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1.3-1.5 Lecture Notes:

by: Notetaker

1.3-1.5 Lecture Notes: 111/40551

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User_39347_profile9613 Notetaker
GPA 4.0
General Chemistry I

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About this Document

Section 1.3-1.5: Units, Conversion Factors, Significant Figures
General Chemistry I
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Notetaker on Sunday September 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 111/40551 at University of St. Thomas taught by Uzcategui-White in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 15 views.

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Date Created: 09/13/15
1 3 14 Units Conversion Factors Significant Figures Units a standard agreedon quantity by which other quantities are measured units are manipulated like numbers conversion factors a ration of equivalent quantities used to express a quantity in different units look at information given to multiply by a conversion factor to get the information you re looking for info given x conversion factor info sought given unit x desired unity given unit desired unit Two unit System 1 english system 2 Metric system international SI Some important SI units length SI unit meter cm volume amount of space occupied by matter SI unit cubic meter mquot3 non SI units Liters L milliliters mL 1 liter 1000 mL 1 mL 1 cubic cm 10quot3L 10quot6 mquot3 c mass quantity of matter an object contains SI Units kilograms kg grams g 1000 g 1 kg weight measure of the gravitational pull of that matter different on different planets d density ratio between mass and volume d massvolume SI units kgmquot3 chemistry gL or gmL e Temperature T a measure of how hot or cold an object is with respect to one another Freezes Boils Fahrenheit 32 212 Celsius O 100 Kelvin 27315 37315 Equa ons TK TC27315 TC TK 27315 TF 95TC32 TC TF32 x 59 Example Problems 127 volume 256 umquot3 what is the volume in mmquot3 256um x 1x10quot6quot3 1 umquot3 x 1 mmquot3 1x10quot3quot3 256x 10quot9 mmquot3 130 an empty flask weighs 241 39 When filled with water d100 gcmquot3 the flask and its contents weigh 4891g What is the volume volume of water volume of flask density 100gcmquot3 dmv find the mass of water Mass of water 4891g2413g 2478g vmd 24789100 gcmquot3 2478 cmquot3 134 convert 106 degrees fahrenheit to kelvin and celsius TC T106 32 x 59 411 C TK 411 27315 31415 K Section 15 Significant Figures Rules 1 all non zero digits are significant 2 interior zeros zeros between 2 numbers are significant 3 trailing zeros zeros at the end after a decimal point are significant 4 when a number is expressed in scientific notation all trailing zeros are counted as significant 5 leading zeros zeros to the left of the first non zero number are NOT significant 6 zeros at the end of a number but before a decimal point are ambiguous and should be avoided by using scientific notation 7 a terminal decimal point means that zeros before the decimal point are significant Rules MultiplicationDivision the answer that contains the same number of sigfigs as there are in the measurement with the fewest amount of sigfigs Rules AdditionSubtraction the answer has the same number of decimal places that are in the measurement with the fewest amount of decimal places Rules Rounding Round up if the end number is 5 or more round down if the end number is 4 or less Exact Numbers number with unlimited significant figures 3 sources 1 accurate counting of discrete objects ex 3 coins 2 defined quantities ex 100cm 1m 3 integral numbers numbers that are a part of an equation ex rd2


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