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Psychopathology-Ch 2- Changing Conceptualizations of Mental Illness

by: AlexaR.

Psychopathology-Ch 2- Changing Conceptualizations of Mental Illness Psyc 316

Marketplace > Northern Illinois University > Psychlogy > Psyc 316 > Psychopathology Ch 2 Changing Conceptualizations of Mental Illness
GPA 4.0
intro- psychopathology
M. Skarbek

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About this Document

Here's where I get more organized! He started posting the PowerPoints early so these notes consist of the Ch 2 Powerpoint with extra written notes of all the examples and extra things he says in cl...
intro- psychopathology
M. Skarbek
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by AlexaR. on Wednesday September 16, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Psyc 316 at Northern Illinois University taught by M. Skarbek in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see intro- psychopathology in Psychlogy at Northern Illinois University.


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Date Created: 09/16/15
8272015 1 Changing Cnnceptuaiizations of Mental iliness Chapter 2 J Ru a smtz humane 21m Overview 39 History Ann ienthistmv 1700 91 930 5 39 20 Ceratury 39 Care for the mentaiiy iii 39 Treatment perspectives A hneamaiPnyuhnagisy Wiil m 3 R35 7 thetruuwe 1 71 L History Ancient Greek and Rornan influences Ancient Greeks viewed the worid in terms at eiements and humors I Hippocrates Father of Western medicine quotl f kw S Wi ei 39 nntim i t W 5M Di Lew mm in s Wt Umtfir n n31quot Leath We X 39 Side UWULhimil Rib a ibmlwmrfFsu39ugr1 r 39 William 1 R3 1 SAUL Puhlicniitrm 2315 get Mr wtrurj lnhmne Li minich History Ancient Greek and Roman in uences i Gaien Pioneering anatomical work lead to eariy descriptians of the brain and craniai nerves Documented the senses movement and some iimbic fight or ignt activities E n uwdf 139 39bm iffi b 39 imam 3 Raj SAGE PlLbliJ ltrmi 2m 5 ii 13 E m 82720 3i2x Hismry The Middle Ages History Renaissances lm s r Mental illness viewed from a religious perspective i Anatomical drawings help lnquisition umlerstanding of structure Descartes and others consider function Miricl 39 body distinction Mechanical principle mt Mm wwwth J sawingmm c ll ilfl chm39 Hit r Cclimnon39Archan Flinn9392quot w Enemailkvulvzirggyhy William Ray c SAGE Pillilicntirmi EMS 77 39i Tris SERGE Publicmimr lel gaitha mm mi aimaha d i ii J s hdl ii WLiLiWCLlye Ex MguiliW i39TriESE lclid illll vicws Will 39igriiiicLI ii llim m ML W39 IWQWillMJJq I G lg 7 i 7i 7 ii i Hm LLJ v lUule il L w r will Wilma icurml grail w Dacha in w wing ll i Mi 5 3 mil weir WW Cllclcl History Renaissance 1700 s Hl SiOF i i 17003 195303 1600 s 3 i 173908395 39 Galileo lead the movemen t towards an experimental approach 3 6 Discover of electrical activity in the brain I Thumas Willis explores bath structure and function 3 e 179913003 First Dem m use term psycholagquot cm Eng39lsm l Sysr ms lair transmitti g informatics la frcim brain and body I By and if 1700quot all major brain structures were documented and basic 7 N l 7 i 7 l r 39 functigns understood 1 Localization ulfunctlon Gall EXEME EES Bruce39s area iibmummi39i xic nimgIvyWilliam 1R C SAGEEh aiicnticmcMini r 7 W 77 r W W 7 7 7 i iribbianIf39wiaimg 39lsy 39iiiiaml SAGE Publicaiinxm l V V r H W V WmMwud maw in lrig m Limitimmll Jami hi0 min 1cm illWM mi in 8 invalid in p I V i 39 r 71 r V 7 M I Mumy m rot l i m lull Ml main ml Elliin Wag iv e curl mm m iii i 5m 0y n 7 r a r 39 printiri g4 fr Ur i r x 8272015 History 1700395 1933 5 Hlstory Evalutlon 1800 s Darwin Natural selection D Sexual selection quot Evalution of psychological function Pathology may re ect our something from our Evolutionary t i if l A Evlcm f swhulngvhy imam J Raw SAGE l wilcqilams 2M History The search for organization Care for the mentally lll Charcct quot I l m kn t NUO S I Signs v5 sympmms vs syndrome Dld Bedlam Validation of Jacksun s themy uf hierarchical integration 39 Cruel treatment 9f the mentally ill 39 Best known fat his wer k an matawela ted neural dimmers v ll lness put an display 39 i F b i39r m l id39lmlugg h William 1 R2 martamtmmw 205 sitvrutml Psi39vJ wlugr izvWham Rat SMEELPululiutaom 2m 5 LEVIEL 77 77 g I 7quot V 397 39 3 n f a A V Iiif atquotth ltd Moth FWLWLDGHLt d Tmtzttmlrg tmdglm vitl DWL Wm Mmmjkm t w tMLit Wt imam tll ht w 1 I 113 raml g m 0 lam til t e x CM ligatle UM wq t t ramw maul M hmg m m t t 39 r imlll gt7 mt amt t mtl a E Ul l w tmt walla mumre pl Httt tf mama l Care for the mentally ill 39 180039s I The Committee on Madhouses 39 Moral treatment 0f the insane 39 Benjamin Rush 39 Used la icadletting m treat mental illness Tranqui lizer chair Wmte first text DH psychiatry in America Phillipe Pinel Deuelnped first observatien base classificatinn sister for manta l pggttcmdtr bmw tr I OP remmim Lilli Wt ulm Cymmr ig Di 55 lU Lll fj mlrf m Mimi WWWrrml Martian 3 mm emmtma tckbttltttrl M ED d I r T WWLSttmlrlr im elm gm mmr Mr W w imathin tr thTM39l W t MMWW r 20th Century treatmth perspectives Overview Three approaches chhadvnamic quot Existential humanistic all at I 3 39 n f I Cognitive behavioral paradox i i KW 1 it 3Errrnmzaif ywfrrrisjigrhy Wiilmmi Ray 391 SAGE Whiiaglium EMS 8 27 255K Care for the mentally ill 39 lSDQ39s v Dnrcrthea i Lebhied congress to have land allasated to buill mental hospitals if l n 39 1930 s By 1950 s large mental hospitals were summer a in the 1966 s these hnspitals began to close in fever of community based and outpatient treatment MOVE Pi WLt lr39it b Street 39 3131 SM rum tum 39i a infirm ratJ rlrwr39ij ttctJTu Jtrdgj F LEVELAWJJ bierum tlgmmlr 07me r if 39wl l l f d il llrl hi39kquotr arm luwrrh permu We 1 tth DC I 7 S ktPeblruaufoftiAflilj H CL imhmnmi leumm t r2 leiCyrir rxLLmUl Ti WWWt a ri m LDVRTthl start m lr39l tl WIN rim new 5 m ml e m erratum mi en WW L lair mmlim Elm rl r Mt erlfbmi rmttr u 393 l l trim LUth Lt hsv Treatment Psychadvnamic approach Psvclwlogical problems a re the manifestation cf internal mental conflicts Freud Psvcl manalysls Modern psych odvnamic appmach quot Strupp 81 Binder Transference active lifteriing I Therapy offers chance t0 absenre disturbed relationships in a safe environment l1ennmaza Fmji39r hm ag39hyVa39rlll itrii Rayquot iACrF OhliCatMm 239 E I g W mnml Mmlth pram r it or in Klimt Wtth quot 6 M Mquot lull w mrltl amnw M a ul t 39 MAJ I a 5 7 quot lil igltp mm M B iwr in W thumb 339 7 8272015 quot 7r 7 quot I i 39 39iquot Hare rmquot r n i r quot r r r r r39 7 Treatment Exrstentiai h u net at JrquotCUVE Treatment Exrstentiai hu manist perspective What is the nature of the human expererx2 Ciient person centered therapy Cari Jung in uenced by Freud an Seal r c Cari Rogers interested in interaction between t aquot 11 2quot interaction with the therapist faciiitatesr seif understanding Karen Horney Influenced Fequot 3 392 SEE 2215 a Three Charaeteriaticsz 39 Empathetic understanding Unconditienai posithre regard I Genuineness anti congruence I i ti gt tater get i 1th at that weuid also work fer Wart Self reaiizationreai stiff r b h t t W quotLquotflirf Ni i Ji i39JTUiEJj 39b Wuhan inlay lt3 5 th iA iHiiC ilo i 3m I r r r r r r v t a r I rquot quot n Via quot75quot v x39 r i a quot v WT T t t 1 u met U T L QM 1M i m mitt 5v 7 if tiltftrtd t i in i rev2975a if rquot Treatment Other humanist perspectives Behavroral perspective Pavlov Ciassicai conditioning Watson quotTittle Albert Extinction training and phobias 1 mm m nth at n nteonditioning I m quot I PV tJ i i M Whit it in r1 39 We Siow s hiera rchy of needs i e I Bioiogiicai needs must be met before psychoiogicai needs 6 Surviuai first then comfort and mentai health Skimten Opel a 1 a i Ewartrbt Greenb urg Emotion focused therapy Emotion is centrai to the experience of self 39 Mindfuiness techniques r3939fquot91WL i39H yrufz rrpgp39k 39 Witheth Rat 39E39 Pubiimiimb 2015 1 i rte 39 r we ti 39 i 39 i A Ki L Ft r a 139 3 I tr it t Ur Mei 39 v J 1r digit t 39tafi i W111 m i Raj 2 SAGE Hiblicau39mm 015 g 8 272015 Beyond classic behav iorism i C0 nitive behavioral perspective l iii 1 Dysfunctional thinking underlies Dbs39emtional learning dysfunctional behavior magi Albert Blandura j i 7 N Bebe mmswm It i u timr L I 0 Km WE 01 Changing thinking can change behawor Evalutionary histew ah ltd 339 if 1 w Influences behavior Particularly fears and phobias mam ids 3mg l Limpimw i m ligin nQW39 thmnm mlnwn I Amll miiil Emmi WELL til it Lipmmiwl q m3 him r iSl39 ii ph iUWQlLM nmmmq QmLGKlCCUTLM N w lr l i 5 Ck UH WW1quot W0 if 39Ml iiTUN Ell1m M mmiu lw 5wm W n iomcwiw mania Vt WE LLiIU M iiim n3an miwei 0g Ling mw UM we era0 w mml Dir ll Di 7 pUiYqu fl JED infi191 ilml g Um WC Beck s CBT for depression Mklleog ilive Triad Negative views about the warzld Euerybmy lung s mr baacanal i am we Negative View Negative views abgul oneself about he 39l uime i an uuifi viex auntin Dc xgmmicw i39mba wnc iqam jmiml w Xla iilglhjifn lj fl gi h l r r Wmi Mnnr Unnwvl Gkrc MM mth


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