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Week 1 & 2 Notes

by: Greta Carlson

Week 1 & 2 Notes GEO 335

Greta Carlson
Geography of Latin America
m. thomas

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About this Document

In case you missed em, here are teh GEO notes for the first couple of weeks :)
Geography of Latin America
m. thomas
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Greta Carlson on Sunday September 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEO 335 at Michigan State University taught by m. thomas in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see Geography of Latin America in Geography at Michigan State University.

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Date Created: 09/13/15
GEO 009032015 The geographic perspective everything takes place somewhere resources are limited ocation has its bene ts and burdens everything and everybody is connected cultural differences are important spatia viewpoint MAPS describe the patterns why there POPULATION PATTERN anayze patterns historica viewpoint when did it occur why did it occur presentation thematic maps shows one phenomenon population distribution hurricanes point data choropeth shading Indicates comparisons between places 09082015 Mexico Central America Cadbbean South America Beliz is a nonlatin country nor are the guianas haiti jamaica engish French and dutch speaking countries percentages normaizes data properties of the globe Equal areatrue area 0 True directionconformal True scale 0 True shape All maps are distorted Projections reduce distortion CONIC PROJECTION Cone shape projection thing 0 Lines are curved 0 Trying to create true shape and true area 0 Good for small areas CYLINDRICAL PROJECTIONS Project onto a cylinder 0 Lines cross at right angles 0 Shows true direction 0 But tremendous distortion especially in extreme north and south Latitude anguar distance north or south of the equator can only go from 090 good for climate tropic of cancer 235 latitude the equator goes through the mouth of the amazon river and goes through Ecuador 235 south is the tropic of Capricorn everyone in the tropics can see the sun straight up on some days ANALEMMA Where the sun is directly overhead each day of the year LONGITUTE o Angular distance E or W of the prime meridian 0180 degrees 0 international date line 0 time zones Absolute location no coordinates are the same LANDFORMS OF LATIN AMERICA 0 mountains 0 young shields 0 old hard rocks 0 plateaus o raised atland o the edge of the plateau is an escarpment altiplanoshigh planes 0 the raised area between mountains lowlands THE FINAL EXAM IS LOCATIONS ON THE MAPS ONLY The entire west coast of south America is the Andes Mountains They re young and still growing A lot of earthquakes and volcanoes Famous altiplanos because essentiall one side of the double mountain range thing The highest mountain in south America is Aconcagua in argentina 22841 ft 128 volcanoes Brazilian highlands are a shield A lot of metals in the old hard igneous rocks The Guiana highlands Patagonie in southern argentina is a shield Amazon lowlands made of sedimentary rocks was covered by water contains fossil fuels oil coal diamonds pantanal middle of continent on edge of Bolivia supersized evergladesswamps pampas Paraguay and hump of argentina Few trees and very at The amazon is the main river Black vs white water Rio negro and rio sol Side by side Black more acidic than white River basins drainage basins The area where small rovers drain into a big river Orinocoin Venezuela The amazon Paranaparaguay Angel falls in Venezuela lguaco falls 10092015 SOUTH AMERICAN CLIMATES temperature regimes 0 hot season MSU average 72 in July 0 cool season MSU average 26 January 0 Rainfall patterns 0 Wet season Usually in hot season 0 Dry season 0 Yearly total MSU 32 inchesyear ITCZ inter tropical convergence zone 0 Cloudy 0 Low pressure at the earths surface Therefor it s raining 0 There s literally this big line of clouds across the equator It means that there are winds converging together so the only place they have to go is up 0 Hence the pressure goes down and it gets cloudy and rains It moves north and south following the sun In our winter time it moves south lt rains when the sun is overhead summer There s a certain zone where it s raining all the time 0 AF tropical wet climate pg 22 0 Amazon Rainforest area More than 60 inches per year Because the ITCZ is pretty much always there near Ecuador Temperature is always above 65 0 AW tropical wet and dry 0 Northern Brazil and tip of south America When the ITCZ moves from north to south these areas are either wet or dry CFA subtropical o Moist yearround but has some time during the year where it s below 65 degrees 0 Similar to Georgia 0 Southeast Brazil and the Pampas of Argentina o No snow CSB Mediterranean climate Winters are wet and cool Summers are hot and dry Only place where winter is wet Same as southern California 0 Little area in southern Chile 000 0 B dry 0 Desert lt10 inches of rain per year 250 mm middle west coast and meets with Mediterranean 0 Coastal Peru and northern Chile Patagonia is dry but not as dry Garua o The mist that hangs in Chile and Peru 0 Usually occurs in the cool season El Nino o The Atlantic coast of the west is cold 0 But then El Nino is a warm ocean current that replaces the cold current every 6 years or so H highland o Mountainous Andes Mountains Vertical zonation Snowline 15000 ft tierra helada 12000 ft tierra helada 6000 ft tierra fria 3000 ft tierra templada most desired 0 sea level tierra caliente this occurs in the tropics in the mountains coca mate tea yes it has cocaine in it helps alleviate pain 0 Caribbean climate 0 Cuba 0 Jamaica 0 Antilles 0 Haiti 0 0 Puerto rica DR Leeward side vs windward side 0 Wind comes from the east so the east is the windward side 0 The west is the leeward side Affects lifestyle Largest cities occur in southern leeward side 0 With a few in the northern leeward Hurricanes occur on the windward side 0 North 8174 0 South 8675 0 Much of the Caribbean has tropical wet and dry season 0 Hurricane season 0 July 0 August 0 September 0 October 0 The fewest hurricanes occur in o Aruba 0 Bonaire o Curacao 0 Trinidad South west of the Caribbean CENTRAL AMERICAN CLIMATE o DOMINANTLY MOUTANOUS AND VOLCANIC Altitudinal zonation same as before 0 Tierra templada is where the climate is the nicest and most people live Coffee comes from here 0 This is a tropical phenomena 0 Most rainfall caused by tradewinds 0 Caribbean side in the lowlands ln costa rica wet season is called green season MEXICO CLIMATE high elevation through the middle gt3300 ft 0 so high and dry 0 doesn t rain very much 0 15 largest cities are in southern mexico where it s high and dry 0 most of mexico is dry but once you go deep south you begin to get into the topics 0 all around the perimeter it s tropical


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