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Institution of the Athenian Assembly

by: Ashleigh Notetaker

Institution of the Athenian Assembly 4900.0

Marketplace > University of Georgia > Communication Studies > 4900.0 > Institution of the Athenian Assembly
Ashleigh Notetaker
GPA 3.73
Special Topics in Comm

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About this Document

Overview of the assembly in ancient Athens including the assembly and the council
Special Topics in Comm
Class Notes
Ancient Athens, Assembly
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ashleigh Notetaker on Sunday September 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 4900.0 at University of Georgia taught by O'Connell in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see Special Topics in Comm in Communication Studies at University of Georgia.

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Date Created: 09/13/15
Institution of the Athenian Assembly 09062015 Assembly ekklesia o What was it like use historical imagination o Athenians would have made in the way their democracy 0 Citizen pop of Athens in 5thl4th century BCE Males over 18 natural born citizens and have Fluctuated between 30000 40000 0 Scheduled meetings about 40 times a year and an unknown number of unscheduled meetings Important ones attracted 56000 Athenians between 15 and 18 of the city s population was actively involved in governing themselves they refer to themselves as quotthe demosquot see themselves as a whole a synecdoche using a part to represent the whole The Council 0 problem with mass assembly different people different issues need to nd a way to exert control about what days to discuss what 0 smaller body discusses an agenda l the council boule prepares agenda for meetings and addresses other issues that can be settled without a mass vote 0 about 500 men appointed by lot for 1 year 0 divided into 10 groups of 50 0 each group acts as an quotexecutive committeequot for 110 of the year 0 quotthe old council housequot 0 columns and open spaces 0 talked about certain religious things secretive put up screens between columns to keep people out o relatively intimate o Priene Asia Minor like amphitheater 13 of 50 people were quoton callquot for emergencies o lived in the 39tholosquot paid by the public 0 each day one of the 500 was appointed as chairman of the executive committee o enclosed space The Assembly met on a hill called the Pnyx This survives to today Public works project built a retaining wall to make a platform running counter to the hill very important massive project What happened 0 Pig sacri ce Scattering blood around edge of assembly 0 Prayer and a curse Public thanking Gods and cursing Athens enemies 0 Then the discussion started Slaves corraed people to the assembly on important days from the Agora Technically anyone can speak once you get started in theory 0 The volunteer ho boulomenos o Probably limited to talented orators skill stamina voice etc Could everyone hear No rule people had to be quiet Was there supervision for speaking and voting Amazing display of public participation and democracy Voted by raising hands majority ruled After voting 0 Inscribed on stones the quotminutesquot a majority still survive o Decrees recreate the debate in the assemblies The Servants of the demos Appointed by lot to performsupervise routine business 0 Commerce public works and hygiene nance courts 0 Held accountable Scrutinies council examined you and decided if you were moral enough After of ce another examination Could be put on trial if you didn t do enough Ostracized could vote to exile you for 10 yrs least used 0 Some were elected generals certain nancial of cials Local governance 0 Each deme has it s own miniassembly and of cials selected by lot Most important business they addressed include citizenship and religion Conclusion Athenian democracy allowed for mass participation in decision making through assembly 0 To make ef cient the democracy devised a subgroup of the assembly called the council to additional routine business and set agenda 0 Created certain of ces selected by lot to add routine matters of public necessity like basic nance and sanitation 0 Assembly met on hillside called the Pynx and even though anyone could speak the crowd and the natural conditions probably discouraged all but the most talented orators from speaking


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