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Uncle Tom's Cabin

by: Ke'Ania Hall

Uncle Tom's Cabin 75032

Ke'Ania Hall
GPA 2.73
topics-Amer Renaissance
Allan Emery

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About this Document

This is the introduction to my notes on the novel: Uncle Tom's Cabin. This section contains what Stowe's methods are and a list of all the characters.
topics-Amer Renaissance
Allan Emery
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ke'Ania Hall on Wednesday September 16, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 75032 at Bowling Green State University taught by Allan Emery in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 60 views. For similar materials see topics-Amer Renaissance in Foreign Language at Bowling Green State University.

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Date Created: 09/16/15
Uncle Tom s Cabin Notes 0 Stowe s Methods 0 She uses the adventures of the female slave mothers to appeal to the women mostly white women who would be reading this during this time period to gain sympathy for the slaves 0 She wants people to see that slavery is bad for all the people who taught slavery was a good thing during this time period 0 Meaning of Uncle Tom 0 A black man willing to do anything to stay in good standing with the White Man 0 Characters 0 Uncle Tom protagonist even in the worst of times he continues to keep his faith and trust in God 0 Aunt Chloe Uncle Tom s wife and the Shelby s cook she sometimes uses ignorance to mask her more complex feelings o The Shelby s I Arthur Shelby Uncle Tom s Kentucky owner he sells Uncle Tom to pay off a debt goodhearted educated slave owner is used to demonstrate that immorality inherent slavery turns even the most goodhearted slave owners into villains I Emily Shelby Arthur s wife she s aloving Christian woman who is intolerant of slavery she has a lot of in uence over her husband and uses that to give their slaves better treatment 39 George Shelby nicknamed Mas r George by Uncle Tom he is the son of Emily and Arthur he adores Tom and tires to rescue him when Arthur sells Tom after Tom s death he resolves to free all of the slaves he is one of the few characters to act on his principles 0 The Harris 39 George Harris Eliza s husband he has a great love for his family and willingly ghts for his and his family s freedom he goes to extreme lengths to protect his family even from slave owners I Eliza Harris George s husband and the Shelby s maid she is seen as an intelligent beauty with the heart of a true mother I Harry Harris George and Eliza s son 0 Augustine St Clare Tom s New Orleans master and Eva s father he is seen as a romantic with ighty tendencies because he does not believe in God he tends to go out and drinks nightly he is seen as a hypocrite due to the fact that just like Arthur Shelby he tries his slaves with compassion but still tolerates slavery 0 Eva St Clare daughter she is presented as the perfect child much like Emily Shelby she is intolerant of slavery for she does not see the difference in skin color but she more so mourns for the slaves 0 Miss Ophelia St Claire s cousin who helps manage his house despite the fact she dislikes slavery she also feels the same way about the slaves themselves after Eva s death and during her relationship with Topsy she starts looking at slaves as humans and comes to accept them Stowe seems to be using her to target Northemers during this time period in hopes that they see themselves in her Marie St Claire s wife she is selfcentered and is seen as the opposite of the ideal woman in any time period The Quakers Senator and Mrs Bird Both can be seen as copies of the Shelbys Tom Loker in a sense he can be seen as Mr Haley s laky to bring George and his family after being healed by the Quakers he decides to join them Mr Haley is seen as the antagonist in the novel an evil slave trader who pretends to be a good natured slave owner to fool others into selling their slaves to him Topsy Miss Ophelia s project she was a wild slave that Miss Ophelia tries to reform and encourages her to follow Eva s example Simon Legree Tom s Louisiana slave owner a ruthless man who thrives on the violence and hatred among his slaves Cassy Legree s mistress and Eliza s mother she uses her wits and cleverness to escape his planation Emmeline is bought by Legree for his own pleasure in a way to replace Cassy after she runs away


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