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Introduction to organic compounds( PART I)

by: Gloria Godswill Basil

Introduction to organic compounds( PART I) CHEM2410

Marketplace > University of Toledo > Natural Sciences and Mathematics > CHEM2410 > Introduction to organic compounds PART I
Gloria Godswill Basil
GPA 3.9
Organic Chemistry I

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About this Document

Organic Chemistry I
Class Notes
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This 12 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gloria Godswill Basil on Sunday September 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM2410 at University of Toledo taught by Sucheck,S in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 53 views. For similar materials see Organic Chemistry I in Natural Sciences and Mathematics at University of Toledo.

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Date Created: 09/13/15
Chapter 3 An Introduction to 1 Organic Compounds 39 Nomenclature Physical Properties and Representation of Structure EN I Piim Ema K 942015 When Y Reacts Z is Synthesized emu Punm ElmHun hr Alkanes are Hydrocarbons That Contain Only Single Bonds General M39ql ecurar Formuia nultnn r a L I In nn u I I I I 39 n 39 ims alarm 4331 5 1 BM39EHE H 4 mar 13H l M f M furl t q m I Il t39ll1llH 3U 1139 ll man i I quot 39 MM Cain wry th u 95 mm H i ngk h a m a lam 15H l Jl g hIJEIu mm 2 FER GIIJCH M H m was a 39u mmm rm 1 1 mm lka gr 7 r r 7 LamH mlcrrru WM m u 7 Q Ii Jlgldfl39 31m 9a a ram k i am L Ha t Ll new 11 u w w A 13 mangmrn m 40 w 1th l ll u i m2 all W 1an n IMFMM rmwwa mn Emuquot W WWW T Wquot I t imhumim h Homologues CH3CH2CH3 CH3CH2CHZCH3 CE IWEM u 94201 5 m 5 Nquan ure of Alikanes T HA 43 395 f r 395 5 W J H atquot H at i 39f a g whmw LIME i H I H H n H H H H H H erT H L H fll fl s n H H H gqu mm II P Nomenclature of Alkanes Llwan be arrangedin two ways CHJCHZCIig 39 g CHJCISHCHz CHEC H x bum 39 an 39iso M CH3 C ang y i constitutionat isobmane quot isomers p 2 CH3 ane C 3 1 I W Elma Nomenclature of Alkanes I Vquot I quot can be arranged an ve ways quotH1 III CHCHL 39HJ1HCH r39 39 Ml menwrch Ha HIECHIECHA HM39 v 39 TIL CIquot CH 1 F39HCHICHg CH CH ECHCH i 1 Hum r til r W maman namw39 5y Hanna135 mma Ilitllig H ll I 2cm luvum Emma 139 Nomenclature of Alkanes r H flLC ELE HgCllf l 1chi C Ill fl lf ll l CHJCHa Hm er berrmee CH3 mggma 2me rylhrmne C39Hgifll lquotlLC HClK39H fi39h ttl39llj 39litLl l iij 1Cl1llfi1CHl m an EMT in CH CH1an Emsmylhmane 236dsmeahy1pmune 21 J r 39 quots CH3 lug Tlh l t fljffl If whirl 1335 hm MSG quotHUI 1 CH CH m m 4 a x 3 39 J39r u unitrimnmyibunm I 2011 Paw sun In Removing a hydrogen from an alkane results in an alkyl suhslilueni I pentyl group any illwl gmup r th I MCI Replace of alkane wuth y c 39 a methyl gmup an uhyl gmup n prowl group a bmyl group methyl alcohol rlde methylamiana 4 7 WQW 3 5 a WW5 3 m5 4 Wbm elhgl v V9955 Qbux x gm 942015 942015 Common Names an alc uhoi an amine an alkyl halide an Ether mum CmCH CI hCHzCH ClaimgtHzcni w mmhyl ilwlml eliwlmmne propyl brmnj a bum Muridu CH 7 CECE1m 39HmcnyCHJ39 2H C H 39 39 m ihyl iodide ethyl alcoholi pronylaml ethyl m etffqyfei er E 701 mm hut Dem n waft er mymm ue 0W9 WW i EEEEEW EHFEJFU W quotL fenlava th IIZCH 5h3959399939 TJLCJ EC 39 CHJFHCII I39 propane 1 a p ropyl group an lsapmpyl group IilJCJIICII39LJCJ TIAIJCPICHS 1 c M innn Lam u Two Ways to Draw lsopropyl Chloride 7 tw different ways to draw isobmpy 39chlafide C atll HCH CHJLEHCT Cl C113 3 Fir4 39 39m angr 9139 39Ni mt 39lil ig y Ih l Am FOL Liutyl rwupa pl Mun v EWHIN Ill r I 1 I i Mfr r l 1 11 pp 1 law I Ig39 0quot ur F H HIM l4 i311 rmpa mm H m M I m grim 112W parity Liming ar rp tyi l hmrizm quotl I d l M l M 1 hiltquot lmtvl bmmim 0 h lme brmmidn Primw Edaaandary and Tertiary Gamma alt WNW Wham l i banana m m m A imam mum ll 5mm In two mam 1 mm mum in mm m mm mm Waugh i I 39 A Hwy I V Wm HJ HJJM m 39wfnmn ri i l quotWquot 1 WWW i gh 39 F TH39H MW Wampum m mum m minim rwbmm ManMIN hmm39q m If Il ll i In nmrrmm Mirme 914201 5 ihfff39fim v l 1991mm maman If mum w mum gamma l ll r secPentyl is Not a Good Name r oth alkyl halides have uc carbon d a s wnh a rhlarihe attached to a CI 1191 IL Hquot 0 in CI an 1361 in lgCl I 51 3 A name must spasm unify ne compound 2 EH Drum tum m E mt ndaw amen b39 FWD gngQUndS cannot be named seepent chloride M ButyI and Pentyl gm gm cngcr n g um Br Cfiggf quotBr C39HqCHZC Br CHCHLI12C Jr a brewnine anacth to a tertiarycarbun bull two rdi H Emnt mmmunds cannot be nan1M1 Terihem is net a good name 39R39OHPWW In yam agarmamaEgan snezam usaasMy wr thnrwrornage w r N F M lso CHJCHCHgClIZOEI CI IgCHCIECHQCI39IgCl CH3HCH3NH3 CH CH3 C 11 V isopentyi alcohni imhexyl chloride isobutylamine CH3HCHgBr CH I ICHQC HQOH CHng39tHBr CH3 CH3 CH3 isobutyl bramide isapmpyl bromide iwpemyl aimhai c 3014 Furw Im H 94f201 5 fl W a wfrei Aikyi Group Names i 11 fi irlacnuula ml an H I I ru lir 3391 Aikanes Systematic Nomenclature H t THfHECng HEHfH3m CH3 R quot I 3 CHICHECHQC39EHJCITHCHJC H1 i E39H gg H CH 3 4 nwthyim tane methyiocfan CHC chm H HEEIig m H CH3CH2CH3 5 395 7 5391 4 pmpyioctme t uous chain 1 Add the Name of the Substituent I 3 H a a a a I Hia CHJCi g i cu igc ngzi39umrm 3ggiigglijggHaJggiQZHEEHE Iquot 7 CI IQCHJCH 1 73911 Jrethylhexane 4met hylpentane 5pmpyioctane Number the chain in the direction that gives the substituent as number as possible C20 Mml s m IE 914201 5 1 d i h i E 7 w 5 j a u mm 8 M irum r 05 Gammon versus Systematic Nomenclature CH CHCHCH3tili3Cth u it isehemne 5x gt 2methylpontene w quotvitrior tilttl iQEv tense have numbers Only Sf f f z39fi5f names have numbers g ilWE M lli List Substituents in Alphabetical Order 5339 5 h F t 1 CH3CH393CITHCH lCH H ggl CH CHECH3 S ethyi Emethyioctene not 4ethyl6emethyloctane because 3 lt7 4 o The correct name is the one that contains the Ecweet of the possible numbers r aim Palm Em as F 33 f while mm enemle w Multiple Substituents fljllgc lig 339 9 3 9 a l TH3TH3CHCH33HCH3 LH Hg it39ll HgtE HCH3 3113 cm CH3 CH quot it 1 quot tht gifvidtmethylhexnne file hyl1 5 fflm yhepmne lt 11 L J 39i L U humhers are suparated by a comma 3 quotumbequot 3quot a WW5 553519F X y f 5 cumh Cll CH 39 v39 k s g 39439 E 7 7 7 LIll39lCl39lgCCHgCHECl i CIICHLCHJCIM tumt2HscttCIucmaltcm rugcm Cli ll Clue 3367triuthyle Mileathyleiuemrm 5 l 13min hylottzmc Chain is numbered in the direction that puts the r in the name 5ubstiluenls are listed in alphabetical order di and tri are not alphabetized quot um Pam EnsHui hr 914201 5 39 r v Lguu f munbere pommm mat EyeUEX 0910119 39l III ii me a l5 biotewee tee find in Emma at om tar femt WXMM Wa ghebelrQXi m mks Ener 700M mulls eihql J Die Q39noved in 94201 5 When Both Have the Same Lowest Number C33 w E Q gi CHi HEC CHJE HCHs CHi CHCntHf HCH wf PC AAAtrimethylpentane 3relhbe dimethylouane because 2 a 4 because 4 t 5 When both names have the 39 go for the 1 i I MAILm in rm h s u 3 QY r When Bath Have the Same Number c1 QIsz i 1quot ix 1quot la iv 3 a 3 CH3CHJHCHg fHJCHfHCHEcFHCHng B 77 CH n 39 390 I 39 3bromo 2chlorabutane 5ethy 3methylheptane When th V the li 3mm Eel1m he Branched Substituents is a u 2 i w xi 3 WWIn53 We 4 L HJL HTL HJL IIalg gl h Hiatllgljl39llc39 zt ilC39llztlfICHZLHIE Ciij rh it39llr iltlizfilmig r n r A r 7 r r 4 I M mmpmm 395 0 0 5quot j39dim lw39yim39m 3 W I a at x mwed We L39lmillt39LI39ilCH Uh LTH lirL Haf IH39H 7 39 39 h 39 h 7 0010 IE5 H f f w bum Quomw39 339 t WQ39W 0 e Efren HBCHEHJ an 39ng Cl p iCH cwn39m IlClii l lClh l w slacncnrnggucn 12119quotng g2 5 a Chains with the Same Length quot i t LingTHE Hgtriigt iJI HC H3 CHJ 39llat HgiiHL HgClLEflIr uni nut gtM1 en hyiethyl391hexang one Substiluem When two or more chains have the same iengzh the parent hydrocarbon is the chain with the mast subshtuents Cycloaikanes Siqu 2142 ch quotCH3 m1 mic CH ch CH3 5 f y it it ma m HECECHZ CH3 cyclopmpane ryciobutane cydopentane cyclohexane 1 i 39 i W A J L cyclopmpane cyciobgtane cyciopentane cyclohexane im4wEdt w if Skeletal Structures J W I 7 N i t 5 f 1 u A 7 a x 1 it Imtamyimme 3memyEmpremlhepnang E hyl ZJmirmthytziemre in Fm I FEE quot 5 1 35mgquot QM2015 r i i A 3333 ELLMS X gf um 14 w m t i 6 I LL i U Chaim i arc VQDFESBhiFd it n u Jinn Q50 f dg e K e Mbm Md rmh 91m where1 5 ane bu d WESBHLb T we csswwd MenoSubstituted Cyclealkanes Fee M E the subsument hm were thaw quot9 I 39 x i quot Mk I H I an 1 1139 gt I k I 1 ytlcybutylpmtanc v r qwctmigy immune x on g Eiyr h m mm A number is not needed FE I l hb Lauech w DiSubstituted Cyclo alkanes xF J 139m 31hy39quot39239PVQPj Lyclapenxane 395 mnyiv Jpnteli wicy ugmmm Lirdimemylvkyclohexane Substituents are stated in aiphabeticaf order 39 1 goes to rst listed substituent Nah ml Two Substituentswith the Same Low Number 122trimethyicyclopentam 1ethyl3methyI4pmpylcyciohexena because 1 a 2 because 2 lt 3 not at 11Etrimethylcydopentane s ethyHmethylvz pmpylcyclahaxane because 2 lt 5 because 4 lt 5 If more than one name has the choose the name with the em FaunI Ewcm hf 11 I 11 B halide 7 Halogen is on a 4 Halogen is on a 1amp1


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