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Week 4 Lecture Notes - AHS 102 Ball State

by: Janice Carter

Week 4 Lecture Notes - AHS 102 Ball State AHS 102

Marketplace > Ball State University > Art History > AHS 102 > Week 4 Lecture Notes AHS 102 Ball State
Janice Carter
History of Art Survey 2
Natalie E Phillips

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About this Document

Complete set of lecture notes from Week 4 from Natalie Phillips' AHS 102 class! Notes from day 9/14, I will add 9/16 once I type them!
History of Art Survey 2
Natalie E Phillips
Class Notes
ahs, 101, weekly, week, notes, Lecture
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Janice Carter on Tuesday September 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AHS 102 at Ball State University taught by Natalie E Phillips in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 92 views. For similar materials see History of Art Survey 2 in Art History at Ball State University.


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Date Created: 09/15/15
91415 ing f FHTHEWJJ 39 Duc li gun rea JMJaimtegna 397 aV 5 L P w I E w 39739 7 L r I E I39L J utit ab r r E L J O ceiling 0fPalazz0 Ducale by Andrea Mantegna O oculus eyelike View St James Lead n His Martyr dm andrea Mantegna O St James Led to his Martyrdom by Andrea Mantegna painting lost during WWII O St James led by guards to his execution O Josiah is kneeled before St James begging for forgiveness of his sins James forgives his both are executed O worm s eye View everything seen from the ground in an artwork like from a worm s point of View Emil Ehrisft Ami real Mantegna 0 Dead Christ by Andrea Mantegna lamentation scene of Christ Mary and other gure mourning beside Christ pain in all their faces 0 Viewer is standing at the foot of the bed 0 Mantegna s perspective is slightly off done on purpose didn t want Christ to have big feet also made Christ s head bigger O Breaks the rules perspective to make a point 0 Sandro Botticelli used classical mythology in his paintings The Birth of 1i reams Sandro EuniceIi o iconic panel painting 0 Myth Venus father the original god heard one of his sons were going to reign after him He started eating his children to prevent them from reigning his wife is angered She castrates him and throws his genitals into sea Venus is then birthed from her father s severed genitals wind god left with one of his companion nymphs Right another nymph dressed in Renaissance attire goddess of lovebeauty Seen in center contrapposto She is shown as the classical model of female beauty 0 Commissioned by the Medici family 1st time Renaissance painter paints in Classical style alongside a Classical story Marsilio Ficino philosophy that all religions are a revelation from God Pulling Christian values from Classical mythology o in uenced by NeoPlatonism o means Spring Time Commissioned by the Medici family painting hanged in a bridal chamber Represents how to be a good wife 0 A narrative painting read from right to left 0 Zephyr right wants to abductrape frightened woman on right 0 Chloris marries Zephyr she transforms into dressed woman tossing owers Represents how marriage has transformative powers fro crazy monsters to beautiful wives 0 Venus in the center and her son god of love above He points arrow at the daughters of Zeus o man picking fruit is the messenger god associated with wealth O The overall narrative tells with marriage comes Love Venus Cupid Grace The Three Graces and Wealth Mercury 0 Masaccio early Renaissance painter o The Brancacci Chapel in larger cathedral a private chapel for families 0 Frescos O Paintings done by Masaccio by Masaccio linear and atmospheric perspective Solidity and mass to gures heavy chiaroscuro bulky togas o shows multiple scenes of a narrative in the same scene Same people can be seen more than once in the same image 0 This narrative starts in the center the left then the right three different parts of a story in one frame 0 Narrative St Peter along with the other apostles doesn t want to pay the taX collector they have no money Christ tells Peter to go to the water from a fish s mouth will be the money Peter does so and gives the money to the taX collector 91615 39 quotquot 77 ThE Tribute M me 39m The Ef i i Chapel MEHEEE O The tribute Money from The Brancacci Chapel by Masaccio O The center of the linear perspective is lead to Christ s head Emulate 39 i mm Paradise mm the Eraneaueei Shape Masaicei o Expulsion from Paradise from the Brancacci Chapel by Masaccio gate to the Garden of Eden left Adam and Eve are kicked out after they sinned O A previous pope added leaves to cover Adam and Eve s privates leaves were removed after the painting was cleaned O Tensed muscles on Adam s stomach show how much he s sobbing close attention to how human anatomy reacts to emotions o by Masaccio Father son and the Holy Spirit Flat image but illusionistic due to amazing perspective 0 Christ on the cross God above him and the Holy Spirit as a dove between the two Barrel vault with geometric shapes Roman inspired 0 Virgin Mary Christ s left and St John on the side The people lower to them are the patrons of the artwork o breach space within an artwork gure interacts with the Viewer to connect them to the image I Mary looks at the Viewer and presents her hand towards Christ she directs the Viewer to the main scene o means a reminder of death life is short Usually represented as skeletons skulls in artworks I A skeleton on a cof n at the bottom of the work o by Masaccio far more realistic than previous renditions of Madonna Enthroned Real perspective 0 Christ has accurate proportions of a baby He s eating grapes from Madonna s hand 0 Gold leaf background Linear perspective developed greatly from the Late Gothic Period to Early Renaissance END OF EARLY RENAISSANCE


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