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Week 2 lecture notes - Clinical Orthopedics and Contemporary Research

by: Camilla

Week 2 lecture notes - Clinical Orthopedics and Contemporary Research BMED 4420

Marketplace > Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute > Biomedical Sciences > BMED 4420 > Week 2 lecture notes Clinical Orthopedics and Contemporary Research
GPA 3.2
Clinical Orthopedics and Contemporary Research
Eric H. Ledet

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About this Document

week 2 of lecture notes taken down in class. Enjoy :)
Clinical Orthopedics and Contemporary Research
Eric H. Ledet
Class Notes
clinical orthopedics, BMED 4420, RPI Clinical Orthopedics
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Camilla on Sunday September 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BMED 4420 at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute taught by Eric H. Ledet in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 44 views. For similar materials see Clinical Orthopedics and Contemporary Research in Biomedical Sciences at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

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Date Created: 09/13/15
Clinical Orthopedics week 2 lecture notes 1 J i ii i qh Lgl AT I 7 fit 9itttl at a5 s EL 1 L 7 iii lhgrmrv TWE gampj4 i F Eh t i 472 IEvl39pl i i 9113 H 1 t Tilt 39 a I quotil39 39139 LEEquot FT 75 391 7 jil iT 39H 39In 5 quotLIL irt I a tuti tin11 quot nag 9 J 39 ji h I 39 5 r quot39 l I quotIi it 4 15h wigsnug MEL Tl 51151 11 l l i j i Lam L4 Pr ri was Lactic LLK luffl 1E liner P i h L I tiaqvnmuairf1 x V C 75 m f r myquot quot v I we it Emit Eu39l LwE w r A if r j 1 L n la w HEJLC rliLJi 39LV quotrL5 Hi 5quot l339fr1 galf 395 nuil nlyi W A al M5153 a cirf tf sprr y at v a 39 I r Jr 39 u my mili 1 ll Ernirzrfn g L l IIIIIE jJi tgtlt mf un it i39 Mi E a 3 we all a A am I V f l e 1 lllll LIV39J r j EH riifi t t39 t39Ll E ii H g EH J 3 7 ll Lira ir lfri n h 1ahll E tigers391 LE 3 4 0 H39Dtbq3 Limpi ii i L if Iquot I39L 7Lna EH Ed I a 4m l l 5 i i39ilu lli 1 WE3 39 Tubl liune n rk I LL yrjl m J 39 WEE 1 I I 3 quot a 539 Li n H 1s I a 51quot i gun qtquot quot2 a A39TLE L397 I a u is an 539 u x n r I Q squot 54 My 1 397 gr II rt ai 451 Hquot graft J 39l a him Prim r w i I I E 3 aquot SW 5 Li aquot r p 1 S V L i r I A 9 3939 1 1 I w r n I39 39quot H 391r395 r39 39 39 LEME EggH mm E diii39 253739 LEM 53 I my FIJI 3 H I Hquot iquot a f 31 a wfasr 7 M w a m It Eli 7 j r a N l f r a E 39 393 L mmau a t L I39LJrI u 3711r irquJin1Fr jfi a d 1 H quot17d 3 I u 1 um 7 J quot h E fir 7 a i 4a 5 h J I 39 rquot h L L 1 ifquot LI 4f39r5 M H i Mug 3 L r m 1K 1 I jr frka 7 h Y quot r v H u I EC H u u 1 if E EL 7 I J 394 f a I all dn g i e H Hr Fi gt st Agra hi J m Emir 1 f j w 7 W a H F a H 5quot J u may L a a L I 39 q quotiiiJ 9 r r M inb i g r Egg17 a El 1 a m a 739 i w t n39 7 1 39 1 7 E n h FE r lava quotml Figural ntan LilLy 539 39 hut f Lquot 15 31 39239 7 if if e39quot f v i 5 f w r Ar 7 quot in qr F J J h v IV a ll a A 391er 1 1 I 1 7quot 39 39 1 Iquot A n J F I 1 Life l 7 l a l q A p 1 F 3 F n g J 39 1 71 F r a J u 7 Z 4 I J 391 g agihx gn a gg g i 39lh n21 V17 u fia 1quot 39r V39 r Aquot 39 quot l an I 39 77 V 1 39 E1 A a in 7 r Iquot Ellii quotin j J ta disnit Haml quot4i WEF39 3 le 3 39 t g In 39EIEBE I I K 39 135 a 1 r1 w39 P rmurr J u s E E H q n L I 39I aLr U V Jill in V V Wkng in rm atw E al m E i ah rlg kmm is W211 rm in quot l u a r quot I 39 5M2 f iJ rT WH Wquot im h E Lj 7quot 3wquot 3 ElfE1119 L313 an v 1quot I u re 3 i ng i li y 7 9471 xw rag f qV a 4 Lihmwi rr 1b rr mail n a W 5395 H if Emir F Emma 55 5 Ma a ma a L52 wiggm v rLi flll j Juquotirrggjgjif MW 39l r 39 PM rr f f a quot V in a 43 mm b g LEVEJLTTE a j 32 E l lfFLaigJ39mwg y a quot W 39quot 3 1 MI E 3n a WEE Fi iif N AJIE39E M EWA mired a i gwg W E I ta L Twwim g H i J quot39 F FFEbh gkmy f1


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