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Lecture Notes - Week 2

by: Eric Jackson

Lecture Notes - Week 2 COMM370010

Marketplace > University of Delaware > COMM370010 > Lecture Notes Week 2
Eric Jackson
Theories of Mass Communication
Angelini,James R.

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About this Document

This week was another light one since there was no class on Friday but there was a lot of info from Wednesday's class about the four classes of theories that will come up again a lot throughout the...
Theories of Mass Communication
Angelini,James R.
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Eric Jackson on Sunday September 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COMM370010 at University of Delaware taught by Angelini,James R. in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 35 views.


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Date Created: 09/13/15
Theories of Mass Communication 9 9 15 Mass Communication Part of the social sciences Applies to techniques of science scienti c method to study of humans How Theories Can Differ Can differ based on needs theorist s point of view etc Differ in three basic ways 0 Ontology what is knowable nature of reality being I Determining what items exist or potentially exist I What is existence I What is a physical object I When does an object go out of existence deep 0 Epistemology how knowledge is created and expanded I Focused on analyzing the nature of knowledge I Knowledge s relation to truth belief justifications I Creation of new knowledge I Includes skepticism about what we can know I What is knowledge I How is knowledge acquired I How do we know what we think we know 0 Axiology proper role of values in research and theory building I Science of human values I In uences our perception decisions and eventually actions I Basically why do we do what we do Communication Theory Categories Postpositivism based on empirical observation guided by scientific method 0 Positivism is from hard sciences knowledge can only be gained through observable phenomenon 0 Social sciences are different because they deal with humans and we are all different 0 Follows positivism in theory but with the knowledge that the observations are not necessarily constant between people Cultural theory study of understanding especially by interpreting action and text 0 Origins in Hermeneutic theory 0 Goal is to understand how and why behavior occurs in social world 0 How people see themselves in a social situation 0 How people interpret text media speech etc anything they perceive encounter Critical theory seeks change in dominant social order 0 Goal is not to explain or predict social world or even understand it 0 Goal is to gain knowledge of the social world in order to change it 0 Want to challenge the existing world and people within it to alter it 0 See media as tool for those in power and how they use media to constrain and restrict how people see social world How media limits people s ability to interact in the real world 0 Put together plans ideas for how the world should be changed to be more balanced O Theories of Mass Communication 9 9 15 Normative theory explains how a media system should operate to conform to a set of ideal social values 0 Sets standards for social interactions 0 How people should behave and exist in society 0 What are society s values and norms o What ideals should institutions have including media 0 Then assess if these institutions are meeting these ideal criteria and how Social Science is Difficult Difficult to measure human behavior 0 Individuals do not react the same way to the same situations when they know they re being observed Human behavior is complex 0 Many internal and external factors involved so roots for behaviors cannot be explicitly determined 0 Researchers try to control the situations they look into but that can be hard to in uence Humans have goals and are self in uenced 0 People mature and change their views goals 0 They won t react the same way to the same situation upon future exposures Notion of causation is troubling 0 Hard to generalize responses from individuals based on small samples of responses What Can Stimulate Theory Several items in our society both historically and modernly have stimulated the development of mass communication theory WWI and WWII Use of propaganda control of an opinion using significant symbols 0 Manipulating human action or beliefs using visuals songs etc 0 Typically in the best interest of the persuader not the target audience Magic Bullet theory 0 Audience members who were isolated from one another were more susceptible to in uence from the propaganda o Aka Bullet Theory Hypodermic Need Inoculation theory 0 By exposing someone to small doses of opposing arguments people will become more comfortable arguing their point of view 0 Develop the necessary skills to defend their point of view so they won t be swayed by propaganda campaigns Children Payne Fund Studies 1920s and 30s 0 Examined effects of movies on children 0 Children would see more movies when they first came out they d spend whole days in there 0 Movies in uenced their emotions attitudes values etc Sex and Violence Theories of Mass Communication 9 9 15 0 Children are deemed more impressionable 0 Fear that children are more inclined to imitate violence because of their inclination to imitate what they view Television and Learning 0 Does educational television actually have a positive effect on the children that watch it Prosocial Impact 0 Are children learning how to interact well from media programming that they are exposed to 0 Do these programs help them positively in uence society Media as an Advertiser Ratings are a large part of television radio etc 0 Higher ratings mean advertisers pay more money to get time to reach more audiences Appeals of programs 0 Studied to see what and why programs are appealing Uses and Gratification o What do audience members hope to gain from their experience with the media New Technologies Media Displacement 0 New tech replaces old tech and leaves it behind including information involved with the old tech Selective exposure 0 What choices people make in their technology why choose one over the other


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