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Pepper Production

by: William Beck

Pepper Production HORT 2030

William Beck

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About this Document

Vegetable Production
Dr. Wheeler Foshee
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by William Beck on Sunday March 6, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HORT 2030 at Auburn University Montgomery taught by Dr. Wheeler Foshee in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 38 views. For similar materials see Vegetable Production in Agriculture and Forestry at Auburn University Montgomery.

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Date Created: 03/06/16
Pepper Production  Warm seasonal, full sunlight, and fertile, well drained soil  Spacing: 1ft by 3ft (plant on the first of may)  Have to by transplanted to grow (can’t direct seed)  They like hot weather (origin in Mexico)  Grow 5-6 weeks before transplanting  Fertilize transplants weekly till ready to shock them  Steps for hardening off transplants (toughing them up) o After 4 weeks, reduce water o Place outside o Withhold ALL fertilizer during the final 2 weeks of transplant production  Fertilization of peppers: apply all of P and K and ½ of N  Side dress one time when flowers appear (rest of N)  Plastic mulch: o Advantages:  Earliness in mature crops  Prevents weeds  Preserve moisture  Better yields o Disadvantages  Cost  Specialized equipment  Removal of plastic  Waste  Soil Solarization: o Till soil o Wet soil o Lay clear plastic --- 4 to 6 weeks o Kills insects, soil fungi, bacteria, and many weeds; also kills nematodes  Thickness of plastic mulch is 1 mil and is black (no red)  Physiological Problems: o Flower drop: too hot  Temp stress: >94 or <50  Water stress  Shade stress  Excessive fruit set o Blossom end rot: Calcium deficiency (most common after prolonged dry periods followed by a lot of rain)  If soil moisture is maintained, this is less likely to happen  Calcium Chloride (stop rot) helps patch the problem (it will burn the foliage if applied during the day) o Sun scald: direct sunlight on the fruit that is caused by premature foliage loss  Diseases o Bacterial Leaf Spot: very serious disease, looks like small yellow spots on the plant (will kill the plant). Controllable by copper compounds. More likely to occur during wet times o Tomato spotted wilt virus: transmitted by Thrips (small insect). Aluminum under the plant will make the Thrips ignore the plant o Mosaic Virus: several types of them. Vectored by aphids o Cercospora Leafspot: Fungal infection, shows up as large brown spots. It treated, you have to cover spray the plant (spray the plant to kill the fungi; its like a paint sort of) o Damping off: too cool of soil, or too wet of soil o Southern Blight: during the summer (too hot), it will kill the plants, but the fruit is still edible best treated by rotating your crops every season  Insects o Cut worm: nocturnal worms that remained buried during the day. Feed on the surface and chew through a plants young shoot. Spring pest o Thrips: transmit tomato virus o Aphid: transmit mosaic virus, but the “crush” (get fungus and die) o Spider Mites: feed on vegetable, and like dirty plants that are hot and dry. Use insecticidal oil or soap (very safe)


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