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ART 420 Contemporary Poster Week 7

by: Sarah Joyce

ART 420 Contemporary Poster Week 7 20663

Marketplace > Radford University > Art > 20663 > ART 420 Contemporary Poster Week 7
Sarah Joyce
GPA 3.749

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About this Document

These notes are a continuation of what we have learned in week 6 and to this week. In addition it begins to cover the plethora of styles that influence posters.
ART 420: Twentieth Century Art
Dr. Barris
Class Notes
Contemporary Twentieth Century Posters Art History
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sarah Joyce on Monday March 7, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 20663 at Radford University taught by Dr. Barris in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see ART 420: Twentieth Century Art in Art at Radford University.

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Date Created: 03/07/16
3/1/16 Introduction to constructivism - Rodchenko & Maiakovskii form an advertising company - Modern styles in the 1920s their influence on advertising Russian Constructivism (a brief intro) - Implied moves becomes a symbol for change and associates with advertising. “Laboratory experiment” for new movement Wadmir Tatlin, Aleksandr Rodcheko, & Lissitkey Tatlin: Nude 1913, oil on canvas 56”x 44” - Not realism Tatlin’s relief, ca 1913-14, & a culture of material - Not objective ( material to create meaning of materials) - Dialogue between imaterials and images - How should are relate to the space and people around it? Monument to the Third International Aleksandr Rodchenko - Influenced by cubism White Circle, 1918 - Explore role of color, line, and shape (form) Red & Yellow 1918 - Color having effect on the viewer - Color becoming least important concept later on in his workds Rodchenko: 2 works from the series of hanging constructions, 1921 - One circle and one triangle - Variety of smaller and larger shapes cut out from one of main flat shapes. Worker’s Club - Photograph of club exhibited of the Paris expo in 1925 - Thought of compacting and space - Venture into architecture Rodchenko & Maiakovskii ads for Mosselprom, 1923 El Lissitsky: Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge, 1919 (lithography) - Color is symbolic and important - Don’t need words - Very abstract compared to others of that time and before-hand. Advertising in Communist Russia - Buying products to allow companies to thrive? - Products making you active - Very linear - (Pop art quality) - Sense of containment “About this” (Pro Eto), illustrations for a poem by Vladimir Mayakovsky Aleksandr Rodchenko, 1923 Maquettes for illustrations There is no room for doubt and thinking. Everything for women- only at G.U.M. by Rodchenko and Mayakovsky 1923 - (General Universal Market) - Not telling her what to buy but where - Made for women - Combine image and text like ROSTA o These were the first ads. - Telling you to be a good soviet citizen Cookie poster -youth going to industry 3/3/16 Mosselprom poster Pacifier for Baby - Weird baby - Calls pacifiers suckers - Transitional object ( from boobs to suckers) - Complementary colors alternating ( green & red/ red & green altering) o Red eye on green side and vice versa - 2ndlargest text is the company is the company - Pacifier looks like bullets o Shooting down childhood (sentimental image) - Selling behavior; not the product - Triangle within the circle ( taking form of the nose) o Previous company - Aggressive poster - Propaganda A PLETHORA OF STYLES 1905-1930s - Have to grab attention fast and effectively - So many style associate with modernism In addition to Russian constructivism & German expressionism, we have - Cubism - Futurism - Dada - De stijl - Art deco - International constructivism & international modernism? Commercial modernism? All of these have their issues John Heartfield, cover for Neue Jugend 1917 G. Grosz: The guilty remains unknown 1919 Grosz: Dada picture, 1919 - Interest in machine & geometry - Do not want their work to look like fine art - Expressionism & Dada Benhard (poster for clothing store) Benhard ( WWI poster) Holhwein: (cigarette ad) - more successful - eliminated of text - posters are signed by artist Cut with the Kitchen Knife Dada through the Last Wiemar Beer Belly Cultural Epoch of Germany Hannah Hoch, 1919-20 photomontage, 114 x 90cm - different approaches to photomontage - is political - emperor is in there - self portrait of herself - recognizable figures in the photomontage piece - for the new Germany 2 Stenberg 2: Man with a movie camera High Society Wager - 2 brothers made this. - Disorienting experience with the spiral - Cheated at photomontage o Use of projector and traced the projected image of the size they wanted - Movie posters Picasso’s cubism - Painting and collage - Not an advertisement or poster - However, influences posters and advertisements (subtle) Summer Sale at Derry & Toms, E. McKnight Kauffer, 1919 Poster 59x 38 ¼” - Making visual pun with sales and sails - Sachplakat reference - Text is isolated Edward McKnight: posters for the Underground (1924 & 1921) - Advertising the experience to get there than the product - Text is gray and bolded to grab attention - Influence of cubism and futurism - Geometric abstraction Vigil, the Pure silk by McKnight Kauffer, 1919 Poster 36 ¾ x 23 3/4” - Abstract sachplakat - Influence of British cubism London Group exhibition 1918 Eastman & Son, the London Dyers and cleaners 1927 - Two different pts. Of his career - Influence of futurism and cubism De Stijl Two cows by Theo can Doesburg - Dutch movement - Breaking down into cochetectual essence - Reject emotional expression Bart can der Leck: Batavier-Line, Rotterdam-London c. 1916 Lithograph Delft salad dressing (maquette) 1919 De stilj doesn’t catch on in advertisement but in art deco


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