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History 101 Unit 3

by: Abbey Kaufman

History 101 Unit 3 HIST 101 008

Abbey Kaufman
European Civilization from Ancient Times to the Mid-17th Century

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About this Document

Hellenistic and Roman time period
European Civilization from Ancient Times to the Mid-17th Century
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Abbey Kaufman on Tuesday September 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 101 008 at University of South Carolina taught by in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see European Civilization from Ancient Times to the Mid-17th Century in History at University of South Carolina.


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Date Created: 09/15/15
History 101 Western Civilization to 1648 University of South Carolina Prof Adam M Schor Podcast Outline Section 3 Hellenistic and Roman Conquests Ancient Imperialism Question What was the impact of Hellenistic Rule and Roman Conquest on the conquered swimwmt six w Podcast 33 The Hellenistic Era in the Mediterranean ittbmt tti 3011quth began il Mawem 51010336 w M New 2 Nonqvem x WWWGWVM 39 i quot lmw GVQ cei 1 er T ageingE Pal218M 6 gm mm a gym 80m MacEdens ow bCMbCWlGH blta MQQW g a gem i We magelvgbmkf g f Swen19W W mm mm teams 39 03h quot quotEre ghb tlm some 6 i9 O me them 33 3 36 i a was memqu r the Greatquot andhi s conqStofte Middleast H I WCU a BMW emf 0mm wad age as nmmi i EC Yelmad el TWEbej W Q f M MS WV H 931 433 mexg 6mm Macgsgm Gang Tl rwt mmw p mm 7 h a l B 33an 2 exam mm a twb j mw e m stews m l Huoa Vh DQYllcwm cm oi Tsar Alexander the Legend Competing later tales V t f i C tact M g 39 S wca WMIMM 6 m cum I A Q f s WC Pmm 3 W9 I coax L329 ea Stowe 0quot anaaewwonmsa39 Mam WWW QMQSSQQI ms om tnuk m VampDWM5 W W 3 W W W5 6 g as was Greeks i W dm mend mm quotWP Ofemout quot8 page I 5 3 Z Egilexander s succesms to Hellenlstic kingdoms WOLde 31 m 373 iii NI ho suctosorsa L murdexea it arson KM gsu do w tans Eb L6 og s Oiquot NW Online activity 3a Alexander and Hellenistic Kingdoms Quiz 3b Podcast Early Roman Society and the Republic 7 10 Rome anonGreek community under Greek in uence lV mm 0 Wm quotC Mm39l Kuwait boom m MBQ eowmgx drum 3mm MW lickWW 00mm 39nvfnosn chvwdgxecvhocmciow com5 5 Jmm W 6010 1 33 Wadi W 91 iv 09 Romans mom JcO lot Woodm chobw Omci ana m f The Roman Republic consuls senators and citizens e m is demmht mow m 4 8w Fa gb Q U DEC 39 VQW VWWW 39 01 ROWC Oh7m Qi W EQJ H h and i is 0 010m mo mum 1c cor ea 3W vow weigh CEth 33C0Ctll O3quot Q X amp TONY b f br A msmxoii s akQ3 6 m 09UW5 s was an OiwS 3 wow Ream WWCOWW W39Ymg i gtilt m OWN Sources 0 00 NEW 00 mWiivt39f Gender and class in early Roman society q chan 42 G vwc imamom more hm 0 taming admit wow Chose wif of vc mga mj womim coma S fCN humor go to 1 MW 0m blic rod Dm Qomotyw women than 9mm BUT mm W cams we 5 vmwg q nqy s held a vow w 1 Mimattvw 5 1m i h quotf39 viagt quot2 P W am Wk wim mi mit r W 3amp M e oo i me R0 WM w magi 3 and politicaxlgt reform expandemt s quot m2 Q on n 5 39move Sgebxon Whoa mm consws39 Venuer Inbuhe oi W Pltbe338CBC gag 159 fibth Hth to mm for on 01380613 W rQ WWWs OH on fiSWMYWHQQGS WWW 7 1 MW for we in OQUL lt5 mm thew own l bit 55 I Roman culture during the Republic the Way of the Ancestors quot39 VNVR VPY39B 80w omission 0amp5 Was for new PP9 bOW DWing movgh WW ixqm r Clitoribe to 0 00L GW i gxmnotxr be now to Remain 5m 39Qb wj ml 59m QC rgq5 ammmvty 65th mama mi COWA 3m Ymcfnw P we 410M Oiebwi behind hm dimnst em timing b9 WW m engWUS COWQ Kom m moi quotinnocent180m oo w b wuch wnhsmgwmvsy c I 270ellenisticera Macedon Epirus and Greek poleisw 384x OGM M Called Q W mcd how e4 39 Aw ricgom rt 60 WNW m Wm n We armlt5 OU QWOAS vents L a Qmmzmpxmg m emmm mn xieSP m i d we manure i mp 0nd GVQ C C oSi 19 Nude VB 63H Ptolemaic Egypt and beyond vs Seleucid Syria and beyond w summeh w Wvow W5 0M mack Emmidi more I a T Pwemw a q of YkOYTCS39l NH mow emermi Gamma bu WW6me mo JmYouq39 Ni UL Vatin ini tol muonsr79 tutorng by 100 59gt 39 394 Jersi vrra 1quot 2 N O ioii 30W AQCOm lSXOLNS PUKVeHiN 0 WDOV39 OWU QV m l 39 m NH Mme po twmqa Soviet 5237030 lg m 39 V lai 39 i i Sealikg tfrmm as Gaysu knw glam gcdmgom WPWW quot5 m 3939 oolt 39 a o WMLWQVEI ge glisktid g lies and Eigek colonialists men and W013i 39 KRmus gm J v toxemm 4 Seiemsj Wise ewess wage Cw quot Ceoonicxkmnv1 hlt55g GWULS irquan WY GQXWPK39QS 2 m 5 3 Wm OWKOWdS m ang tmot its smoomoki V005 Cl WW 91 new WW Hellenistic Greek culture research education and philosophy r H immxe WRQJ Suppo id Cot 1w mwwre Mmm f n at Amara an Oi we x OooKS Civith transom into 6 we F MWW S L LOm was MPCtQT On Myquot 5 WM ww m ir M00 is CUVW cutum MW Bu so Riki wt OJ hmmvxg 7 Ef e Giveex Ol ni l vy NonGreeks in the Hellenistic kingdoms N nonoccx8 Vidal own seam 63 moster He llthig mire Med Mlmf wormj care Go much he39l Jeremie w m qwovneol W m wee 966m WWWG to Greece m be more CACCXV YEOK C X n 39 YVHMS but SACK spvmdmg mxmve romade 200 go i S Poo Wmmxwg mars beth to quotcom mime Resistance to late Hellenistic rule Revolt of some of the Iews ve I some new 7sz QW this Cnongt sonUL WM OM gemm wng my mom m meme M mm seldom LBUAmO 99c gemom MN fWi 0i 451 55 WW QZGWNS VWGW m dudwmw WW la moms M Gvea 95 gSiam my some tom 0 hsequ iacs emi mg a mom r em m omme 0i tcmmz Vim i too v 9 0m 565 goo 05W 0O3H YQVQW kw EOAfYgs H3263 4309 it M W S WOW W0wa 6 6 wow 26 ixeows r Quew x xm w m w M 39mcm ah me vag egomm L Mm QVIM xdquot WMmcomeeo as qo tg WWW5 LAWx rm Grew Died w 39 Blpa baum SAW Cw Qrge ggal W 5 v wgtc0quot 39 9333M 66 8 to Jr uem ic S t WHWWC NW3 Cwmg mmd Online activity 3b Roman Republic Mini Quiz mm Podcast 3c Roman conquest and imperialism during the Republic nme ow ear an an wequot wmd OMOM39thW Vimml armm0 le imrdleulo O l 3 T 0 ow it rel n ssiwtsw WSOWI 65w imam gws WU mg Q COYVamp wow i won mom w V5 3 x Roman Expansionism in Italy allied status and partial citizenship W 0006061 I had been d t a d Zn030 MOH 1quot I ack subdwd v 5 Siam Sgt wglegm milk nghmfl l sdi WWil39te39eQ 39 Oi r 39 1 f adder mire It an 3 Nomi Nigedfgamoa Aegean lothm Rm 0d arena f Mauve Q39W Mmel d WWW VQQYM Wde Roman Expansionism outside italy client kings and provinces H f39wm l WWW NCNS 0amp3de Cd mtg qu ZUll lC Sic gquot 2 8 ling ZCSWltOW loolgC vied b magmas Puhishmmf HahlflleD Twm wolf mm wadwieniorce 396an name Hellonutxc mmdomj as Won 1 Kept W O t WW 16mg OHM d Sobw d s ltr 1riCJnSi Cwmg m 1 Too mm W W Example of Roman conquest Mainland Greece and Macedon QM QM 39W P 2 W Zen 8 6606 ew ed ha WW MOQ dKM 1 or mean OWNS deoedm Jrth to treep Wei3mm M 5 mS0 adr d 0 green WQN IK RubMS Mdneoion Split Writ I P w 1 c a dmrt a omcms ad adted thermWCorm h S crl Viejh a and Grimm 39 D Ul 92C 9L mud rt waleZlal Wic i m i i nf i g qauiitqmn Chem 39ed l i r 39 39I I s t I 36M WM good We mammal1 Camila1quot U hm mommy 3 mber 34 W QWGLW 6 i 5 Cultural Impact of Roman conquest 33900th 35 eveex cudarequot MH l l Cetok iii muff motif m Kw xwmmge loomed Oxbow tom Emc P J Green had to M up vol om m Online activity 3c Hellenistic and Early Roman timeline Podcast 3d Modern arguments about Hellenistic and R man Imperialism 39dVWMW 0 be neutral d OUU I Mandil Justifyng Hellenistic Imperialism Manes have oxctmwm On lsf conum s mm a inter v mqs sun in Commmm Maxw d j Ni G39WeUM MUN N Criticizing Hellenistic Imperialism MmauuanS Mm cnncao M md w I u we vows stalemate cmlmm W60 a wok CE 99 I Iustifying Early Roman Imperialism Mlan Mm rc mmuw V i Q0an 5 555 mm 6W mum L660 L56qu Qt 7 com a Criticizing Early Roman Imperialism J39M teem n 0 mmuw EmPWE bwvtoju S ttucb Owls gcsm vieWI com be OQW DI Conquered history writers in uences and agendas writel AfAN to tend4 quot 1 39 0l p nol5 cm 3 6qu


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