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Week One Human Origins Notes (Gloster)

by: Chloe Vaughn

Week One Human Origins Notes (Gloster) HIS 198

Marketplace > Pace University - New York > History > HIS 198 > Week One Human Origins Notes Gloster
Chloe Vaughn

GPA 3.56
Ancient and Medieval African History
Prof. Gloster-Coates

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About this Document

These are the first week of notes for HIS 198. These notes discuss Human Origins and the supporters that constructed the theories of Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics
Ancient and Medieval African History
Prof. Gloster-Coates
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Chloe Vaughn on Sunday September 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIS 198 at Pace University - New York taught by Prof. Gloster-Coates in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see Ancient and Medieval African History in History at Pace University - New York.


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Date Created: 09/13/15
Week One Notes 91315 1230 PM Alfred Wegener Climatologist and geophysicist German 0 1915 published The Origin of Continents and Oceansquot 0 One of the first books suggesting Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics 0 Before his book the few to suggest the theories were Humboldt amp Osmand Fisher Frank Taylor 1910 0 Book was translated into all languages in 1924 Much criticism 0 19605 the theories were finally accepted The Meteorologist who Started a Revolution 0 Anyone who Valued his reputation for scientific sanityquot would never dare support such a theory a British geologist o This is one of the main reasons it took so long to support the theories of Wegener people in the scientific communities were afraid of ruining their reputations by supporting such theones The origin of Continents and Oceansquot 0 pointed out that it is not possible to have large land bridges connecting the continents 0 people claimed there were large land bridges connecting the continents and that they ended up sinking to the bottom of the ocean 9 they would have bobbedup again if this were true Human Origins Homo Sapiens Sapiens Homo Erectus upright man 0 Australopithecus Africanus Lucy Donald Johanson Discovered Lucy 9 the 318 million year old hominid skeleton Paleoanthropology 9 the study of human origins Multiregional Continuity Model 0 After homo erectus left Africa and dispersed into portions of the old world 9 regional populations slowly evolved into modern humans Out of Africa Model 0 Modern humans evolved recently in Africa migrated into Eurasia and replaced all descendants of homo erectus Homo Neanderthalensis Same time in Africa early homo sapiens evolved They were anatomically modern but not behaviorally modern Archaeological Evidence 0 More similar evidence between Sapiens and Neanderthals than analogical evidence 0 Little variation in stone tool types between the two 0 Burials lacked ritualsceremonies 0 Low populations HomoSapiensHunterGatherers Late Stone Age 0 Diversity in tool types 0 Artifacts made out of bone antler or ivory Burial ritualsceremonies Fireplaces 0 Higher populations 0 Trading Genetic Evidence 0 Genetic variation in human populations supports the Out of Africa model In Class Movie Ancient Egypt Documentary 0 ORDER is better than CHAOS o This is the will of the Gods 0 King 9 a living god Pharaohs Egyptians created the first calendar a three season calendar 0 Still not concretely known how Upper and Lower Egypt united When they did unite the crown was a symbol of this 0 The two crowns came together to symbolize an all powerful ruler of the land a Pharaoh 91315 1230 PM 91315 1230 PM


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