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September 8- 10 notes

by: josiepelham

September 8- 10 notes 101.0

GPA 3.89
Western Civilization I
Staci S Glover (P)

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About this Document

These notes are a little long, but they go into a lot of detail! A lot of this information was given only in class, and cannot be found on her power point!
Western Civilization I
Staci S Glover (P)
Class Notes
Western Civ 1
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by josiepelham on Sunday September 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 101.0 at University of Alabama at Birmingham taught by Staci S Glover (P) in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see Western Civilization I in History at University of Alabama at Birmingham.


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Date Created: 09/13/15
September 8th September 10th 0 The Middle Kingdom 2050 1650 BC 0 Kings restored the period of disorder 0 Territory of Egypt expanded o Diplomacy attempt to avoid war through negotiation became prevalent o 1660 BC Hyksos invaded Egypt after being pushed out of their territory by Hittites o Hyksos bring technology and eastern culture that they had adopted from Hittites o Wars become more dangerous bc iron chariots o The New Kingdom 15701080 BC o Pharaohs build strong central states go into battle elds with their people build pyramids and temples for worship to themselves o Hatshepsut 1st capable female ruler of western civilization amp 1st female pharaoh Technically coleader with her son Kept empire s boundaries secure and improved trade Royal incest was common in order to keep the royal bloodline pure Skilled diplomat built up trade network Her name was removed from everything bc she became involved w a commoner pure bloodline was at jeopardy if she had a child w him amp he could in uence her royal decisions oThutmuse lll Stepson of Hatshepsut amp continued her trend Expanded Egypt s territory to its largest extent o Amenhotep IV 1st monotheistic leader of Egypt Believed in sun god Aton 1st government leader to introduce monotheism to western civilization Changed his name to Akhenaton After his death Egypt goes back to polytheism o Ramses ll Ramses the Great 12791215 BC Great builder Pharaoh at the time of the Exodus Later pharaohs were weaker than him 0 Egyptian workers were the ones that built the pyramids not the Israeli slaves Egyptian achievements in science math and medicine 365 day calendar o Numbering system based on 10 o Herbs for medicine 0 Gods Hittites o 0 Pain thyme Laxative dill Digestion garlic Breath mint Chest pain mustard seeds Vomit mustard seeds to induce vomit amp mint to stop Headache poppy seeds Birth control Kahun papyrus Ra Sun god most important Thoth god of knowledge and writing Maat truth and harmony balance Anubis embalming of the dead Horus god of the sky protector of the ruler of Egypt Amun most powerful god in ancient Egypt Osiris Atum Anatoliamodern day Turkey 2700 BC Conquered northern Syria Asia Minor Turkey Northern Mesopotamia o Iron smelting lead to war chariots 0 IO 390 390 IO 0 Introduced horses to war Hyksos introduced horse to Egypt Transmitted Mesopotamian culture to western civilization Borrowed culture from Mesopotamia throughout the east Taken over by peoples of the sea Fe to Assyrians The Assyrians Semitic speaking people who exploited use of iron weapons Became empire by700 BC 1st Assyrian Empire 310 BC Sargon the Great founder of the Great Assyrian Empire New battle tactics infantry men siege equipment terrorism strike fear Deported in mass those that they defeated Babylonian Syrian Palestine Delta Region of Egypt Massive library Capital is Nineveh Centralized Highways c Sumerian amp Overthrown buildings la 0 Persian EmpireCV o O bureaucracy Native rulers to govern bc they know the people and the culture ontrolling trade Postal services Babylonian culture Falls bc ghting too many wars by Medes amp Chaldeans 612 BC destroyed a nd was divided Chaldeans form new Babylonian Empire Nabopasser King of Babylon Son becomes more famous Nebuchadnezzar Destruction of the Jewish temple at Jerusalem 586 BC important date for exam rus the Great 550 BC Defeated Kings Conquered Chaldeans o Unable to conquer Egypt o Son Camby power 0 Expansion u oCyrus the G oZoroastriani ses conquers Egypt he killed his brother to get nder Darius Satra pies Divided Persia into 20 administrative units called provinces Each province was governed by a satrap Darius was the Persian king that called himself the king of kings He had special supervisors that traveled through the provinces Developed communication system with highways Way stations for royal messengers think of this like a post office King had absolute power Created a standing army and superior cavalry Had a quotsecret servicequot of sorts Each satrapy had their own military leader Persian rule kept customs and religions of the people of the territories that they conquered reat freer of the Jews important for exam sm chief religion of the Persians monotheistic Zoroaster philosopher from Zeno that believed God called him to purify religion Zend Avesta bible Duaistic dueling forces of good and evil mankind has freewill to choose between the two Magi priests study astrology Excluded women so it didn t take off as a major religion 0 Mithraism Mithras was born Dec 25 returned to heaven like Jesus o Christianity stamped out Mithraism o Fall of the Persian Empire Defeated by Alexander the great in 3305 BC He established on of the rst great world empires Traveled and found India but ran out of supplies and died o If he had succeeded in his trip there would have been no need for 15th century explorers Columbus 0 The Phoenicians 0 Branch of Canaanites 0 Modern day Lebanon Under Egypt for a long time Navigated through Arica Established colonies Carthage was most important lmported metal food couldn t produce food of their own and slaves 0 0 City dwellers Culture carriers result of trade networks Transmission of a true alphabet 22 consonants o Incorporated to Persians in 538 BC 0 Roots of ludaism 0 Early history of Israelites Birthplace of Christianity Judaism and Islam Dates back 4000 years to Old Testament Torah 1st 5 books of the bible o Patriarchs ofJudaism Abraham Jacob Moses Joshua o Hebrew means quotfrom acrossquot Abraham and his followers o lsraelite Abraham s grandson Jacob he who has wrestled with God oJew Jacob s son Judah Father of the tribe that King David came from established capital atJerusalem 0 Roots of Israel s History Nomadic tribes moved to Palestine in 1900 BC God Yahweh appeared before Abraham and told him to build a great nation Covenant chosen people promised land Abraham settled in Canaan Sacri ce of Abraham 0 Married to Sarah who was baron Had a son with Hagar named lshmael Arab descendants Sarah has a son named lsaac Israelites Jacob lsrael quotGod ruledquot 12 tribes Some settled in Egypt and became slaves Moses and Exodus Receives message from God Determined to free the Jews 0 God gave him the 10 commandments Searched for promised land for 40 years 10 Plagues of Egypt 1 Water to Blood 2 Frogs 3 Gnats and Lice 4 Flies 5 Livestock Diseased 6 Boils 7 Thunder and Hail 8 Locusts 9 Darkness 10 Death of the First Born


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