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Week 2 Notes

by: Amara Brinks

Week 2 Notes HST 163WI

Amara Brinks
GPA 4.0
Latin American Experience
Eidahl, Brad

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About this Document

These notes cover information on the Incan Empire and Precursor societies in South America. These are very detailed notes. This professor does not put notes online and only will cover this materi...
Latin American Experience
Eidahl, Brad
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Amara Brinks on Tuesday September 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HST 163WI at Central Michigan University taught by Eidahl, Brad in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 103 views. For similar materials see Latin American Experience in History at Central Michigan University.


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Date Created: 09/15/15
Latin American Experience September 9th 2015 l Inca 12501500CE A Precursor Societies Nazca 4OOBCEO In Atacama desert driest place in the world 0 Made giant designs in the desert Used complex irrigation to grow in the desert o Theories on Designs 1 Functioned as birth control 0 Men are too tired to have sex 2 Nazca are communicating with aliens Only seen from air aliens gave guidance 3 Make up a part of the Nazca religion 0 Created paths and walked them Chimor 850CE 1470Coast of Peru a Known for goldsmiths b lnvent sunken gardens c lnca conquered them in 1470 i Still exist in lnca empire Founding Myth vs Reality a Myth lnca emerged from three caves in the middle of a lake island From the side caves came the general lncan population from the middle cave came 8 siblings 4 girls 4 boys they were children of the sun god lnti One of the disliked brothers is tricked to go back to the cave where he was trapped there Another brother decided to go to the cave to keep watch he turned himself into stone and stays there forever One of the demigod sisters has a child with one of the remaining demigod brothers this child is named Manco Capac who is then the rst emperor of the Inca Empire b Reality i Manco Capac was probably a real person ii lnca were a roaming band of barbarians iii The rst seven lncan emperors didn39t do much to try to expand the empire iv 8th emperor conquers the whole valley v When the Inca are invaded by a larger force this emperor ees and takes his heir with him He leaves his lesser son in Cuzco The lesser son and two generals defend of the attack and then go to conquer the empire that attacked them The lesser son then kills his father and heir Becomes the new emperor and changes name to Pachacuti the earthquake lnca vi He conquers a lot of land vii His son Tupac later conquers southern territories B The Land of the Four Corners 2500 miles a lnca Empire was made up of 4 parts i Collasuya south ii Antisuyu east iii Contisuyu west iv Chuhaysuya north Each part was governed by emperors close family Children Siblings Further subdivided into provinces These provinces were ruled by a governor also emperors family Aunts Cousins Each province was divided into parts i Governed by other lncan nobles These parts were divided into Allyu39s kinship groupings i Members of an Allyu can be traced back to one common ancestor ii Hard to remove them from their common land because their common ancestor is often buried on that land lncan empire had as many as 300000 bureaucrats i Constantly conducting census surveys Andean Social Structure i Allyu ii Reciprocity lnca would distribute land by need reassess land needs every ve years 13 of crops had to go to the emperor 13 of crops had to go to the priest i You had to worship lnti 13 of crops used to feed the Allyu All men and women had to pay the Mita i Mita is labor obligations to the Inca ii lnca would request labor and an Allyu was required to send people People would submit to the Inca for protection there was no point in resisting Reciprocity If an Allyu is having tough times you help them and are paid back later lnca will help you when you need it lnca ensured everyone had food and protected from outside invasion p If a group wants to break away the Inca would resettle that group to the middle of the empire and then take a loyal group and settle them in the other group39s old home i This was very drastic because many ayus had their common ancestor buried in their home which they did not want to leave C Incan Empire a Mita System i Citizens are assigned to a task for the Inca b Mita created the road system i Had signi cant road system The roads had steps because they were just for walking iii They had no pack animals to pull carts iv Roads had suppIy posts v It took only one week for runners to deliver a message to the far reaches of the empire c Quipu i Collar around neck with ropes of different colors thickness and knots ii How the Inca wrote and kept records iii Nobody today can read them d Incan Religion i Inti 1 Sun god 2 Emperors are sons of Inti demigods 3 The emperors cannot touch the ground or it will cause earthquakes ii Mummies a Practice some chiId sacri ce mainly after disasters i Children are heavily drugged for a year in advance of their sacri ce b When you die you can still be reached i Golden ornate buriaI masks i Cuzco 1 Any religious city 2 Capital of the Incan Empire D Concluding thoughts a Tupac goes to conquer Ecuador i He and his son die of what is believed to be small pox ii There is a ght over who will succeed iii The next son in line isn39t liked iv The other son may be illegitimate v 8 year civil war vi Illegitimate son sacri ces 200 children and wins power vii Right after this happened the Spanish arrived to conquer the already shaky ncan Empire There were only notes given on Wednesday due to no class Monday for labor day and Friday class consisted of reviewing the weeks reading and responses


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