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Unit 2 Framework for Family Communication

by: Kelcie Jolliffe

Unit 2 Framework for Family Communication H_D 204-03

Marketplace > Washington State University > Human Development > H_D 204-03 > Unit 2 Framework for Family Communication
Kelcie Jolliffe
GPA 3.66
Family Interaction
Amy Shepherd

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About this Document

Here are the notes I took for Unit 2 Framework for Family Communication. I hope they help you out!
Family Interaction
Amy Shepherd
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kelcie Jolliffe on Monday September 14, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to H_D 204-03 at Washington State University taught by Amy Shepherd in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 43 views. For similar materials see Family Interaction in Human Development at Washington State University.

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Date Created: 09/14/15
Unit 2 Framework for Family Communication Meaning amp Messages 0 Depending on the family one thing can mean a great amount while it means nearly nothing to a ther unication Supp Primary FuncUons Primary Func Ions Cohesion how close we are as a family Adaptability how well we deal with changes Secondary Functions Cohesion Enmeshed families Really really close highly dependent to one another no individuality choices are made together can be considered dangerous Cohesive close value loyalty being together some individuality some choices are made together 0 Connected sense of belonging amp involvement more individuality tolerance Disengaged not close at all no decisions are made together no family meals basically seen as roommates not involved with one another Adaptability Chaotic no rules how we balance stability amp change how smooth things run amp go don39t function very well no one steps up in leadership no roles or rules dangerous parenting technique a lot of change 0 Flexible share decisions handles change well things can shift amp they can handle it Structured limited decision making not much change happens lots or rules Rigid Authoritarian leadership my way or the hi way parenting low warmth strict guidelines hardly ever change no expectations rules are rules Speaking Skills 0 Use quotquot statements Expressing your own thoughts and feelings SelfDisclosure Telling your secrets to others Clarity Something that you would see as being quotriskyquot to tell others Reciprocate with your own secrets when you are told one Content matching body language amp tone Mean what you say Stay on topic Finish conversations Respect amp Regard Be considerate Be respectful to thoughts and feelings Family Images How we want to be seen How we portray ourselves and our families to others We develop quotpicturesquot of what our family looks like to us Everyone in the family needs to have the same idea of family images or it will not run smoothly Family Themes Help answer who are we what do we value how do we invest our energy Helps guide behavior in and outside of the family To understand family themes we must understand communication patterns We can always improve We can get through adversity Bounda es External Boundaries Everyone has them Highly related to rules Who it is amp not okay to talk to Where it is okay amp not okay to go to Ideas Values Information Internal Boundaries Reinforce hierarchy structure Regulate internal differentiation Who is in the family amp who isn39t Private discussions How much privacy is allowed or expected Parents allowing con ict between children or not Replying on children for support when spouse is lacking Arguing in public okay or not Biosocial Issues Social issues gender age birth order Okay for men to do Okay for women to do Position Oriented Families high hierarchy Person Oriented Families rights and responsibilities interests and availability lntergenerational In uences Tradition or patterns carried through generations 0 How we were raised can affect how we run our families The ways parents socialize you relates to what is acceptable in current social culture amp your own culture Communication style amp ways Basically how we grew up will transfer into our own lives amp families Replicate or react to boundaries from our childhood How attached you are to someone in your family can affect how you both grow and affects your lives


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