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Cognitive Psychology - Mitroff

by: Somto Onwuchekwa

Cognitive Psychology - Mitroff PSYCH 2014

Marketplace > George Washington University > Psychlogy > PSYCH 2014 > Cognitive Psychology Mitroff
Somto Onwuchekwa

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About this Document

Notes from 02 -29 - 16
Cognitive Psychology
Steven Mitroff
Class Notes
CognitivePsychology, mitroff, gwu
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Somto Onwuchekwa on Monday March 7, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PSYCH 2014 at George Washington University taught by Steven Mitroff in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 58 views. For similar materials see Cognitive Psychology in Psychlogy at George Washington University.


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Date Created: 03/07/16
▯ 02/ 29 /16 ▯ Lecture 13 ▯ Object Vs. Space-based Disorders ▯ - Visual Neglect  Damage to the parietal lobe on the right side  If you have damage to the right parietal lobe you would neglect the left side of the world o You wont eat food on the right o You wont dress the left part of the body o Unless you orient it to be on the right side  Anton Raederscheidt o Painter who only painted the right side things  They actually see it, there’s nothing wrong with their visual perception  They just don’t attend to the left field  They create an object representation  They don’t ignore the left space, they ignore the left of the object  Late selection. o They get all the information through and then the problem starts  Experiment : Detect Letter o There are two letters on a dumbbell o One on the left one on the right o Letter H shows up on the left of the dumbbell and they don’t see it o When the left and right dumbbell rotates and the H is now on the right, they still don’t see it  Why?  They’re thinking of the object as an entity and this is object-based neglect . They know the object is being rotated and still perceive it as the right dumbbell  If however they see the H, then it would be spacial- based neglect  Patients often miss words on neglected (left side) o Ex: DRIVEWAY  (they only detect) WAY  Even if the word is written backwards, upside down, vertically ▯ - Balint Syndrome  Bilateral  Damage to both sides of the parietal lobe  Often patients with this do not survive  Attend to one object at a time  If you show someone with this syndrome 2 different lines and say “which is longer?” They cant tell you, they can only process one item at the time  If you connect those lines and say “Is this a trapezoid or a Circle?” They can tell you it’s a trapezoid because its one object and not 2  This is also not a visual perception problem, its an attention problem. Can’t attend to more than one thing at once  Video: Man and the Glasses and comb o He can see the comb by itself o He can see the glasses by itself o Put them together, he cant can’t see the glasses but he can see the comb o Space is not the issue, They’re in the same space, it’s the objects he cant process. ▯ - Attentional Capture  Some things whether we like it or not will capture our attention  Visual search o Finding targets among distractors o TASK: Find H or U o If the special feature captures your attn. then you should be quickest when target is special and slowest when a distractor is special o UNDERSTAND SPPECIAL FEATURE GRAPH o New objects will capture attn.  Something that wasn’t there before is now there  That makes it special because its new  Hence you are quickest to see the change o Looming (popping out at you) captures attn. o Receding stimuli ( that goes away from you) do not capture attn.  In other words, things coming towards you will capture your attn. more than things that don’t come out at you. ▯ - Limits on Attention  Talking on the phone and driving  Inattentional Blindness Study o Black squares and White Circles o A red cross would go across the screen o Told people to track the white circles as it bounced across the screen o Other group did the same thing but were also using a cell phone, having a conversation on speaker o Both were about the same 77.2% and 78.4% tracking the white circles o However how many saw the red cross? (the kid that’ll run across the street?)  Ones without cell phone noticed 70%  Ones with cell phone 10% ▯ - Increasing Attention  Can you increase it?  Can playing videogames have an impact on attn.?  Attentional Blink o The red letter and K experiment o Video gamers are better at processing and seeing the letter after the red  Is this Self –selection or Training ? o Is it because you have good attention so you have better attn.? or is it because you have good gaming skills that you have better attn. ? o Experiments :  Video games  Action Group : Playing action game  Control Group: play Tetris  Conclusion : It is something about the game that helps you get better at attn.  Multiple Object Tracking Task  See a bunch of circle and follow the circles with your eyes. Start with 1 circle, then 2, then 3, then 4, then 5, then 6…  VGP could track more objects than NVGP  Those who played Action games, could track more than Tetris players  Conclusion :  Gamers are better at attention than Non Gamers  If you then take gamers and break them up into those who plays action games Vs. those who play calm games, Action gamers have higher attn. then those who play calm games (Tetris)  “Avid action video game players might have better attention, but they are just as hurt by attention demanding dual- tasks”


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