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Week 3 Notes (9/7-9/11)

by: Sydney Loethen

Week 3 Notes (9/7-9/11) PHYSICS 1210

Sydney Loethen
GPA 3.733
College Physics I
Yun Zhang

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About this Document

Average acceleration, projectile motion
College Physics I
Yun Zhang
Class Notes
acceleration, projectile motion, physics equations
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sydney Loethen on Sunday September 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYSICS 1210 at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by Yun Zhang in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see College Physics I in Physics 2 at University of Missouri - Columbia.

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Date Created: 09/13/15
61M 1 I i h l am i 3 39 szpltz cm 39 GraPMCQJLy 5 l i A Z add fur 3 i r 2 r 777 7 7 3957 ATE 573145 quot H 7 w 39in L dram am 0 H or dijibn of Vance u m cfor FL I 1 Zjacld Vi V4 3 3 431 W 74 W r K 3939 k fr K quot 3 JI 3139 T I quota mw wJ a 1 h 2 Vu W3 wt 32 W A CWO L Tw o X dcme 3 M cm L lo m t quotdam Wt n migm next39 Dimsfonod Ki r mm39lrr i s w r V 71 5 7 HM H3 pooi ck Hon 7 VKZ xv vaxw 3 1th 139 K to r Lmq mag JUL y of walnut315 aUmdiom 739 Vaer vector no x CD g 7 km 20 NW ve dor 730 Pagan moving moving for m39n haul big 7 K 0 haul Z S as 4 alw gym va5 x le 9525 I X X0 Jf VOXJC m prpdzd e mohomm M3Mg Fm 8h has OK I VUOQ T L X QUV QC Dm r 13 Z 3 7916 x 7 1 V K ZQmlt H w 1 Iiigm giw iQ Poampi 0 7 k xgg m amp TL L mm 4 V r y if d 14 a 2r u r P o I a is aI 39 5 u02u39ism r 7 n A 77 H Wrr i L m I I 397 7 i I I Hun yr 77 rK t T K mm 1 39orLlQ iai U i a g LmQMEQL MM x FrLLjQLLLyQi of 81quot 4 H n a l i r 3 15 W t 8amp 7 qt4 I 7132 w 39 j 4 35 1 r f Jl A r x I ZL ma 39iZJn 2 519 L twinge 7 quotr u Ebr Wank 7 L32 4amp1 gygfianr swa I L L ETJLQEWEMP m3 W My i NWT th uA3 t m 5mmsp i PHYlZlO Fall 15 Recitation Sept 10 1 A team of scientists sets out toward a research station located 98 away in a direction 45 North of East After walking in a straight line for 90 minutes with a constant Speed of 5 looh they stop and discover that they have been traveling 22 North of East What IS the magnitude and direction of the displacement vector Current now required to bring the team to the research station i 4 1201 km 0 4 e r We 1mm w 5 15m A 3 ml is l wequot I v quot39 it I quothrlil m r is C if 5 2 w l H arts VERIFY u N gstiff r l l I x Z i In 7 Ca 1 9 CL 1 I 4 F 2 6 M E I A 39 a aft It Q i 7quot if t s j quot 39 5 i hit 497 elinf f i 2 A car travels along a highway With a velocity of 24 ms est The car exits the highway and 40 5 later its if I 39 y y instantaneous velocity is 16 mfs 45 north of west 3 Sketch the initial velocity vector i and the nal velocity vector if on the path of the car 13 Put 7amp7 if at the origin of an xay coordinate system Define Air as A 2 if iii This is a practice an vector subtraction Draw A using the GRAPHICAL method 3 r r 7 as x a lvl 1 41 m c Find the x and y components of both iii and i f Write Vi and using the unit vectors f and 37 Write AV in the fonnat of unit vectors u A l 7 7 N i 7 rise 1 riff k d Find the magnitude and the direction of the average acceleration of the car during the foursecond interval lr39u A t A i u tt y U j lath r i l l A x t l mlr f a A t J r M LL m 7 r Ell t l X if I l g H ll 3 5 quota n l P 7 y J 39 ll 7 2 M if l l r 3 A swimmer runs horizontally off a diving board with a speed of 332 ms and hits the water a horizontal distance of 178 In from the end of the board a Find the time it takes the swimmer to hit the water b How hi gh above the water was the diving board 0 Just before the swimmer hits the water what are his horizontal component of velocity and his vertical component of velocity u d W hat is the magnitude and direction of the swimmerjs A velocit yost before he hits the Water 135 f 39l lt r if I x E x I L J l i 5 at M 5 t is l to t t t C Aer I39 k l A lquot l A 139qu l 5 5quot814quot 211 175 L34quot Ling i E l u Infx ii A quot vm r r 9 1 4 gi cs 3493 w W W JiMV Us Ji u tl a 4 Cl83 0901 a m JKHM v WI 1 361 d Swim may Vl 5 512632qz r 6 e 39WYE39s m I


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