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by: Keely Haggar
Keely Haggar
GPA 2.0
Physical Geography
Jake Armour

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About this Document

Here are Thursday's notes from this past week! For anyone who didn't know, class was cancelled this previous Tuesday so there were no notes to take in class, but I took notes on the chapter that wa...
Physical Geography
Jake Armour
Class Notes
geography, armour, physical geography
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Keely Haggar on Sunday September 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEOL 1200 - 004 at University of North Carolina - Charlotte taught by Jake Armour in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 101 views. For similar materials see Physical Geography in Foreign Language at University of North Carolina - Charlotte.

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Date Created: 09/13/15
Geology 1200 091015 Gold Mining History of Charlotte Rudisill St Catherines Mines 0 Charlotte is known to have had gold but all of the mines are closed now Why Because the closer to the fault line the younger the rock is and the further it is from the fault line the older the rock is Side note that the edges of the Atlantic crust are the oldest oceanic crust which is approximately the age of Pangaea 180 million years old gt Gabro Subductable crust commonly mistaken as granite Evidence of Offshore Drilling 1 Rock Ages 2 Rock Thicknesses 3 Paleomagnetism gt Magnetism changes over a ridge Paleomagnetism Old magnetism their records show earths magnetic field reversal and recorded rock There are two different north poles gt Physical North Pole Stays the same but is the actual body gt Geographic North Pole Changes due to magnetism gt Declination Monitored to aid with compass and GPS In 1990 the declination in Charlotte is about 5 degrees east gt When magnetic pu shifts to southern hemisphere what s going to happen Magnetic elds protect us from solar radiation We just make adjustments to GPS etc Interaction with magnetism and radiation Northern Lights Inner Core Solid the next layer is liquid and together they generate the eld 1 When is an igneous rocks age and magnetism recorded a As a melt b Long after it cooled c Once it has crystallized d Once it has metamorphosed Ans C Once it has crystallized Metamorphosed Put under a lot of heat and pressure to form a new kind of rock When we do that we rest the clock and the magnetism and we have no clue when the actual rock was made gt Our planet has 52 plates California has a transforming boundary line on the Atlantic Oceanic crust Absolute speed and direction vector of plates 0 We use hot spot quottracksquot like those of Hawaii 0 Space age technology All plates move when earthquakes occur Acceleration Diagrams Accelerations of the crust when it moves during an earthquake They don t always move in just one direction What Drives Plate Motion gt The earths internal heat Mantel Convection o The core is the heating element which convectscirculates the next layer causing it to be melted SlabPull Model Descending oceanic crust pulls plates down RidePush Model Elevated ridge system pushes plate down gt This mechanism is what happens in the mantle to keep the convection going This is exactly what Wegner was missing in his propositions Present l 50 million years ahead 0 San Andreas fault will slide part of California north 0 Africa collides with Eurasia Australia and New Guinea are on collision course 2 Which of the following is a sedimentary rock a Limestone b Quartz c Schist d Granite Ans A Limestone gt Limestone is made of shells and dead ocean critters 0 Here in NC we have a lot of igneous and metamorphic rocks Hiddenite NC Emeralds Atoms Elements Gemstones and Minerals Organization of Earth 1 Atoms are fundamental building blocks of elements 2 Elements are fundamental building blocks of minerals 3 Minerals are building blocks of rocks 4 Rocks are building blocks for the Earth Know the periodic table of elements Gemstone Shiny color durability simply the raw material Gem Modi ed and cut stone by man A gemstone is a mineral rock or petri ed material that when cut faceted or polished is collectable or can be used as jewelry gt Petri ed meaning turned into stone Examples of gemstones Amber Pearls o Emerald


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