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CRJU- Sept 8 and 10

by: Lane christopher

CRJU- Sept 8 and 10 CRJU 101 003

Lane christopher
GPA 3.36
American Criminal Justice System
Theresa Clement

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About this Document

American Criminal Justice System
Theresa Clement
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lane christopher on Tuesday September 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CRJU 101 003 at University of South Carolina taught by Theresa Clement in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see American Criminal Justice System in Criminology and Criminal Justice at University of South Carolina.

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Date Created: 09/15/15
Connects to previous outline 4 Decision to arrest 1 don t have to arrest you 2 put them in diversion systems like juvenile detention 3 limits on the power to arrest 1 probable cause to arrest not mere suspicion 1 facts that a crime was committed 2 facts that you re involved 2 Law Enforcement needs to document the circumstances of the arrest need to be articulate take all evidence lawfully 1 Terry vs Ohio 1 man walking suspicious 2 cop walks to see what going on and pats them down 3 finds a weapon 4 takes them for unlawful possession of a weapon 5 attorney argues that he was unlawfully search reasonable suspicion not probable cause USSC said they can pat down if its to keep reasonable suspicion facts that lead a reasonable person to believe that crime is afoot 9 facts that lead a person to believe a crime is going to happen is reasonable suspicion 10 probable cause facts that a crime happened and happened in jurisdiction 5 have to tell you that you are getting arrested 1 can hold you in jail up to 48 hours without a formal charge First appearance bail bond is set preliminary hearing decides if there is probable cause to arrest and take to court 8 indictment stage 1 case will be sent to grand jury 2 will hear FACTS of case 3 decides if there will be a trial P90 90 NF 4 no bill charge will be dismissed 5 true bill will be a trial and that paper is on acquisition 9 motions may be filed in a case asking the court for a heannginthatcase 1 lawyer could be plea bargaining for their case 2 can be filed at anytime until there is a verdict 10 trial bench trial try the whole case just in front of the judge judge decides jury trial jury decides guilty or not 1 treated innocent until proven guilty 2 presumption of innocence due process right 11 once sentenced jail or prison or probation 1 leave prison early parole 2 institutional correction officers wards guards 3 institutional correction staff nurse that works at the prison secretary 4 probation parole officers work on the outside 12 If found guilty you can appeal your case try to get it overturned Victimology study of victims and patterns Why are some types of people victimized more than others differential association of perpetrators and victims criminals and victims share gender women have the greatest risk of sexual assault least reported crime women are victimized less than men in all other categories martial status never married more likely to be victimized age factor young people are more likely to perpetuate crime 0 1224 more likely to be a victim o elderly less likely to be victims situation you will not get shot if there is no gun o armed defender robbery crime is most likely to occur 0 banks or gas stations time and location more likely to be victimized late at night with not a lot of people urban people are more likely to be victimized than rural people National Crime Victimization survey where we get most of our info about victims from victims additional info other than police because not all crimes are reported doesn t include homicide Theories to explain victimization victim participation theory whenever someone is victimized there is socialization between the victim and the perpetrator victim participates in their own victimization not always their fault lifestyle theories some lifestyle activities may cause you to be victimized buying weed or walking home alone at night lifestyle associations people you are with make it more or less likely to get victimized Consequences of victimization primary victimization impact financial impact physical impact psychological impact secondary victimization impact inappropriate responses of individuals and institutions towards the victim o as a victim you are treated as a witness 0 media throws people into the news rape shield laws limit on what the defense is allowed to bring up about victims previous sex life Victims rights movement political issue take care of victims 2004 Victims rights act victims have certain rights like right to know when they have to go to court right to say what they want to say monetary reimbursement for the crime they were exposed to money comes from victim compensation programs medical care or restitution programs defendant pays back or civil lawsuits Victim participation programs 1 victim impact statements at sentencing victim has the right to say what should happen to the defendant 2 victim offender venting after sentencing victim is given the chance to meet and vent to the defendant 3 victim offender reconsiliation after conviction victim and offender in the same room goal is to find out why they did what they did so the victim can forgive


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