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Week 4 Notes

by: Victoria Boyle

Week 4 Notes FLGR 1010 - 005

Victoria Boyle
GPA 3.64
Elementary German I
Jonathan Parley Green

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About this Document

Notes from week 4, preparing for a quiz!
Elementary German I
Jonathan Parley Green
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Victoria Boyle on Sunday September 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to FLGR 1010 - 005 at Auburn University taught by Jonathan Parley Green in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 54 views. For similar materials see Elementary German I in German at Auburn University.

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Date Created: 09/13/15
Victoria Boyle German Notes Week 4 Days of the Week Note the German week starts on Monday Montag Monday Dienstag Tuesday Mittwoch Wednesday Donnerstag Thursday Freitag Friday Samstag Saturday Sonntag Sunday Dates Heute Today gestem yesterday vorgestern day before yesterday vorvorgestern three days ago day before day before yesterday morgen tomorrow ubermorgen day after tomorrow uberiibermorgen three days from now day after day after tomorrow Sample sentences Tom und ich reisen gern Tom and I like to travel Sie liest gern She likes to travel Er singst super He sings well Sie spielen super She plays well Note verb always comes second in the sentence Ich reise gem In the rst sentence Tom und ich counts as one phrase the verb reisen then immediately follows Victoria Boyle Sample Questions Singst du auch so gut Do you also sing well Kommt ihr auch Are you guys coming too Kochst du auch Do you also cook Note auch means too also as well etc Ist Koln sehr groB Is Cologne very big Bist du sehr miide Are you very tired Note sehr means very Planning and asking dates Gehen wir am Dienstag ins Museum Are we going to the museum on Tuesday Ja wir gehen am Dienstag ins Museum Yes we are going to the museum on Tueday Note The day should come before the place am Dienstag ins Museum Nein ich gehe am Dienstag mit Alice ins Kino No I am going with Alice to the movies on Tueday Gehen wir am Samstag ins Konzert Are we going to the concert on Saturday Nein ich gehe am Samstag mit Berta ins Kino No I am going with Berta to the movies on Saturday Note mit means with am is an dem and used for weekdays ins is in das and used for nouns that have the neutral gender Note There are 3 genders in German der masculine die feminine das neutral die plural The only way to know the gender is to memorize the noun with its gender der Rock the skirt Victoria Boyle Vocab Occupations der Arzt the doctor male die the doctor female Note the in ending signi es that the employee is female der Verkaufer the salesman die Verkauferin the saleswoman die Krankenp e gerin the nurse female der Pilot the pilot der Richter the judge der Bauarbeiter the construction worker der Architekt the architect der Anwalt the lawyer Note add the in ending and the die pronoun to make these professions female Plurals n en nen Nouns that end in vowels use n die Lampe die Lampen Nouns that do not end in vowels use en der Tur die Turen Nouns that end in in use nin die Professorin die Professorinnen s Foreign words that have been adopted in German use s das Auto die Autos Victoria Boyle ee CC 3 Sometimes an e gets added for plural case but not often das Heft die Hefte der Rock die Recke er 6r Rarely a word will use er for the plural case das Kind die Kinder der Mann die Manner Verbs lesen to read irr ich lese du liest Sie lesen ersiees liest Wir lesen ihr lest Sie lesen Sie lesen sehen to see irr ich sehe du siest Sie lesen ersiees siest Wir sehen ihr seht Sie lesen Sie sehen Victoria Boyle kommen to come reg ich komme du kommst Sie kommen ersiees kommt wir kommen ihr kommt Sie kommen Sie kommen


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