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AP Biology CH 25

by: Austin Eng

AP Biology CH 25

Marketplace > University of Miami > Biology > AP Biology CH 25
Austin Eng

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About this Document

Class notes for AP Bio 2014 spring.
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This 4 page Reader was uploaded by Austin Eng on Tuesday July 15, 2014. The Reader belongs to a course at University of Miami taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 79 views.


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Date Created: 07/15/14
chapters 25 26 27 km 1 9014 9 FfKM Early Earthsteps to get a cell 1 39 39 quot of small organic molecules no living organisms le Amino acids glycerol 2 nuut HUl ampuesstable internal environment 3 some kind of membrane between environment and blob of ch icals 4 ting MolecuIes hereditary materials copy itself Q0 q won came first H ro sis first cells heterotroph t i iiimitInds P in make organic compounds compmlttds run out mntmi siin axc world of New hctcrotroph cat neighbors er created e nbeonditions H H20 CO2 H28 methane ammonia NO QXYGE Passing spank through Ii uid bottom fla Constant J L A l Electric spark a ioniAnion cause chemical gm In at month change water culm and ma mncAA sugar ltlllllillLlCfl39ilt39 AA started to form polymer aqaga MacromolecuIes molecules come together in solution some have little catalytic ability RNA polymers brane that makes T vesicle Le Oil and water quotn quot 35L sc y 39 3957 loni7e and mix cause to clump 3391 0Y 3 resistant to change Attract other organic molecules bound waterwater shell Split after they grow large enough chemical processtake Ill develop and split V RNAsingle strand p b 9u diaoovayofirwarse transcriptase Ccruun simsli RNA can copy IhC11SL 39CT RNA that acts like enzyme ribozyme Under di ent conditions swine sequences are more stable more likely to copy thcznsclvcs v quotir xx39quot39I I 3939i 3939 1 gv 21 3v vri M E354 an ism hs Ki p v gi39 fiii I 5 3921 g 39i i quot 39lt ifs 39t I rio395 quot i39vv39 395i39 T7 quot iquot 939 b 39quotn39ri 5 HI NL39W tr 39 39 1 39139 v quoti 39t3 EA xi 39139 tJ quot oL3 Ji u39 39 quot egt39 inf quotW w v ri39 394 390quot39 39 3935 1 quot 39 39 395 I3939i39 HquotiE39l 39i hm p l A 39 339A1 1 X 39i39i1f vI o in quotgiiquotivquotquotquotquotr39gr 139i is H I r uquot 39 39 in 1si39v via 4 i39o3939nlr4 39 1339quot zs 39U mi3939 7r quot395i39Iquot3939ilquot1 39quot3939db quotT 39 C 1 39 I39l39fo lV39 W 1amp5 erobic respiration W39 A Ell rxfec ax lquotI39 2 kW rte gela IDS V K Q vAd rmtrl alarm quotrrrc lrvv TIC3939a AEgtif 9339 1 rl r 3 9u 393939sr 39rmr39lrm cJ39 type 4 Chloroplast quot quotquot39v 39lauIaveuboIIIIlV t39lquot39 quot Lu 39ull 39quota39M91 aquoto9 Cam f Mi gII13913 NJcat 3939e 39v Me writ q ye pet39e39 191039 s qr 1 rquotquotn vruh u39ve139n39quot39 393 qt mire 4vl Wm r39rg i 39r3lm Divide stuff up into ages Marked by major extinctions followed by huge divergence 5rWaeeextirm tiamdiversification Adaptive Radiation bur o dlversl cat on 1 pecies gives rise to ntllff le Offlifll new nichcsl rule in lhc ccosy slcrnI lNDI1t1mggl rcw useful mm quoto1L139Ln 2 new area World Wide or local last wwzdevelopment of mammals birds are dinosaurs


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