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Weeks 1 & 2 Notes

by: Greta Carlson

Weeks 1 & 2 Notes HST 390

Greta Carlson
History of International Relations
M. Pauly

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About this Document

In case you missed them, here are the first two weeks of notes :)
History of International Relations
M. Pauly
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Greta Carlson on Sunday September 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HST 390 at Michigan State University taught by M. Pauly in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see History of International Relations in Arts and Humanities at Michigan State University.

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Date Created: 09/13/15
HST 390 09082015 Origins of the great war OBJECTIVES offer background behind outstanding issues of con ict in Europe pre 1914 expain how the European alliance system created opportunity for a telescoping of con ict and to set up Fromkin s argument PREEXISTING TENSIONS french anger AsaceLorraine how did Germany initially seek to deal with French frustration over AL coonia rivalry ousting of Otto von Bismark as Chancellor in 1890 Hopes to increase tension between GB and France that would enable energy to be directed toward GB Germany begins to express more interest in France s yearning for African land Germany pivots towards possibility of colonial expansion Fear of losing land Need to hold power HISTORICAL POINTS OD TENSION o Dilemma of the AustroHungrian Hasburg Empire 0 Franz Ferdinand felt that something needed to be done in the Slovak Empire More representation in government for Slavs What was Habsburg Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand s challenge 0 Panslavism 0 Serbian irredentism o Concern about Russian leadership 0 Austria hunted 52 0 Eastern question as a mine eld 0 German Anxieties Why does Fromkin believe Germany was explosive 0 Germany and german statesment feel that it s greatest attack comes from France from all corners They needed to search for an ally and the only ally seemed to be Austria They couldn t increase the army without creating social tensions Danger of dual attack Would nee Austria in the event of war 0 Belief that Germany was becoming weaker not stronger OO THE ALLIANCE SYSTEM 0 Bismarkian premise Germany and AustroHungary Versus Russia 0 Three emperors league 1873 0 Congress of Berlin 1878 0 Dual alliance 1879 0 Triple alliance Italy joins Successful because they all had interests that didn t con ict 0 Russia and France vs Germany 0 Rationale 0 Military Treaty 1892 o Undermining of Bismarck s main goal 0 Great Britain vs Germany 0 Premise Boer war expansionist fears naval power 0 1897 reichstag authorization of naval expansion Kaiser s personal role highlighted by Fromkin 0 British construction of Dreadnought German response Super deadly boat 0 Diminished view of Russian competition 0 Entente Cordiale 1904 with France 0 War scare in 1909 GERMAN NAVAL PROPAGANDA What does the article appear to advocate 0 Greater expenditures in naval assets 0 What could go awry What does Fromkin suggest about war s potential for unity 0 Military will inspire people Rally round the ag effect WWI happens The result is the rst socialist country War has the potential to fracture or unify Effect of the Moroccan Crises 0 First Moroccan crisis 1905 German demands for commercial bene ts Conference of Algericas Jan 1906 British and Russian response Triple entente 0 Second Moroccan crisis 1911 French assume direct control over Morocco renewed german demands Gun boat diplomacy at Agadir French concession and british conclusions WHO DOES FROMKIN BLAME FOT THE GERMANY S DILEMMA OF ENClRCLEMENT DO YOU THINK HIS ARGUMENT IS VALID Germany itself The Kaiser The Moroccan crisis Investment in the navy that angered England Not French treaty renewal Mutualcompatible fears created alliances Alliance system strengthened imperial concerns take priority 09102015 Part 2 of previous lecture References chapter 10 of Fromkin The quotBalkan Tinderboxquot The Eastern Question Bosnian crisis of 1908 o ProRussian court appears in Serbia issue of Macedonia 0 Austrian annexation of BosniaHerzegovina 0 Consequences Italy as untrustworthy Germany as AhH s greatest backer Russian moves closer to Britain Rise in Serbian irredentism black hand lrredentism some sort of state but the leaders want to capture territory occupied by their conations The Balkan Wars 0 Serbia Bulgaria Montenegro and Greece ght wars of independence versus Ottoman empire 0 Bulgaria then attacks Serbia 0 Peace of Bucharest 1913 Serbia received parts of Turkish Macedonia Greece gained more territory along the Aegean coast and ASH assured that an independent Albania was formed 0 End result con rmed Austrian fears of Balkan nationalism amp AustrianHungarian fear of Russian patronage War Declared and Great War Diplomacy Countries Arm 0 War planning is premised on inevitability o Schlieffen Plan Moltke s alteration 0 Russian commitment to France British plan expeditionary force 0 Britain tied to coordination with France 0 French war plan no XVII Teaser on Fromkin O O O O For any of these plans to work they had to be obsolete These plans don t necessitate war We should know about these things but the plans existence doesn t really mean anything But once war broke out countries used these plans ROLE OF THE PUBLIC Zarathustra prophesies O O O O O 0 If god is dead I don t have to be moralistic AH Serbia must be dealt with GBquot Concern for domestic affairs but perceived German threat to security France national pride con ated with imperial ambitions Russia divided perceptions Germany frustrated imperial ambitions Public sentiment versus individual What role does Fromkin assign the public What role does he see for personalities 0 000000 More people can read There are more ways to get information People can vote Not true democracy People are frustrated and show with revolutions War distracts from revolutions Elections themselves won t lead to a governments capacity to speak out for war How do you see the role of personalities in the material you read from Fromkin for today 0 O O O Moltke ProGerman war Kaiser Voice for peace Franz Ferdinand Voice for peace Colonel Edward House Outsider voice for peace Frustrated by Moltke Diplomats no longer align O Baron von Aehrenthal No interest in balance of power o Nicolai Hartwig Opposite of quot


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