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Religion Week 7

by: Lauren Zerr

Religion Week 7 PHIL 170

Lauren Zerr
GPA 3.84

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About this Document

Notes taken in class.
World Religions
Eugene Rice
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lauren Zerr on Sunday March 6, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PHIL 170 at Fort Hays State University taught by Eugene Rice in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see World Religions in PHIL-Philosophy at Fort Hays State University.


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Date Created: 03/06/16
Week 7 Notes - Islam Tuesday, March 1, 2016 12:00 PM Read and bring critical question to class on Thursday; summary is due before the test (after spring break) ISLAM  Surrender to God  2nd Largest Religion in the World  Middle Eastern origins  575 years after the time of Jesus (6th century of the common era)  Sunni and Shia  Quran  High point during the 7-14th century of CE. HISTORY  Creation o BOO God o monotheism  Adam and Eve o Original sin  Abraham o Father of Faiths o Isaac o Ishmael  Plays a role for Muslims New Testament  o Jesus  Prophet but not literally god  Muhammad o Final and greatest prophet o 20 years  You and Me  End Times o Heaven/hell MUHAMMAD  Warrior king  Does not turn the other cheek (whereas Jesus did)  Military components are important  Becomes very rich o Symbol of God's blessing  Takes wife and has children o Family is crucially important  Took multiple wives  Reform a loose aggregation of polytheistic native religions (Idolatry) and wayward Christians (social Justice) o Trinity o Role of Mary/Jesus Polytheistic - Idolatry Christians - social justice Social justice = community in this earthly life 5 1/2 PILLARS OF ISLAM (the first five you MUST know)  Profession of faith o Monotheist o Muhammad is the greatest and final prophet  Hajj (or hajji) o Pilgrimage to Mecca (holiest site)  Ramadan o Fasting for 30 days o No eating, drinking, or sex during daylight hours o June 6th - July 5th (dates change every year)  Almsgiving o 2.5% of total wealth  Prayer o Pray to Mecca five times a day  Daybreak  Noon  Midafternoon  Sunset  Night  Struggle o Jihad (or Jihadi)  Struggling to be moral and upright  Arm resistance against invading focus SOURCES OF REVELATION  Quran - written accounts of prophet  History o Reveals god intentions, desires, chosen people  Nature/Universe FUNDAMENTALISM Return to the time of good/pure days  Premodern o No separation between religion and government  Government promote religious ideal of good  Modernity (science) o Arbiter/judge of truth  Truth  Cosmos  Universe  Morality  History  Happiness o Specific issues  Abortion  Gay marriage  Drugs  Status of woman  Suicide  Euthanasia o Privatization of religion  Liberal, neutral government  Can achieve whatever ideal of good you want  The good life is open to interpretation  Post modernity MUHAMMAD  570 CE  Tribal Wars  Orphan, merchant, married and kids  40's visions  20+ years of prophesy MUHAMMAD'S REFORMS  Theological o Christians - trinity o Unbelief, idolatry o Local tribal polytheism  Moral o Reform selfishness and sin  Social o United tribes  Political o Laws (sharia) o Military leader  Unifies MUHAMMAD'S MORAL REFORM  Emphasis on poor, women, and orphans  Morality o Comes from Islam, not the tribe  Equality of all humans


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