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Week 3 Notes

by: Isaac Byrd

Week 3 Notes HIST 1100 - 01

Isaac Byrd
American History to 1865
Benjamin Park

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About this Document

American History to 1865
Benjamin Park
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Isaac Byrd on Monday September 14, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 1100 - 01 at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by Benjamin Park in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see American History to 1865 in History at University of Missouri - Columbia.


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Date Created: 09/14/15
Isaac Byrd 82515 American History Things to know Bering Straight Connects Asia to America 2500bc 800bc Was an ice bridge Paeolndians First people that discover the Americas by crossing the bearing straight Live in small groups of 15 50 people A reason why they cam over to America was for a large population of game animals to eat 23 of these large animals died within the rst 1000 years By 9000 bc people reached the southern tip of south America They kept moving due to weather In 500 bc people north of rio grand river could grow consistent crops Mound Builders settled the Mississippi river and valley Used river for trade routes Name refers to large burial mounds they build Their area became the biggest population in North America the largest being Cahokia 6 square miles and temples Fell apart in 13th century The great league of peace A number of tribes formed together to have a peaceful relationship and trade with one another Tribes that the British would work with north east America Resulted in a more of a civilized impression by Europeans Animism Connection between spirituality and land Everything has a spirit Manitou A spiritual life force founded in animate and inanimate life forms How many Indian and European communities similar on the eve of contact In what ways were they different How did Natives and Europeans view the environment differently Europeans viewed Native Americans as if they needed their help on civilizing They wanted to in uence culture and religion Common things between Natives and Europeans Weather impacted their lives Centralized powers and made them matter A sense of development in these situations Both civilizations practiced slavery in different forms Both were strongly religious Connection to politics You have wars between competing groups tribes nations and empires Differences native Americans Did not seek Women took a role in society Unassigned land was for everyone No ones owned land Wealth was not primary power indicator Lazier was power Sexual relations varied amongst tribes but in general there was more emphasis placed on family structures and broader balance Natives lack technology needed for war steel gun powder Didn t want to expand into new culture and other people Europeans were much more immune to foreign sicknesses Were more tuned to spirituality As a result of these differences the Europeans thought that the Natives were uncivilized and ignorant with the land Differences in tribes West Based around cannons of southwest East Much more closely aligned to empires Held political relations and much more war like Merged around 1500 North East League Week 2 Notes 831 Key Terms 0 Prince Ferdinand and Queen lsabella marriage that could create Spain 0 Demographic Decimation 0 Columbus Was not the scienti c modernist Devoutly religious and spiritual and his reasoning for exploring was to spread Christianity Was an experienced mariner Started around 1484 to nd a route to India appointed by god The trip was too expensive so he had to get money from Portugal and Spain Assumed Asia was 3500 miles away On 1492 he left with 3 ships and 19 men Followed trade route to Canary Islands and took 35 days to reach the Caribbean The landscape was the most impressive things to him He left 33 men went back to spain and spread the word Was published Treaty of Tordesillas 1494 something declared by the pope that left America to Spain and Africa to Portugal The Spanish empire then started to discover 0 How did the Canary Islands prepare Europeans to colonize America See listed notes below 0 Why do historians now use the term contact instead of discovery when talking about the early period Discovery assumed that it is the rst time that anyone has found it and contact is the rst contact between two different civilizations How did American colonization change the global economy Created a trade that connected Europe to America to Africa Colonial outposts Also rami cation of land being taken from natives and slavery started 0 In what ways was American colonization related to the scienti c revolution The premodern renaissance Coming up with new technology that helped them dominate Why were native populations decimated in such large numbers Disease caused them because they did not live in city environments and they didn t have trade from all of the world Domestication of animals spread disease Also large groups of dirty Europeans came This meant that they didn t have people that could take care of them resulting in more deaths The islands that Columbus encountered dropped from 1 million to nothing in half of a centry Mexico lost an estimated 90 of its population The North American Natives went from dozens of millions to a couple hundred thousands Half in a decade 50 years lead to 10 population 1500ad 50 million natives Europeans didn t want to kill off them because they used them for slavery Was not intentional The loss of Native populations resulted in the increase in imports from Africa Vegetation also changed New species came in contact with others Resulted in new crops that could be grown there that they couldn t grow in Europe Cross polarization was then created Pagues killed of a great population of explorers They thought the romans and Greeks had already explored the world The inability of Europe to trade with the middle east caused them to explore new trade routes First they wanted to explore Africa because they could dominate and take over but they failed while attempting Whie exploring they found the Canaries lslands Learned some things while exploring 1 It taught them how to handle prolong voyages Between spain and Portugal 2 Tested steel weapons mounted men and war dogs 3 Learned how to exploit local rivalries as well as introducing new sicknesses 4 They developed a slave trade 5 They discovered how to used counterclock wise winds that were necessary for crossing the Atlantic The depopulation of America started happening 82 Key terms 0 Tenochtitlan Aztec city Large native settlement One of the largest in the Americas Present day mexico city 200000 people Dominant in warfare Fell to cortez and his followers The Spanish had steel guns horses disease The natives had enemies also Conquistadores Private enterprises let by independent military contractors in pursuit of pro t They would give two options join Christianity or die Colonists are young men that moved to new world to nd new opportunities Bartolome de Las Casas Explorer that was religious and made a book that opened the eyes of people to realized the natives were being treated wrong Says that the Spanish are degrading religion As a result Spain outlaws lndian slavery Franciscan Missions Jesuits Devout religious purposes Wanted to convert natives Wanted a prosperous civilization The natives then joined communities and got access to steel and other weaponry that bene ted them Also caused con icts between native tribes that had different views 0 quotBlack Legendquot Spanish were way more cruel and more destructive than other Europeans in their treatment of Indians 0 Mestizos Mix between colonists and native Americans Outnumbered the native population by the 18th century As a result they established a new dominant race New spain became very rich Castas pure blooded new race Indians on bottom mixed in middle Spanish on top Pueblo Revolt 1680 in Sante Fe Reveled how the Spanish could have a step back at any moment Also showed how tribes could have unity language enemies the tribes then gained con dence to attack their enemies Natives began to doubt that the Christian gods could not save them As a result 400 spanish are killed including 2 dozen missionaries Spain was then kicked out of Mexican territory Even though the Spanish would eventually take back over they had a different relationship 0 How di the Spanish Empire justify their colonization Why were Spanish armies able to conquer native cities 0 What were the chief features of the French and Dutch empires in North America 0 How did different colonial powers interact with Indian Populations How did those approaches change over time 0 Compare and Contrast the institution of Calvary in two different colonial societies Empires are very occulating Different empires had different approaches on ways to conquer They would also progress Spanish rst to the land First to go inland to explore Started in 1493 by Columbus with 17 ships and 1200 men When arrived discovered the natives killed the small town already created Used this as an excuse to wage war In 1495 Columbus shipped 1500 captives to spain for sale Distributed them between plantations and sex slave places In 1500 they discovered it was its own continent Columbus lost his ego Christianity dominated rather than muslim In 1502 Nicalus established the rst European colony 300000 people to 33000 to 500 over the years Spain then wanted to spread wealth and religion IN 1508 45 ships made trips to Caribbean In 1918 Magellan nally went all the way around the world They began to steal the goods that were being shipped back to spain The Spanish then made large convoys and military trips so they could secure the food This became too expensive Resulted in moving further inland Leaders like Cabeza de Vaca Was able to transform Spanish policy Another explorer that was also religious was Bartolome de las casas By 1600 new spain was the most dominant power in the world Less slaves in new spain that were imported New spain was close to the Catholic church French Sparked by jealousy the French wanted to set up trade towns just to get things back to france They moved far away from spain to Canada They focused on fur and sh France focused on water rivers great lakes and eventually Mississippi river Didn t build structures or towns just used random people to get trade connections Started to change in 1863 when rich people were able to buy land Relied on trade not agriculture Began to make relationships with natives Allowed full citizenship to whoever would convert to their religion Natives then gained access to guns and steel and alcohol Dutch new Netherlands Not the most powerful but was the richest Amsterdam was like a modern day NYC Had center for art Their attempts to colonize were limited Went to around the new yorkjersey area Became the Atlantic slave trade Granted slaves property rights and freedoms No forced religion Never became large Held good relations that other didn t have 9915 Key terms Virginia Company Lead by wealthy people pushing colonization Allowed by royals to have a colony In rst year 38100 survived Searched for buried treasures rather than planting Encounters with native Americans started off with them trying to pro t each other Wanted boundaries between groups Not many attempts to convert na ves Roanoke in 1585 Sir Walter sent 100 colonists on a ship to pirate the Spanish Safe from Spanish but horrible for crops Expected natives to feed them and provide for them Second attempt in 1587 had 17 women and 9 children Left there and when returned only thing to be found was a word on a tree croatin Jamestown rst successful development Fertile land Crops and animals Natives were not happy with new settlers Powhatan In the Jamestown area Leader of 30 tribes They worked to prepare for the winter Didn t have much food storage Lead largest native group Inherited 6 tribes and conquered 24 tribes Over 100 wives Discourse Concerning Western Planting one of several pamphlets written by the British empire to clean out the homeless They would use big exciting words to grab attention Utopia the idea of everyone living above poverty Uprising of 1622 natives are no longer happy of working 347 British were killed Tobacco production surged In 1624 produced 200000 lbs of tobacco 300000010000000 More workers moved to colony forjobs In 1624 took over colony and made it a royal colony Introduced slavery What were the reasons so many British migrated to America in the seventeen century Things were going so poorly at home They were quotpushed outquot A way to get rid of the poor people living on government London tripled in size because homeless ocked towards big town In what ways did British colonization introduce new forms of liberty in the seventeenth century In what ways did it halt liberty Describe the differences between colonization in Virginia and in Massachusetts In what ways were the dealings with natives different in the Chesapeake and new England Chesapeake Bay the land that nobody wanted British wanted it Land was too cold for crops Maryland was a private governed place Meant to be a Catholic haven Very pro table from the start Drew experienced planters Very few Catholics moved there Things to know Puritanism a state of mind Puritans are people that believe that the church of England was on the decline Take religion seriously Believed in individual interpretation of the bible Believed authority was located in local congregations Listened to 700 sermons Wanted new land without neighbors and enemies Choose the new England area Most of natives were wiped out and they took over what they had already built Massachusetts Bay Company rich investors Migrated with their people unlike Virginia company Believe religion and work come together Great Migration When new England settlement is starting to become pro table Takes places over 1630 s quotcity on a hillquot May ower concept


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