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Notes on Book 2- The Republic

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3 reviews
by: Quinn Riley

Notes on Book 2- The Republic POSC 1030

Marketplace > Clemson University > Political Science > POSC 1030 > Notes on Book 2 The Republic
Quinn Riley
Introduction to Political Theory
Dr. Brandon Turner

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About this Document

Notes on Book 2 of Plato's "The Republic." Thorough, logical, and condensed. All main material included infused from both reading and in-class lecture. *A special note about my notes; my note-ta...
Introduction to Political Theory
Dr. Brandon Turner
Class Notes
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2 reviews
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Will Quillen
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Tyler White

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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Quinn Riley on Monday September 14, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to POSC 1030 at Clemson University taught by Dr. Brandon Turner in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 251 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Political Theory in Political Science at Clemson University.


Reviews for Notes on Book 2- The Republic

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-Will Quillen

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-Tyler White


It's blank. Will try on another computer lol

-Lindley Russell


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Date Created: 09/14/15
Plato s The Republic Book 2 The shift from book 1 to book 2 is dialectic The Republic is cumulative All arguments of the interlocutors are in come ways correct yet incomplete Why bejust What sort of good bene t comes fromis justice Gaucon assumes Thrasymachus opinion in the dialogue Gaucon suggests a hierarchy Pleasure appetitive desires Pleasuredelay doing for the consequences not always enjoyable Ultimate goods elements of both Asserts that justice is a compromise a second level good It subjects us to a social contract of justice But if one could do injustice with no consequences would they Cites the story of the Ring of Gyges o Noble man farmer is taken on a journey in which he is at some point confronted with a ring that allows for total invisibility njustice with impunity if one could do anything without consequences one would Doing injustice far exceeds justice it is fear of consequence that stops injustice Soul magni cation o Metaphor of illumination wisdom philosophy Metaphor of sight sharp vision 0 Glaucon he who cannot see 0 justice of the soul 0 Can be found in both the man and the city which are essentially the same Assumption Platonic Cosmology o If you want to understand individual justice look to the city Socrates goes on to create a quotcity in speechquot o A Utopian exercise Utopia is a forlorn and unattainable idea Socrates is aware of this 0 This is what society inherently demands Construction of the city 1st iteration The city is spurred by necessity bodily Purely economic oikia nomoi One rule principle of specialization 0 One man to one job 0 Mind your own business 0 Connected to Cephalus s de nition ofjustice he honest pay debts o This city lacks a fever or relish Appetitive class of people 0 ldyllic pastoral agrarian People are purely producers 2nCI lteration of the city 0 Origin of luxury luxury goods of furniture foods and spices 0 Origin of war 0 Origin of warriors Spirited desires notion of the soul strength of soul Philosopher dogs who is friend and who is enemy Polemarchian ethos statesmanlike attitude 0 Education of our heroes 0 Mimetic characterthe life of the warrior commoners in the appetitive class should strive to be like them Learn by example from emulated behavior 0 They know who is friend and who is foe because they are 0 educated 0 Bad poetry Homer portrays gods as a mess awed deeply human 0 Good poetry portrays the gods as good morally great in strength for the most part honest 0 Originally the GAURDIAN CLASS until 3rOI iteration of the city


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