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Chapter 3

by: Amy Notetaker

Chapter 3 history 2010-018

Amy Notetaker
GPA 3.1
Survery 1 of U.S History

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About this Document

there is more stuff on the puritans lifestyle. The introduction of tobacco to the new world.
Survery 1 of U.S History
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Amy Notetaker on Tuesday September 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to history 2010-018 at Middle Tennessee State University taught by Cooper in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see Survery 1 of U.S History in History at Middle Tennessee State University.


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Date Created: 09/15/15
Puritans continued there was no social class in their society they had a set dress code there was no way to move up and down in social rank Theocracy church and state are one Harvard 1636 was created to produces ministers teachers and politicians Harvard was created for Puritans John Winthrop became governor of Massachusetts We have 3 people who were kicked out of the colony for their different beliefs 1 Roger Williams Williams was unhappy with the fact that Boston was a theocracy He believed that the state and church should be separate also he believed that the indians were being mistreated and the king was wrong for putting people on their land Williams lived with the Algonquin Indians and learned their language Williams was kicked out of Massachusetts by the government He created his own colony of Rhode Island He purchased the land from the Indians He practiced Soul liberty or religious freedom 2 Thomas Hooker Was equally unhappy with winthrop about voting church membership people who were not in the church were not allowed to vote Hooker wanted to create a world where all men could vote He founded connecticut in 1636 and all men could vote there 3 Anne Hutchison she was a religious rebel she believed that god had spoken to her but at the time god only spoke to mean she spoke about her experience with others held prayer meetings in her home she was a very gifted speaker so many people started showing up to her prayer meeting that she had to move them to the church even men started to show up to these meetings men decided that women could not be ministers because women were not as smart as men Faith vs Works what is necessary for you to go to heaven puritans believed you needed both but Anne said you only needed faith She was put on trial for speaking out of the church men said that she had lost her rights as a woman 1637 She had to leave Massachusetts She joined Roger Williams in Rhode Island had 12 children and continued being a speaker She moved to amsterdam with her family when they returned Anne and her family were killed by an Indian attack in 1640s Winthrop was happy when he heard the news because he thinks god punished her for speaking outside of the church 1618 Head right system was a way to increase the population refer a friend to come to the new world and you get land It was somewhat successful 1619 House of Burgesses was the first representative government in North America 1624 Jamestown becomes a royal colony Calvert wanted to find a new colony Lord Baltimore He was catholic wanted a safe haven in the new world for Catholic Calvert died before this could happen but his son got a charter for Maryland in 1632 Protestant overran Maryland so the catholics safe haven failed Maryland set up the head right system 1660s 2500 people in Maryland by 1680 there were 20000 people living there John Rolfe introduced Tobacco to Virginia and Maryland Tobacco became a high demand in Europe so Virginia started planting huge crops of tobacco Tobacco was really bad for the soil farmers had to rotated their crops or keep them fallow land still ran out of nutritions


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