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AFAM week 2 notes

by: Victoria King

AFAM week 2 notes 2113-001

Victoria King
GPA 3.71

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About this Document

in class lecture notes on stereotypes and slave trade
Africa and the diaspora
greg graham
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Victoria King on Monday March 7, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 2113-001 at University of Oklahoma taught by greg graham in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see Africa and the diaspora in African Studies at University of Oklahoma.

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Date Created: 03/07/16
biggest link from west to east: transatlantic slave trade slavery is a mode of production human beings as a whole sustain themselves. chained to the fishing decks middle east: ethipoian women live as slaves aristotle justifies slavery based off reason and body and wisdom slave: slavic peoples racial slavery——> modern diaspora (jewish experience) captivity in babylon and egyptians spirit of liberation led slaves to read the bible first exposure to reading ethiopianism- prophesy of a king and liberation restaferian movement: jamaica africans were on columbus’s voyage myth of andromica homer african king spaniards didn’t believe that the people they conquered had souls caribs are the only ones left originally because they integrated. people thought they were cannibals septimus severus roman emperor 192-211 son was killed by his brother during hegels writing it seems that the greeks just happen to randomly come up with ideas and civilization “At this point we leave africa never to mention it again. For it is no historical part of the world. it has no movement or development to exhibit”. ethnic caricature and motion pictures Big lips, giant pink lips, more ape like actors that portrayed black people were white: thomas D rice minstrel productions of black people that were really white this gave white people their first impression of blacks it conditioned people to think and perceive them in certain ways female genital mutilation cake that would scream when cut to discourage its practice Bert Williams african american actor. Very intelligent and dignified, but when he went on stage he bent over, spoke incorrectly and changed his persona based off of the white american audiences. Al johnson: white jewish singer, dressed black dialectic: the coming together of two things in opposition of each other to create synthesis thesis-antithesis-synthesis the problem happens when they desire to return to their homeland even though they have made culture adjustments that were necessary to getting used to american life, and they realize that when they return its not what they expected. there is resentment, awkwardness, and an unsettling problem when attempting to fit in romanticising is a common practice thinking of only the good things, or the possible positive things from the old home country


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