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Notes from Class on 8/27

by: Morgan Anderson

Notes from Class on 8/27 MGMT 202

Morgan Anderson
GPA 3.0
Ethical Issues in Business
Dr. Paul Melendez

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About this Document

In-depth and clear notes taken during class.
Ethical Issues in Business
Dr. Paul Melendez
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Morgan Anderson on Sunday September 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MGMT 202 at University of Arizona taught by Dr. Paul Melendez in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see Ethical Issues in Business in Business, management at University of Arizona.

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Date Created: 09/13/15
Morgan Anderson August 27 2015 1 Employment sectors a Business government and nonprofits b Recent ethical breaches in society c Ethics resource center research findings d Model for ethical decision making e Testing model on a case 2 Business sectors a Example Amazon i Controversies with amazon 1 EBook pricing 2 Employees have to meet quotas or they lose they job 3 ie pregnant woman lost job because didn t meet quota 4 Leadership and management pressures b Has to do with manufacturing finance trade etc c Goal of business to create a product or service that is needed 3 Government sector a Government authoritatively creates processes and rules that citizens must abide by b Example local school system boards to the united nations c 3 branches of government i President ii Congress iii Supreme court 88 thousand governors in the USA In uences business in real terms in economic and regulatory powers Government for safety good Government for taxes bad i Regressive for the poor progressive for the rich 4 Nonprofit sector a Example American red cross b Often are doing work the government has asked them to do or doing work for which there is a demand tot99 but businesses and government haven t provides c Nondistribution constraint can t pay individuals or members i So money raised is used to expand services or hire new people 5 Ethical breaches in society a Brian Williams i Major news anchor ii Changed story of when he was on a mission in Iraq from seeing a helicopter take fire to himself being hit iii Breach of ethics iv Went from being ranked 25th to 825th on trustworthiness b Elliott Spitzer i Former governor of New York and ii Prostitution scandal with Emperors Club VIP iii Tried to wire 10000 to a front company for prostitute but that had to be reported by federal law he tried to take his name off them IRS got involved iv Breach of public trust 1 One wonders if he paid for on his own or with public resources c Larry Jones i Former president of Feed the Children charity ii Took kickbacks from vendors gave himself and wife raises basically cheating the charity and donors iii Breach of community trust 1 Because it isn t mandatory to donate to charities like taxes and people questions where their money is going now 6 Decision making framework a b C d Stakeholder analysis i Identify who will be benefited or harmed by certain decisions or outcomes Review financial implications i Review longterm and shortterm financial implications of a potential problem and solution Consider the law i Consider existing laws pending litigations and regulations that could impact the outcome of a situation Apply ethical thought i Apply ethical school of thought to guide decision making including but not limited to a results based or duty based approach 7 Corporate Inversion Case a b c d Lower tax rate Financial driver of corporate inversion is corporate tax rate Should a company engage in corporate invasion to avoid paying taxes Mark Cuban against corporate inversion


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