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Web Designing Article

by: Shai Notetaker

Web Designing Article English 101

Shai Notetaker
GPA 5.0
College Writing

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About this Document

College Writing
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Shai Notetaker on Tuesday September 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to English 101 at Middle Georgia State College taught by Mr.yeater in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 64 views. For similar materials see College Writing in Foreign Language at Middle Georgia State College.

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Date Created: 09/15/15
Web Designers Now Making A Difference That Matters Times have changed for promoting products craftsmanship and services People of today have adapted futuristic yet cost ef cient ways for more coverage over the grand population where digital media plays the greatest role That39s where web designing comes into play It39s a skill and talent that not everyone has but for a business owner a blogger or a company who wants progress and be able to adapt to the fast pace world A help of skillful webdesigner is what39s needed Among a selection of web designers there39s a company based in Toronto Canada known as World Web Guys it s a fullservice webdesigning company that creates high quality websites applications graphic or print designs and much more A Toronto web designer is expected to be an honest hardworking respectful and professional individual A team of such talent and passion driven individuals will surely deliver very outstanding work and meet more than your expectations Services The team is not only webdesigners but developers of relevant information and signi cant ideas Here are the services the talented team has to offer 0 Web Design Designing that ranges from personal websites to custom ecommerce website designs and applications 0 Ecommerce Service provided to online based businesses and online shops or even for people who wants to post products online and get attention of potential buyers 0 Print Design The conventional use of printed ads are still bene cial if you want to reach out to those who are not computer savvy Video Production Nothing is more attractive than moving pictures and the team of talented artists directors video producers and engineers are available to help in making pictures come to life for you 0 Motion Graphics Animated graphics is now more than just a child39s past time show the team of animators can offer you full modelling and animation that can move touch and attract people of all ages 0 Kiosk Touch Screen Touchscreens are making things easier for people in terms of navigation connecting to people and entertainment The company recognizes these and can or will use it for your advantage through selfservice touch screen kiosks that are integrated to products and services you offer 0 SEO The use of Search Engine Optimization is now considered a standard method to get the ranking and traf c from natural visitors you need and the team can surely offer you ef cient steps for properly promoting online 0 Marketing You can have all the beautiful designs and digital advertisements that you want but if no one can search for it or see it then it becomes nothing of use The team acknowledges this fact and offers marketing tools and options for you to keep up with the ow of traf c and keep up with the competition with the standard used by today39s developers Why Choose World Web Guys The company has high standards and aim to maintain customer satisfaction while producing beautiful designs Beauty that goes further beyond what you see the company39s team strictly adheres to web designing ideals ensuring navigation is a smooth and fast experience for browsers and the general public Nothing is more pleasant in browsing the web if it is responsive easy on the eyes and has relevant information that brings awareness and worth the time checking into


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