful time in history o 200 years of stability, gradual and peaceful expansion o consolidation of Roman Empire o Even after peace  Began with Augustus  Got a little weird under the Julio – Claudians (KEY TERM)  Most success under the Five “Good Emperors” o Nerva, Trajan, Hadrian, Antonius Pius, Marcus Aurelius A Divided Judaea  Jesus was born into a divide Judaea o Differing commitments to Temple observance and authority of priests ▯ Jesus of Nazareth  Born in Judaea  Baptism and crucifixion o Accusation of blasphemy  Led to development of Christianity  One of the greatest spiritual legacies of western civilization  “pagans” ▯


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