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Week 3 of Notes

by: Michelle Notetaker

Week 3 of Notes PSYC 3070

Michelle Notetaker
Human Sexuality
Pat Nebl

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About this Document

All of the notes taken within week 3 of Human Sexuality
Human Sexuality
Pat Nebl
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Michelle Notetaker on Sunday September 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSYC 3070 at Bowling Green State University taught by Pat Nebl in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see Human Sexuality in Psychlogy at Bowling Green State University.


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Date Created: 09/13/15
LH stimulates Leydig cells to produce androgens testosterone FSH stimulates spermatogenesis Seminiferous tubules Sertoli cells nhibin made in follicle in females amp seminiferous tubules in males lnhibits FSH in the anterior pituitary Activin Made in granulosa cells in females and sertoli cells in males Stimulates FSH in the anterior pituitary Folice groups of cells surrounding each egg Corpora lutea structure that develops from follicle after the egg is released Stroma supporting tissue to keep everything in place Approximately 28 days long Day 1 is the rst day of menstrual bleeding and typically 35 days Folowing the end of menstrual bleeding GnRH release causes FSH and LH to rise for 10 days FSH causes the primary ovarian follicle to mature and secrete estrogen thecal cells after a week of gradually rising estrogen levels there is a sharp rise in estrogen for a week Positive feedback of estrogen causes a surge in LH levels Positive feedback of LH causes GnRH causing the fully mature follicle Graa an follicle to shrink and release the ovum Estrogen levels fall Corpus luteum quotyellow bodyquot develops from the follicle formerly surrounding the egg Corpus luteum produces progesterone and levels rise if conception doesn t occur corpus luteum will shrink in 1012 days and progesterone levels will fall Decrease in progesterone triggers menstruation Endometrium inner uterine membrane is discharged over 35 days In the estrous cycle the endometrium is reabsorbed Human Estrus and Adaptations to Ovulation Found in nearly all placental mammals Behavioral increase in sexual activity and receptivity corresponding to the period of fertility surrounding ovulation Physioogica conspicuous changes in physical appearance which indicate the female s sexual receptivity and fertility Humans have sex consistently across the ovulatory cycle extended sexuality aso true for bonobos and chimps but frequency does change in wild Humans have display no conspicuous signs of ovulation Bonobos and chimps do have sexual swellings may have been lost in hominid line conceaed ovulation present in some other monogamous species such as vervet monkeys Humans only species which doesn t display at least one component Ovulation occurs on day 14 Dramatic change in likelihood of conception 836 day of ovulation and 5 days prior Extremely unlikely outside of this window 012 95Cl Derived from research and observation of chimps femaes mating with multiple males and havng concealed ovulation reduces the likelihood of paternal infanticide unikey to be true in humans polyandry very uncommon in humans 1 of preindustrial cultures attributed to harsh environment in HimalayasTibet Male Investment Hypothesis Extended sexuality keeps male partners around conceaed ovulation leads to constant mate guarding promotes commitment and investment from males biparental care important Extended sexuality found in pairbonded birds and old world primates Sillen Tullberg and Miller 1993 Cuckoldry Hypothesis Based on successful mating strategy found in birds such as warblers femaes secure longterm mate who is willing to invest Femaes then nd a male with good genes and cuckold their partner into raising the offspring Alows for female sire selection LuteinizingHormone Tests Actuarial Method Counting ForwardsBackwards Salivary Ferning Olfactory Cues VNO nonfunctioning in humans However Human scent produced from sex organs and armpits near face Produce more substance than almost all primates Glands uctuate with ovulation Auditorv Cues Estrogen and progesterone receptors in the larynx Visua Cues Skin becomes clearer and lighter Waist to hip ratio decreases around ovulation Symmetry of soft tissue such as ears and digits uctuates across cycle 30 decrease in asymmetry lnitiate more intercourse Heightened arousability ncreased irtation Scent preference for masculine males Scent preferences for symmetrical males Preference for lower pitch voices Femaes display physiological changes near ovulation that s detectable by males Females behavioral patterns change near ovulation speci cally mating related behaviors Estrus may not be quotlostquot in humans Rather it is concealed Possiby supporting the Cuckoldry Hypothesis


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