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BLAW: Contracts continued

by: Madison Morman

BLAW: Contracts continued BLAW 3080

Marketplace > University of Cincinnati > Business Law > BLAW 3080 > BLAW Contracts continued
Madison Morman
GPA 3.82

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About this Document

Chapter on contracts relating to damages.
Legal Environment of Business
Peter Burrell
Class Notes
Law, business, damages, remedy, breach, Contract, court, enforceable
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This 1 page Class Notes was uploaded by Madison Morman on Sunday March 6, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to BLAW 3080 at University of Cincinnati taught by Peter Burrell in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see Legal Environment of Business in Business Law at University of Cincinnati.


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Date Created: 03/06/16
Consequential  Damages     Consequential  (Special)  Damages:    In  addition  to  standard  damages,  a  party  can  collect  reasonably   foreseeable  damages  as  a  result  of  the  breach   -­‐Breaching  party  should  be  aware  that  if  they  don’t  perform,  it  would  cause  injured  party   additional  loss     Hadley  v.  Baxendale  case:    Hadley  owned  a  mill  that  went  down  because  of  a  break  in  the   crankshaft  so  Hadley  wanted  to  transport  the  broken  shaft  to  the  manufacturer  so  the  could  make   him  a  new  one.   -­‐He  knew  if  the  machine  doesn’t  work,  the  manufacturer  would  be  subjected  to  special  damages.     Hadley  v.  Baxendale  rule   • Innocent  party  may  recover  damages  arising  naturally  from  the  breach   • Innocent  party  may  recover  special/consequential  damages  IF  they  were  foreseeable   • Court  said  that  a  party  injured  by  a  breach  of  contract  can  recover  only  those  damages  that   should  reasonably  be  considered   • OR  might  reasonably  be  supposed  to  have  been  in  the  contemplation  of  both  parties,  at  the   time  they  made  the  contract,  as  a  result  of  the  breach.     Liquidated  Damages:    Damages  Agreed  in  the  contract   • Enforceable  IF  amount  is:    Reasonable  in  relation  to  the  actual  harm  done   o OR  is  NOT  a  penalty     Damages  for  Breach  of  Contract:    Court  asks  2  questions   1. When  contract  was  entered  into,  was  it  apparent  damages  would  be  difficult  of  estimate  in   event  of  a  breach?   2. Was  the  amount  set  as  damages  a  reasonable  estimate  and  not  excessive?     Punitive  Damages   • Not  available  for  breach  of  contract   • Available  for  fraud  –  tort  cause  of  action  –  or  bad  faith  breach  of  insurance  contract   • Fraud:    Has  to  be  a  false  statement  of  fact,  NOT  expressing  an  opinion     Equitable  Remedies   • Specific  Performance:    Used  with  land  or  unique  items   o Court  orders  breaching  party  to  perform  or  face  contempt  charges   o Available  if  interests  land  or  unique  personal  property   o Can’t  be  used  for  Personal  Service  contracts  (involuntary  servitude)   • Rescission:    Remedy  where  a  contract  is  canceled  &  parties  are  restored  back   o Available  for  fraud  and  other  material  contract  breaches    


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