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PSY235 Child Psych Lecture Notes Sept. 15.pdf

by: Rachael Cruz

PSY235 Child Psych Lecture Notes Sept. 15.pdf Psy 235

Marketplace > Purdue University > Psychlogy > Psy 235 > PSY235 Child Psych Lecture Notes Sept 15 pdf
Rachael Cruz
Child Psychology
George Hollich

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About this Document

These are detailed notes and graphs from chapter 4 from lecture on Tues. Sept. 15 and from the book up until pg. 40 section 4.5.
Child Psychology
George Hollich
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rachael Cruz on Tuesday September 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Psy 235 at Purdue University taught by George Hollich in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 51 views. For similar materials see Child Psychology in Psychlogy at Purdue University.


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Date Created: 09/15/15
Review Quiz Prenatal Development At 4 days after conception the zygote consists of about 100 cells resembling a hallow ball known as blastocyst The final and longest stage of prenatal development is the period of the fetus The least invasive method of prenatal diagnosis is ultrasound The Apgar scale measures a newborns39s breathing When Grant puts a small rattle in his newborn daughter39s hand she grasps it tightly Grant39d daughter is displaying the palmar reflex Growth amp Nutrition Who grows faster 4 yr old or 14 yr old 0 14 yr old gt growth spurt around this age growth is not steady but in spurts 0 1st yr of life 3x your weight Cephalocaudal o grow from head to toe o toddlers are top heavy o grow from inside out gt proximodistal Head 50 of body in 2 month old fetus but only 13 of adult stature Legs 13 of a 2 month old fetus but 50 of a 25 yr old Skeletal Development prenatal skeletal structures are initially cartilage that will ossify o ossification occurs head to toe cephalocaudal skull bones are separated by 6 fontanelles soft spots at birth 0 broken up like a puzzle piece 0 allow head to overlap and squeeze through birth canal 0 will be solid by age 2 ankles feet wrists and hands develop more bones as a child matures bones develop both from center and ends epiphyses 0 ends harden first 0 need calcium to do so Muscular Development no new muscles just longer and stronger at birth muscle tissue accounts for 18 to 24 of body weight by mid2039s skeletal muscle accounts for o 40 of male body weight 0 24 of female body weight Adolescent Growth Spurt 1016 years can gain 2025 lbs in one year Puberty the changes that occur as children39 bodies change to be able to produce children of their own 0 primary and secondary sex characteristics 0 ladies first 1 O12yrs gt breasts gt pubic hair gt manarche 0 boys 12 13yrs gt testes gt pubic hair gt growth spurt gt voice lowers gt first ejaculation spermarche Cultural Variations o Secular growth trend gt industrialized countries tend to mature faster than nonindustrialized access to quality food water resources gt people from Asia South America and Africa tend to be smaller than people from North America Northern Europe and Australia What makes us grow HHN O Heredity o Hormones 0 Nutrition Heredity o timing and end product is in the genes gt short parents usually short children 0 identical twin 9 correlation in height Hormones chemicals produced by different glands that encourage and regulate body function 0 during sleep 80 and exercise 0 Human Growth Hormone pituitary general growth gt muscular growth gt libido o thyroxinethyroid helps with brain and nerve development gt mental retardation can occur if messed with o androgensadreanal gland muscle and bone gt testosterone and estorgentestes and ovaries mostly sexual development levels can vary from person to person ll polhulumus l lulutarp iland I l l l I Humid drrnul glnnth Morin l l l l Thynuinc Androgen ruvalll hormone Instantrom Estrogen l l l l l lle her groth luuulu gnwtla icmral growth of lf lh liralion of male Mutation of female llam grm lh Bum urn Ill bod linoquot rrprmlm39llw organs reprmludhr urpm dolcsunl row I before birth Bnut youth purt Maturation ul nule Broadening of hip rtprududlw organs Budt hour okr than ll t lm LuI and body hair Scrunchquot ln urntr un muwuhr development Imnr grnvull uml hrmulrnin at boulders o Testosterone gt more testosterone more aggression higher physical ability Biological Influences 0 girls who are affected by congenital adrenal hyperplasia CAH are exposed to large amounts of androgen during prenatal development 0 during childhood and adolescence girls with CAH refer masculine activities and male play mates 0 Instrumental traits gt agression gt dominance gt competativeness o Expressive traits gt social gt nu u ng gt talkative Hypothetical Gender Difference Average Average fm hnyf fnr qII IF Girls who read worse than the 39 Boys who rent average a hny 39 better than the v average qrl l mu REFII39RF Hypmhntmnl Reading SmartF I 300105 for WIS SLU39ES for buy Gender continuum o androgynous people are high in both expressive and instrumental traits 0 being androgynous benefits girls39 selfesteem more than boys 0 a balance of instrumentality and expressiveness may be especially adaptive


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