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September 7 - September 11

by: Julissa Garcia

September 7 - September 11 MATH 0290

Julissa Garcia
Differential Equations
Torrey Gallagher

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About this Document

This week wraps up first order linear equations and begins second order linear.
Differential Equations
Torrey Gallagher
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Julissa Garcia on Sunday September 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MATH 0290 at University of Pittsburgh taught by Torrey Gallagher in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 48 views. For similar materials see Differential Equations in Mathematics (M) at University of Pittsburgh.


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Date Created: 09/13/15
W RQCOL 399 J I tyx5 g OI 5 M 01 ng 0 M o T10 Mi Ini Eiq V EKDQiJUj V0 F A w W m 4 2 or o 6 was Mimi It kale mSO 9 M 392 mc i and DerivaJme I Nahw lawnJ Derivah w Pl Dot adkmees I h gt O ver 5 ls Derl mjwe THUS 7 m5 M Our 1V is 4 Fm z ma L Tthv L 5 C5 3 Va 5 D W E 0 S 11 Ougg 5 dis gt 2 6 c aam mngak 10ml 6m GHQ 1C Va 79 QLQSq 95440 39nkggmire quot4 D dinmmoa olm u r39aave WV 3 3 6ch db 73 34 ath W736 momJ abov is HoJClkhe bES39E modal For In 39 L quotW is ame or W is k1qu LePs rq a bfLH39tr mom x V Suppose cvhrv where f gt0 9 13 Jake rzsxsmnce aporcewhlch ls dgmdenb ow 13H Bme 3mg P M 1 m5 rv Wis due Punwon limb is M nmngcla veB Mao f 1F W1 So ma m0 r v gt 44M aer39waJcives are madden in M Our 131 Garden Em and vebcjat 07483 F m r3 m3 3L03H 39 lOBLVo 111 we wribeEMxe ngaJion 39m berm dc vw 3 0 hrWW I Order f MCIIrvsmj deJ 195 m 24 1 V 53 DQFme ICQeg d Pat Mulls Hnm39 v equot ie mbegmbeb Vet Liee C v 39394 CeJ t V U03 1g C C lo y 50 v65 59 WE 61 1 0 Pmd 3 Just quot M m39ee 5 Q39IM Mar quot 5 a L 7 5909 r L O Px Nsz m r IACq Ob E a on 2 U7 VPxeCaLL 1304 amodals populaEion growth vcrj pearl Por a forge quot45 value xamp el CPO eelE R D Lasts Ck be I39l39 r 13201 Fla a Logistic modal PoulaEion EU is a separabk a oac ion Sabre 1 3 KW N use JarHal Qac ons Jcp 55va and in m 130 X W WWPX LA Mi lll Pair P lAP on Mn Ham 9 I wbl d jbm 87 4 TlFF MP 9 pJ mm P pjnB39PnHPo EC 3 T9 CQOte KK PJ WP 9nd ORDER Ef WrTIomg OMH dealing Wijoh linear 9nd 0mm c4 HQ 9 4 Way pm Gene ng Form Qr a linear 3quot Order 7 qu The 39j of 2amp0er v 977m mi alwags be boo disBud soleions 40 kiwi Homqj eneous eguah non g g39O L33a0 15 oo Lineadg Independent Soltxkions g and 3 De n doni39 oo functions PM and 50 are L39mem39lu Dependmt i OM 0C QGquotor 3 is a OonsEQl h Mud Him oB Une other I EM 43939 34 and 3L9 2 are linear5 MervinE 3Lt 3CLH De ni on 49 Mel 3 are linearlg 39moLependanL if 4k23 are E linearl 429mm QTkere is a tool op de omwh39wg linear 39motrzpmdmcel madmanI m boronskzan 0M3 and a MR3 is was 0 c5 1 Pia59 4 5 Pjheorem39 and 3 are linearlq 39molgpmwtent I and 0mg 1 w c 70 aExamplei 033 9 i123 3 61 q E 3Ll aH o S of l I i Tm 4 and g are linearlg quotDependent I 960ml 381 19 36quot I 31 3amp4 1 ll 16 Ft 3 3 0 25 3 So 1 3t Sk I AME UMEarlj Indeemdznk 96mm 10E t atquot 3 Q E g ee e Lvsv etech O 6 4 23 3 E 30 e MOD 693 are Lineadj Dependent I p eorem Suppose 3 and L39 are L39mead indeqmount Solwlsions to 3549035 4 CAL3933 0 Wen 5Cllt3r 652 5 he Gmefm Solution b the 9an We name bHn s Uleorem 3915quot qrind e o C SuPer QosiEjon Legs SMpMB Elae problem I 8quot OMER LINEAR HoMoazmeoug LQITH COIOSTAMT COEFFICIENTS LJ I39I FOBIFF t kg 1 DJ where Pp are Constomb PNQCQIH when 5013 we nad 3 Ce 39 W Calmm MM FO lkess 1 Guess a ef39h DOE want to See ip here are gag Values of quotrquot tha make r b J vf a BOIUL Uon Jw 3 3 Z j09k Pluggmg 6 mm k 6399quot4 I 6 22 O r r U L a r99 b roe 496 0 rar 0 L gt 20 EMEL 711er Remember Quadlmb39 c W I rQ Hpr F Oj C haracheristc 9730014an sz AiL r133quot quotP i 7500 ESSULCS LOW1 his QfMQLGx quuadr39ab39c eyxucdjov CD Revecdcea m Looks Co mplex mots Pg 910 984C6gtOU n rj rg and 53440 are Read H s m g and 5Q 69 core distvcho SolonEons 40 9 So Mn qenerm Solub on 15 Cerquotb Q3th 9814990542 Q4y 0 an F o 4 LP where x 22 P d 3923 4 amp H So O eb m SIMqu Solue l o aim1 IBMerg WCWWV edquot Cos tsmm


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