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Limited Liability Company

by: Shannon harris

Limited Liability Company BLAW703

Marketplace > Clayton State University > Business > BLAW703 > Limited Liability Company
Shannon harris
Clayton State

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About this Document

Example of how a Limited Liability Companies paperwork should be set up
Legal Aspects of Business Orginizations
denise allen
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Shannon harris on Sunday March 6, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to BLAW703 at Clayton State University taught by denise allen in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 6 views. For similar materials see Legal Aspects of Business Orginizations in Business at Clayton State University.

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Date Created: 03/06/16
Shannon. D Harris Legal Research and Writing Homework 3 Professor D. Allen 1. What is a head note? A headnote is a brief summary of a particular point of the law that is added to the text of a court decision to aid readers in locating discussion of a legal issue in an opinion. a. Where is a headnote found Headnotes come just before the opinion itself. 2. Find Mitchell v. Backus Cadillac-Pontiac, Inc., 618 S.E. 2d 87, 274 Ga. App 330 a. Who wrote the opinion of the Court? Andrews, P.J., and Phipps, J., concur. b. How many headnotes are there in the case 39 Notes in total 3. Read and brief the following case: American Multi-Cinema, Inc. V. Brown, 285 Ga. 442, 679 S.E. 2d 25 (2009) Write your brief on a separate sheet of paper. Use the following format; The brief should not exceed two pages and should be typewritten Facts:: Issue(s): Holding(s): Rationale: Dissent: (If any) 4. Based on the following information, provide a proper citation: Paul Plaintiff sued Dan Defendant in Clayton County, Georgia. At trial, Plaintiff won. Mr. Defendant appealed to the first level of appeals court. The appeal was filed in December,, 2011. The resulting opinion was issued in March, 2012 and was published in volume 422 of the appropriate official reporter on page 157. It was also published in volume 967 of the appropriate regional reporter on page 25. Defendant v. Plaintiff, 422 Ga. app 157, 967 S.E. 2d 25 (2012) ________________________________________________________________________ _________________ 5. Find the Constitution of the State of Georgia and cite any provision of the constitution. a. Attach the preamble to your homework. G.A. CONST. art. XI, § 1 Brief AMERICAN MULTI-CINEMA, INC. V. BROWN, 285 GA. 442,679 S.E. 2d 25 (2009) Facts: Movie patron brought premises liability action against theater, alleging that she tripped and fell over a “wet floor” sign which had fallen over and was lying flat on the floor. The County State, Clayton County, John C. Carbo, III, J., granted theater’s motion for summary judgment, and patron appealed. The Courts of Appeals, 664 S.E.2d 838, reversed, and certiorari was granted. ISSUE(S): 1.Was the movie theater aware of the actual hazard presented by the “wet floor” sign which one of it’s employees had set up in area through which a crowd of patrons would soon exit the theater? 2.Did the plaintiff show ordinary care for his or her own personal safety? HOLDING(S): The Supreme Court, Sears, Chief Justice, held that genuine issues of the fact existed as to weather theater had actual or constructive knowledge of the hazard presented by its “wet floor” sign. Affirmed. Rationale: The court of Appeals held that if the jury so found, it could hold AMC liable for premises liability breaching its duty to exercise ordinary care to protect the safety of the invited public. Even though there was a sign present , I don’t think that the sign would have caused that much harm to patron. The question at hand is weather the browns came up with the evidence that would help the jury hold AMC accountable. Dissent: (If any) There was no Dissent because the judgment was affirmed.


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