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SOC 240 week four notes

by: Daniel Meyer

SOC 240 week four notes Soc 240

Marketplace > Illinois State University > Sociology > Soc 240 > SOC 240 week four notes
Daniel Meyer
GPA 3.43
People In Places: Understanding and Developing Community
Michael Dougherty

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About this Document

Hello everyone, here is a great set of detailed notes from week four. -have a good one!
People In Places: Understanding and Developing Community
Michael Dougherty
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Daniel Meyer on Tuesday September 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Soc 240 at Illinois State University taught by Michael Dougherty in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 44 views. For similar materials see People In Places: Understanding and Developing Community in Sociology at Illinois State University.


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Date Created: 09/15/15
M Week Four Tuesday DinzeyFlores 339 Two gated communities 339 These two communities are vastly different 0 The fence around the wealthy community gives them safety and power I The power is that to decide who comes in and out of the community 0 The fence around the un wealthy community keep undesirables in 339 The gates serve the interests of the wealthy o The gates prevent interactions between rich and poor I Create cement fiX inequality 0 They politically freeze distinctions of race and social class 339 Diversity creates dynamics and vibrancy o The gates withdraw these attributes from the city Homophiliy people spend time with people like themselves 339 Myer lived in Hawaii 339 Reported it is very ethnically tense 0 Certain communities are only welcome to certain people 0 The people in those communities protect their culture and ethnicity by keeping it pure my personal opinion ProfessionalsGlobalization destroy community At risk communities are usually target of service provisions 0 The professional problem deteriorates these communities Why do people in crumby circumstances stay put 0 Family ties 0 Lack of funds 0 No better alternative The capacity to aspire o This is an individual s potential to dream big 0 In limited resource scenarios I Individual s expectations are low I Addiction crime dropping out of school are modeled for kids at higher rates Movement The movement of stu is the most important force for social change 0 When people and money leave the community it isn t thriving Globalization 0 Very very intensified movement of stuff 0 American media and institutions paint globalization as a bad thing 0 Movements are out of our communities so somewhere in Asia Deep Economy More and better are no longer on the same branch they are no longer synonymous 0 Our society used to have very little 0 Everything we get more helps us better 0 This concept has reached a plateau in America The Growth Doctrine 0 We must have growth 0 Growth NEEDS to expand 0 Produce produce and produce more McKibben points to the steam engine as the starting point for the growth obsession o The steam engine did the work of 500 horses 0 It freed humans from creating their own energy for production Challenge to the Growth Doctrine 1 Physical challenge a Space b Natural resources c Environmental challenges 2 Political challenge a Big differences in opinion b Inequality and insecurity are i Bad for stability ii Cause outrage The U S is most unequal in household income out of all developed nanons 3 Psychological challenge a Those at the plateau aren t thrilled by more money Thursday Is it always a good thing for the economy to grow 39339 Human nature has accepted the idea of growthgood 39339 McKibben believes it is a social construct Inequality grows as the economy grows 39339 Distribution of wealth belongs mostly to the top 20 39339 Americans predict the distribution to be lower than it actually is 339 Ideally we want things unequal but less than it is now At the height of the New Deal FDR rebuilding our nation millionaire tax was highest McKibben a fan of individualism believes we need to cut back on it Provides solution to depletion of communitiesincreases in unhappiness as we get richer 339 Community revitalization 0 Invest in local economies 0 Buy from local independent business 0 Strengthen local food systems 0 Utilize local agriculture and farmers markets 39339 McKibben s solution uplifts strong local social ties 339 Corporations fail to connect with local communities Safdie and Kohn The city after automobiles 39339 Highways segregate and isolate people 339 Before cars we walked rode in carriages or rode on trolleys 39339 Shopping malls have replaced old public places 0 Public places have been privatized 0 These are common places people go to spend money Before cars streets were public places people were on the street 39339 They removed us from the street to make space for cars 39339 Creating space for cars is never enough because 0 We love to drive 0 Cars are the most income inelastic good 0 Regardless of how much money we have we WANT cars Why is the city ailing Highways separate communities 339 make it hard to cross communities 339 You need a car to visit a different part of the city 339 Social capital is crushed 0 People can t easily ow between neighborhoods and communicate with others How did cars become so convenient 339 Banks make it easy to get loans professional problem 339 Oil companies project messages of needing cars professional problem 39339 Cars are no longer luxury goods 0 They used to only belong to rich people 339 Mass production Fordismassembly line dropped price Michael Bell social organization of convenience Minneapolis has a bridge system that removes pedestrians from the street 339 It allows people to move through city Without going outside Louisville has a giant parking lot downtown 339 Its not a good place for civilians to congregate


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